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Ho Yay / Fullmetal Alchemist

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Greedling: "The name's Greed."
Edward Elric: "No, Greed! I will not kiss you!"

Examples of unintentional homoeroticism in Fullmetal Alchemist and its Brotherhood adaptation. For the first anime, see here.

  • The original Fullmetal Alchemist manga (as well as its direct adaptation, Brotherhood) has surprisingly little (arguably no) Ho Yay for a shonen with a huge and mostly male cast. However, Ed's relationship with Ling, and Mustang's rather heartfelt reaction to Hughes' death still add moderate Ho Yay fodder.
    • On the subject of Mustang and Hughes: Academy friends, met up again in the Hell of Ishval, and Hughes signed on to 'support Roy from below.' Roy then went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Envy after learning he was responsible for Hughes' death. He was distraught at Riza and Havoc possibly dying, but it's only with Hughes that he truly loses his cool (though this can be argued as being because Hughes is the only one where it actually happens).
    • Ed and Ling do have a bit, especially in the scene where Ed carries Ling while they're in Gluttony's stomach.
  • Darius and Heinkel receive a lot of this in fan works.
  • Greed and Ling have a lot of Ho Yay, too. In the Viz manga there is a line in which Greed says, "I'm glad I hooked up with you", and the whole "aibou" ("partners") thing...
    "NO, Greed! I need you! You're my partner!"
  • When enumerating the various things he wants in his Establishing Character Moment, Greed lists "women" and "sex" as separate items.
  • Sig Curtis's "flex-off" with Major Armstrong which ends with the two of them holding hands and sparkling.
  • Winry and Rose, as shown here.
  • The outtakes quickly tease both Greed/Ed (as quoted above) and even Greed/Hohenheim (one of Hohenheim's outtakes features his voice actor going "how about a kissy?" to Greed). Granted, it's Played for Laughs, but the first example really doesn't help the Vitriolic Best Buds that carries over from Ed and Ling.
  • Though not nearly as much as in the first anime, there are still moments in the manga that could be interpreted as Roy/Ed shipper bait, where one of them seems a little too focused on the other, or arguments that could be seen as innuendo. Which is why their shippers predated the first anime in Japan (though that was really what got it going).