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Despite being a dark series that has both Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel pages, the characters' hope and determination toward achieving victory have lead to a lot of heartwarming moments, and so much that it became a first Anime/Manga series that needed a separate page for all the warm moments.

For the first anime, see here.

  • After Al has his Heroic BSoD because of Barry, he accuses Ed of making him and that Al's entire life is a lie. Ed naturally takes this poorly due to his guilt over what happened and Winry explains to Al what Ed's really feeling and thinking since she heard it all in the past. Al goes to apologize to Ed and they sort things out by sparring and then reminiscing about memories of their childhood to prove that Al's real.
  • "Big brudder!" Actually, anything Nina does.
  • Any time Dominic's softer side comes out, it really shows. First off, he basically saved Paninya's life by giving her automail legs, and, at first, he adamantly refused to make her pay for them. (Keep in mind she was a little kid at the time, so he would've had to be constantly making her new ones as she outgrew them.) Then, although he still refused to teach Winry himself, he was so grateful for her helping deliver his grandchild that he set her up with a good job with Garfiel (despite being afraid of her grandmother).
  • Ed's speech to Winry in Chapter 48. Considering that this is Ed, who isn't known for his sensitivity:
  • Hughes in both the first episode and Episode 9, he immediately after meeting the Elric Brothers drags them to his place so they have a homecooked meal and somewhere to stay for the night. In Episode 9, he gives Winry somewhere to stay for the night and gives her some comforting words of advice that helps her understand Ed and Al's refusal to tell her anything. He's basically one of their biggest sources of comfort.
  • This exchange between Roy and Riza at Hughes' grave.
    Roy: It's raining.
    Riza: *looks up at the sky* But it's sunny.
    Roy: No... *in tears* It's raining.
    Riza: *notices the tears and smiles gently* You're's raining.
  • When Winry finds out who killed her parents in the manga and is confronted with him, she somewhat loses it, takes up a gun and points it at him. He tells Winry that she has all the right in the world to shoot him, but the minute she does that, she is his enemy. Edward is panicking, because this is Scar we're talking about, and you don't want to be his enemy. He yells at Winry to drop the gun, but she is frozen and instead, Scar leaps at her to take her down since she's this close to pulling the trigger... cue Ed jumping in front of her, protecting her with his body. After Scar takes off, Winry still can't let go of the gun, and Ed has to bend it from her fingers. Then he tells her: "Winry, do you remember when you saved a mother and her child in Rush Valley? Do you remember that you gave me this arm and leg so that I can stand on my own again? Your hands are not for killing. They are the hands that save people's lives. So please... don't...." Winry promptly breaks down and cries in Ed's arms. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    • A small one in between this: When Edward leapt in front of Winry with his arms spread to protect her, Scar was reminded of a similar scene during the Ishvalan Civil War when his brother did the same for him. Because of that, he couldn't kill them at that moment.
    • Immediately after this, Winry takes a phone call from Garfiel and her regular customers in Rush Valley. The outpouring of enthusiasm, love, and validation leaves you feeling all kinds of positive emotions.
    • In that case, this was continued several chapters later, when she finally meets Scar again. He's completely defenseless, injured by chimeras and has been captured by Briggs squads. He even states that Winry had every right to do everything she wants to him. Her response? She treats his wounds.
      Winry: Mom and Dad saved his life once before, after all. There has to be a reason for that.
      Scar :...Does that mean you've forgiven me?
      Winry: Don't get me wrong. I don't forgive your wanton murdering!
      • Which makes this more heartwarming, she hasn't forgiven him yet, but still chose the right thing to do rather than let hatred dictate her actions.
  • Olivier in both the manga and Brotherhood detains the brothers on suspicion of being rebel alchemists that will cause disorder. She also makes sure that Ed's metal arm is treated, since cold caused it to freeze up and nearly makes him succumb to frostbite. When she asks what they are doing here, Ed has to deny what's going on because Winry is being held hostage. Olivier understands, and takes them to a soundproof tunnel where no one can hear them. She asks them again what is going on, and Ed realizing she's taking precautions to protect Winry means that they can trust her. He then plays along with being a prisoner more happily than he was before, complete with suggesting he should be tied up.
