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Forgive me, little brother
I am so sorry before you.
It's forbidden to try to return
One taken by the earth.

The one who knows the law of existence
Could help me to find the answer.
I was very mistaken
There's no cure for death.

Dear Mom, sweet Mom!
We loved you so much.
But all our efforts
Unfortunately were in vain.

I tempted you
With the wonderful hope
Of returning our home.
My brother, it's all my fault.

Don't cry, don't be sad, big brother.
You're not the only guilty one.
There's only one road before us,
We will purge our sins completely.

I cannot blame you,
I am not hurt at all.
Well, we sinned
By wanting to be stronger than everyone else.

Dear Mom, sweet Mom!
We loved you so much.
But all our efforts
Unfortunately were in vain.

I was tempted
With the wonderful hope
Of returning our home.
I'm guilty for all of it.

But what should we do, how should we be?
How to fix everything, to forget?
It's forbidden to try to return
One taken by the earth.
Bratya, Lyrics

"You wanna bring back someone you lost, ya might want money, maybe you want women, or you might wanna protect the world. These are all common things people want, things that their hearts desire, Greed may not be good, but its not so bad either. You humans think Greed is just for money and power, when everyone wants something they don't have."

Solf J. Kimblee

"There's something comforting facing death like this, wouldn't you agree? It's all that matters, nothing else seems to exist outside my pure instinct to survive. Rank, personal history, birth, race, sex, the name given to you; it's all meaningless, this is the only thing that's real, to fight on behalf of my own life and nothing else. I've never felt so complete, I guess you could say I've finally arrived."
Wrath, better known as King Bradley

"The years that pass between the moment of birth and the moment of death are the true materials that construct a human being. Time must accumulate to create a genuine and robust self. But the person is only complete in their final moment."
Narrator, Episode 53

Dante: Equivalence? Don't tell me you still believe in that naïve theory.
Edward: It's no theory, it's the absolute law of alchemy. No, of the whole world! To obtain anything, something of equal value must be lost! You couldn't have gotten anywhere without knowing that!
Dante: A beautiful story, told to comfort the oppressed and make children do their lessons. The truth is that the law of equivalent exchange is a lie.
Edward: That's impossible!
Dante: 'To obtain something, something of equal value must be lost? Conversely, if you give something up, you will always get a prize of equal worth in return?'
Edward: Exactly, that's why people work hard at anything they do. Because it pays off.
Dante: Wrong. People work because they believe it will pay but equal effort does not always mean equal gain.
Edward: Like what?
Dante: Consider the state alchemy exam that you passed with flying colors. How many others took the test that day? Spent months, years preparing, some working much harder than you. Yet you were the only one who passed. Where was their reward? Is it their fault they lacked your natural talent? Or what about the equal value of each person's life? If I clap my hands, the baby won't survive. And if I do that, where is the world's balance in that? Does that mean the baby was born just so it could die? It's doing all an infant CAN to survive, breathing, crying for help. But what does it get in exchange? People can say there is a balance, a logic that everything happens for a reason. But the truth is far less designed. No matter how hard you work; when you die, you die. Some spend their entire life trying to scratch their way to the top and still die in poverty, while others are born into wealth without ever lifting an arm. It's a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.
Edward: That's enough Dante!
Dante: Equivalent exchange is a myth. A contrived order to give sense to a world that has none. Can you accept that now or do you need another lesson?
Ed and Dante in Episode 49 of the 2003 anime

Edward (in response to the implication he's short):

"Don't call me small! I'll break down your feet and stick 'em on your head!"

"'Shorty'?! Could a shorty do this?! What else you wanna call me?! A half-pint beansprout midget?! I'm still growing, you backwater desert idiots!"

"Who're you callin' a mousy little pipsqueek?!"

"Who are you calling a pipsqueek midget?!"

"Who are you calling so short that he drowned when he stepped in the creek?!"

"Who are you calling so short you want to squish him like an ant?!"

"Who's so small that when they go out in public they have to wear a bright red coat just to be seen by everybody else?!"

"Who's a midget so tiny that when you take him to see a flea circus you have to put a leash on him to make sure you don't mix him up with the fleas, you jerk?!"

"Who's a micro-midget so small that his pocket watch doesn't fit into his pocket?!.... I fit into the pocket watch?!"

"Who are you calling an atomic shrimp so microscopic that even fleas crack on about his height?!"

"Who's so tiny that you find it hard to hit him on the head with your wrench as his head's so tiny you can't find it, Winry?!"

"Who's of such a small stature that if he ever put the hood of his red coat up on his head he'd resemble a chigger?!"

"Who's so small that if he steps foot in a nursery they'll say he's too small to be enrolled there?!"

"Who's so much of a pipsqueek that he trips over ants?!"

"Who's so small that the reason people think he doesn't read a newspaper is because it's bigger than he is and when he holds it he shrinks compared to its size?!"

"Who's the size of a five-year-old so much that people think his age is going down instead of up, you bastard?!"

"Who's so small that people call him the 'Karate Toddler' when he's fighting?!"

"Who are you calling a pipsqueak? You know, I'd be tall too in heels!"

"You calling me the 'Guinness Book of World Records' kind of shorty?!"

"Who are you calling a micro-sized halfpint who didn't grow up because he doesn't drink milk?!"