  • In the manga, Knox being reunited with his estranged family.
    • Even the heartwarming moments given to the relatively minor supporting are absolutely great and absolutely tear-jerking (but in a good way). In Chapter 63, Knox is visited by his ex-wife and son, who reveals that he has been studying medicine in his father's footsteps. Knox is initially furious that his son would become a doctor like him, knowing what he did at Ishval. He son just forcefully tells him not to run away from his calling and tells Knox his wish for the two to save lives together. Knox's tears of happiness resulting from this are just, well, incredibly heartwarming.
    Knox: "God, if you can hear me, please let this slide. Even a man like me deserves enough happiness to enjoy coffee with his family, right?"
  • Chapter 95. The whole of Riza's dialogue is this, as is Roy's reaction. Also a Crowning Moment because in all of the anime and all of the manga, there has never been a kiss or any sort of declaration of coupledom for these two. But that moment, that exchange, makes it clearer than water anyway that they are indeed together and love each other. It helps that they were confirmed to be canon in the third art book.
    • On the theme of Riza and Roy, there's also this line from Chapter 101:
    Riza: "I won't die... I've... been ordered not to die, you see."
  • This one is a real life example between voice actor and seiyuu. Hard to imagine that Vic Mignogna has his share of flamers after watching this. Bonus points for the Funny Moments near the end — Romi is requested to say the infamous "Dead sexy in a miniskirt" con line in Japanese!
  • Hohenheim, in the manga, revealing that he has spent his immortal lifespan getting to know EVERY one of the 536,329 souls inside of him, treating them as partners rather than as an energy source. He also pioneered his own style of alchemy that avoids the use of soylent green, and gave up his chance at a normal life so that he could prevent a re-occurrence of what happened to them..
  • Maria Ross and Denny Brosh reunion in the manga. Especially when we know that up until this point, Brosch considered Mustang as a "heartless soldier who kills his crush for little reason, and uses the Führer's wife as a hostage."
    • Ditto goes for when he hears her voice on the radio and realizes she's not dead. The look on his face is adorable.
  • Chapter 101, page 29, third panel. It's amazing what you can say with just four words and a hug. Riza's expression on the following page qualifies as well.
  • Edward's awesome proclamation to Al's body within the Gate of Truth. Just when he's pulled out and the Gate closes, Ed promises "Al" he'd be coming back for him. It turns into a Moment of Awesome in Brotherhood, as he literally PUNCHES THE GATE OPEN to say that promise.
  • Episode 27 of Brotherhood ended up being nothing more than a huge recap episode. However, it gave Hohenheim some fantastic development, and one incredibly heartwarming scene where he dreams of Trisha and all those important to him.
  • Episode 37 of Brotherhood. Kimblee speaks to Winry about her parents in a manner that seems legitimately kind. Given how his personality is elaborated on later it's entirely possible he was being completely genuine. Although she was being held hostage there was no reason for him to bring that up specifically. Even if he's obviously psychopathic he does respect people for possessing strong convictions, and following them through to the bitter end. Although this can quickly fall into Nightmare Fuel if you've read the manga and know that Kimblee was sent to kill the Rockbells because they wouldn't stop helping the Ishvalans, and would have done so if Scar hadn't killed them first.
  • Episode 38 of Brotherhood. 19:12 to 21:12. Buccaneer and some Briggs soldiers were sent down into Sloth's tunnels in order to find a party that had gone down earlier and not returned. Only two survivors were found, and they asked Olivier to give them a 24-hour time window for them to return; if they weren't back by then, they were to be sealed into the tunnel. So, Olivier gives the soldier in charge of keeping track of their time a broken watch, so technically, 24 hours haven't passed according to the watch. Buccaneer's big ass grin helps a lot.
    • It's even better in the manga, when he says something along the lines of "Thanks for showing us soldiers some pity," and Olivier smiles and says "I don't know what you're talking about."
  • Episode 45 of Brotherhood. When May Chang crosses a miner's town on the way east to Xing, she meets a group of miners, who are surprised to learn she plans to cross the desert on her own. They all immediately pitch in to give her supplies and a place to sleep in. May is shaken into tears.
  • Episode 51 of Brotherhood. Heinkel is seriously hurt and Alphonse is trying to drag him away while being cornered by Pride and Kimblee. It's heartwarming when Heinkel almost begs to be left behind so Al can get away, but Al says he will not leave him because he and Ed had made a promise of "not losing anyone anymore". Then it gets another moment of heartwarming when Heinkel reveals he has the Philosopher's Stone Kimblee had lost back in Briggs. Alphonse is hesitant in using the stone made of human lives, even if using it meant recovering his real body...
    Heinkel: that case...don't use it for yourself..! Use it to save this world! These people... Let them fight as well!
  • Chapter 105. Everybody's Back from the Dead!
    • Made even better in Brotherhood, where they skipped the usual opening sequence. The scene where everybody gets revived happens about halfway through the episode. The last soul to find its way back to its body falls down into a baby's carriage, the baby starts crying, and the opening theme kicks in.
    • In the manga, Wrath's last words.
      • The last thing he says about his wife; he states that, unlike everything else in his life, he chose to have her live by his side and she knows this. All that can be said and done between them has been said and done. As far as he's concerned, there is nothing more that they need to say to each other.
    • Minor, but Hohenheim being supported by his sons as he tries to push back Father's attack in the manga.
    • Don't forget the souls of Xerxes cheering Hohenheim on and helping to save a nation they never even met.
  • In Episode 52 of Brotherhood, Olivier trips back on rubble and Sloth charges forward, finally able to catch her. Right when it looks like she's going to be smashed and killed, Alex jumps in the way and blocks the attack. Given how Olivier generally acts towards her brother, seeing him jump in the way of the attack to save his sister, this qualifies.
  • In Chapter 107, Al is completely wrecked from Father's attack, his blood-seal almost destroyed. Ed's automail has been ruined and is pinned down with Father about to kill him, so Al sacrifices his soul to restore his brother's arm. Finally reunited with his body at the Gate, he tells Truth that he knows his brother will come back for him.
    • In the manga, Greed admitting to Ling after the latter calls him out on it that all he really wanted was neither to rule the world nor the power of God, but to have friends.
    Ling: Greed, this is what you desperately wanted, isn't it?
    Greed: Yeah, you're right. This is what I wanted. I wanted the chance to have friends like these.
    • In the manga, everyone cheering Ed on as he beats seven different kinds of unholy hell out of Father.
  • Chapter 108: Ed's incredibly dorky proposal to Winry.
    Winry: What?
    Ed: I'll give you half of my give me half of yours!!
    beat Ed blushes furiously
    Winry: … You...idiot! Equivalent exchange? That's nonsense!
    Ed: Wh-what'd you say?
    Winry: Why ask for half of my life? I'll give you all of it!
  • Chapter 108 again: Ed sacrifices his own Gate in exchange for Al, meaning he can no longer perform alchemy. But Ed tells the Truth he doesn't mind giving it up, since he'll still have his friends to support him.
    • "You've done it! That's the right answer! Good job, you've beat me! Go ahead, take him home! The back door's right over there! Goodbye, Edward Elric!" in a combined Voice of the Legion of both Elric Brothers — a borderline So Proud of You speech coming from the Truth, who's obviously overjoyed and proud that someone managed to understand the ultimate life lesson.
    • In an odd way, Truth taking Roy's sight instead of his eyes is heartwarming. Why did Truth do that? Because Roy didn't willingly perform human transmutation or play God — he was forced through the Gate against his will, so Truth most likely felt that he didn't deserve a punishment on the same level as the other characters. Dr. Marcoh eventually uses a Philosopher's Stone to restore his eyesight, so that he could rebuild Ishval. Since Truth is essentially God, they would have known all along that Roy could and would get his sight back.
    • All of Chapter 108, really.
      • Especially Hohenheim dying in front of Trisha's grave.
      • And the big Ed/Al/Winry reunion hug when they return to Resembool.
      • Don't forget Mrs. Bradley deciding to once again raise Selim and having the stones to stand up to all who tried to dissuade her. And she appears to be raising him right. Not only an adorable moment, but possibly the quietest, gentlest Moment of Awesome in the entire series.
      • And the second anime went and added more of this than even the manga had, via an extension of a scene with Roy. In the manga, he wasn't really doing much when Dr. Marcoh came to see him about using a Philosopher's Stone to restore his eyesight. In Brotherhood, he was studying up on administrative trivia so he could help the Ishvalans rebuild. And when Marcoh made his offer, his reply was basically, "Sure, but only if you treat someone else with it first." Cut to Havoc answering the phone: "What?! You want me to come to Central?!" An adorable Call-Back if ever there was one.
      • We also have Sig seeing Al, alive and with his body back, bursting into tears at the sight and hugging him close, he's that happy that the boy he cares about is finally okay.
  • Pretty much the entire post-series gaiden chapter. Al gets sent his old body, and decides to have it melted down so that it can help people. Not only does he have them make it into the best automail Winry can create, he also uses what's left over to make a little gardening tool for Pinako so she doesn't hurt her back pulling weeds, and he finds a nest full of baby birds living in his helmet.
  • Al tells worried, insecure Sheska that her love for books and her photographic memory actually make her a great person.
  • "You really think he'll come back for you?" "He will! I know it!" *sniff*
  • And, in the manga, Greed actually performing a Heroic Sacrifice! His first and last selfless act.
    • Speaking of Greed, his final words acknowledging Ling and Ed as his friends, and saying that he, in contrast to the sin he represents, 'got everything he could want' was touching... though it was simultaneously a big Tear Jerker because of it.
    • Turned up to eleven in the anime.
  • In the last chapter, when Hohenheim tells Ed to use his life as material to get Alphonse back, and the conversation that follows.
    Hohenheim: Edward. Use my get Alphonse back. I have just enough left for one."
    Ed: You idiot... I can't do that!! It's our own fault that we lost our bodies!! We've said over and over that we wouldn't use other people's lives to get Al back!! Why should you sacrifice your life anyway!?
    Hohenheim: Because I'm your father. It's not about necessity or reason. You two mean more to me than anything. I want you to be happy. You tried to revive Trisha because you were lonely. What happened to you is partly my fault for leaving you alone. I'm sorry. I have lived long enough. Let me be a father to you in the end.
  • And immediately after that exchange, Ed's refusal of Hohenheim's offer, in which he finally calls him "Father".
  • Heck, can we just say the entirety of the last chapter qualifies as one?
  • "Old man...we'll walk him down the path to Hell together." "Yes...thank you..."
  • The final Brotherhood episode with Ed and Al walking home together. Made even cuter by how adorable the grown-up Al is.
    • And after that when Winry hears them coming, she goes to welcome them and hears Al laugh and say: "That tickles!" when Den licks him. The dazed look on Winry's face, the tranquility of the moment...
    • Not to mention, look back up at the second moment listed on this page. Ed. Kept. His. Promise.
  • Towards the end of Brotherhood, May Chang finds a Philosopher's Stone, the thing she's in the country to find in the first place. She starts to run for it, but Roy pleading with the dying Riza to open her eyes catches her notice and she decides to save the woman instead, declaring her "more important."
  • In the manga when Trisha tells Hohenheim that she loves him despite being a 400-year-old soul jar who inadvertently caused the death of Xerxes' entire population (half of the souls of which are now contained in his body) before a photographer takes a family photo (the one that kept being shown throughout the series). Then comes the reveal of why Hohenheim's face has been obscured in said photo every time it's shown. He's crying. Obviously we're not the only ones who were touched by what Trisha said.
    • In a heartwarming contrast to the above photo, everyone in the Elric family photo shown in the ending is smiling, suggesting that the families Ed and Winry, and Al and May will make will have happier lives than the one Hohenheim and Trisha made.
  • In a scene exclusive to the penultimate episode of Brotherhood, after the final battle is over and done with, Armstrong walks right up to Hohenheim and personally gives him a very well-deserved "thank you" on behalf of the entire country for all the work he and his boys did to save it.
  • When May is introduced, we learn that she's heard of the Fullmetal Alchemist and imagines him as a tall, brave, and noble guy who will help her save her clan. When she actually meets Edward and finds that he's nothing like she imagined, she's devastated and insults him. During a later conversation with Alphonse, she misconstrues a few of his comments into thinking that his real body is like her daydreams about Ed and quickly latches on to him. Several chapters later, Al finally regains his real body, and it's an emaciated wreck that can barely support him. May's response? She glomps him, crying with relief and joy.
  • Episode 18 of Brotherhood (or Chapter 41). After a series of things going bad: Hughes died, King Bradley is really a villain, Ed and Al blame themselves for Hughes' death, and now Mustang went crazy with revenge and killed Ross. So it was a nice moment where we finally catch a break from the depression and get to see that Mustang actually had a Gambit to have Ross Faking the Dead.
  • From Chapter 102:
  • It's really, really minor, but when Al regains his memory of the Gate in Chapter 30, in the middle of the images that make up the flow of information behind the Gate, there's a small picture of Hohenheim holding baby Al in his arms and playing with his little foot.
  • At the end, Ed stops braiding his hair because he finally accepted Hohenheim as his father.
    • As an added bonus if you paid attention during Hohenheim's origin, all the men in Xerxes wore their hair in that style. In at least one tiny little way, a bit of Xerxes culture lives on long after the country was wiped out. A very little thing, but heartwarming nonetheless.
    • Also Ed's outfit at the end is exactly the same as Hohenheim's.
  • When Al and Pride are trapped together in an inescapable dome, Al wonders if if Mrs. Bradley is in the conspiracy. Pride states, no, she just thinks he's Selim, her adoptive son. He goes on to mention the time when Selim almost got hit by a car and Mrs. Bradley rushed to protect him. Even though Selim was in no real danger (Being Pride), he was still touched by how quick the mother went to her son's aid. "So...this is a mother." He then mentions that of all the humans, she's the only one he feels the slightest bit of affection for.
    • That fact that Mrs. Bradley still adopted him after learning his true nature and he was regressed into his true form (which ironically is a little baby) really speaks volumes of her character. She even breaks down crying when Ed returns Pride to her.
    • Even better? It pays off. The last we see of Selim Bradley/Pride, he's become the Cheerful Child he once pretended to be, all thanks to Mrs. Bradley's determination to raise him right.
  • Episode 50: Roy's reaction when the "Xingese official" turns out to be Havoc. Particularly in the dub, he sounds absolutely delighted.
  • Hohenheim returning to Trisha's grave after the battle is over and dying with a smile on his face. After centuries of wallowing in self-pity, its nice to see him happy in his final moments. What's more his grave is set next to his beloved wife as well.
  • Considering his admission of his desire for True Companions, his Heroic Sacrifice to pave the way for Father's defeat, and his Last Words acknowledging Ed and Ling for fulfilling said desire, all listed in higher detail above, Greed's protectiveness towards his possessions in the early stages becomes that much more heartwarming in hindsight.
  • In one of the openings, Ed's smiling in his sleep dreaming about his mother while Winry watches. The animation is just gorgeous and makes it so sweet.
  • When Ling tells May that when he's emperor, he intends to protect and befriend her clan, and all the clans in Xing, she tells him he's greedy to want so much. Ling's response? To note that Greed must have rubbed off on him.
  • The end-credits of episode 64 shows all of the surviving major and minor characters enjoying their hard-earned happy endings, with Ling as the emperor of Xing, Scar and Miles rebuilding Ishval, and Edward and Winry's new family being just a few of the highlights. Even Black Hayate is rewarded for his part by fathering a litter of puppies.
  • Hughes going outside to call Mustang after being attacked instead of using the inside phones. He ends up killed, but it spared the life of the secretary who would have very likely been killed along with Hughes for being a witness.
  • From the final volume of the published books, one last scene after the gag comics — the manga's equivalent of "post-credits". Trisha and Hohenheim are reunited at last.
  • After the Elrics get thrashed by Scar, the scene where Hawkeye walks over to Ed and gently puts her coat around his shoulders.
  • After Ishval, Roy is depressed and lethargic over all the killing he had to do and how he's perverted his alchemy by turning it into a tool for murder. The men under his command tell him that, whatever else, they are grateful for how his alchemy saved their lives and thank him.
  • While it was also a major Tear Jerker, Ed's sheer determination to bring back Al, despite profuse bleeding from his missing leg after their failed attempt at human transmutation.
    Ed: "Give him back! He's my little brother! Take my leg! Take my arm! TAKE MY HEART! ANYTHING! YOU CAN HAVE IT! Just give him back! HE'S MY LITTLE BROTHER, HE'S ALL I HAVE LEFT!"
  • When Roy loses his sight after being forced to open the gate, Izumi, who probably would have been incredibly helpful in defeating Father and Pride, instead chooses to protect Roy, despite him being a State Alchemist, one of the people she hates most.
  • In the gaiden His Battlefield Once More (the one the OVA Yet Another Man's Battlefield is partially based off of), Mustang dreams of his time in Ishval, only to be waken up by his team. He then asks them what they would do if he ordered them to take the lives of thousands of civilians. Their response:
    "There's no way the Colonel would make that kind of order, of course."
    • The "thirty seconds" scene is horribly sad, but it also includes a very subtle, very powerful heartwarming moment. Mustang asks Hughes to give him thirty seconds to pull himself together. Look closely at the watch during this scene. Hughes gave him sixty.
    • Another small but nice moment is Riza mentions they were trying to wake Roy up for a bit and Roy remarks that he used to wake up from even the slightest noise. The obvious inference being that he is slowly but surely recovering from his PTSD and sleeping easier these days.
  • In Chapter 53, Al's joy and relief that his brother successfully got out of Gluttony's stomach is sure to tug at the heartstrings. And then Ed apologizes for making him worry because he went through the same pain when he almost lost Al to the gate, which doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Scar is visibly enraged by May returning to the fight instead of going home to Xing. He was trying to keep her safe from Father.
  • Father's sole pet the dog moment in the "present" is how joyful he was to learn that Van Hohenheim had a family. Him laughing joyously and patting Ed's head comes off like an estranged uncle finding out he has nephews and meeting them for the very first time.
  • The sheer depth of Izumi's love for her husband, and his love for her. Any time she admits to being impressed by another man, she always clarifies that she thinks her husband is way better; when she's ill and Sig helps her with her medicine, she practically melts over how caring she thinks he is; and, despite everything that happened to the both of them, Sig is still her calm, stoic husband. They clearly never stopped having a "honeymoon period" and it shows.
    Izumi: I like the way you talk. You're a real man. Though my husband is a thousand times a better man than you'll ever be.
  • A combination of Heartwarming and Tear Jerker: Two years after recovering their bodies, the Elric brothers begin to conduct research to develop a new technique of alchemy that can be used to return chimeras back to their original forms. They never forgot little Nina or their failure to save her from being forcibly turned into a chimera by her Abusive Father and subsequent death, and they want to ensure that nobody has to suffer like she did again.
  • After learning who and what Pride is, Riza is trying to hold it together but she's clearly terrified knowing Pride could be lurking in any shadow. Then she gets a call from Roy, because he bought way too many flowers and is wondering if she wants any. Though she turns him down, it's clear that just hearing his voice helped calm her down and she muses to Hayate that Roy has great timing.
  • When Al meets Hohenheim for the first time since his father left them, he outlines everything he's learned about the Homunculi's plans. Hohenheim notes he looks just like Father and asks if Al didn't think he might be on the Homunculi's side. What follows is a tense moment, before Hohenheim expresses his gratitude that his son trusts him so much he didn't even think that Hohenheim might be his enemy. Especially given his rocky relationship with Ed, Hohenheim's relief that he hasn't completely ruined his relationship with his boys is touching.