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DC Comics:

  • Batman:
    • Batman himself. He's one of the most intelligent heroes in all of comics and has a figure that can pass for Superman in a dim light, is one of the world's greatest martial artists and stealth fighters, and only seems lacking in a world filled with superpowered heroes and villains... all of whom he can figure out how to defeat.
    • Bane was designed explicitly as a total package villain: a ruthless criminal with both superhuman strength and a genius intellect that rivaled Batman's own. Adaptations have not always been kind to the character, sometimes casting him in the role of dumb muscle instead, but The Dark Knight Rises provided the definitive adaptation.
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    • "Hardback" Bock, a Scary Black Man Gotham police detective, who gets his nickname because he's always carrying one.
    • The criminal robotic and cybernetics expert Nathan Finch, aka Gearhead. When his kidnap scheme is foiled by Batman, an accident leaves him a quadruple amputee; he later develops incredibly powerful cybernetic limbs, and comes gunning for revenge against the hero, now a physical match even for Batman because of them.
    • Barbara Gordon is a computer whiz, has an eidetic memory, a degree in forensic psychology, knows multiple languages, and is a skilled martial artist.
    • Kate Kane is a highly educated and ranking former West Point cadet, knows over a dozen forms of martial arts, is a multilinguist, and has training from the likes of the FBI, SAS, SEALs, and Green Berets, among others.
  • Brainiac. Since 2000 (with Brainiac 13) and continuing to the present (with the "true" Coluan cyborg Brainiac) Brainiac has consistently been shown to be Superman's physical superior, able to manhandle the Man of Steel with little effort. This makes him one of the most physically powerful beings in the DCU, possibly even stronger than the likes of Darkseid (Depending on the Writer in regards to how the latter compares to Superman). His true form is also about seven feet tall and built like a super heavyweight MMA fighter. But it speaks to his immense power that his physical strength is probably the least dangerous thing about him: as a "12th-level intellect", he's the smartest being in the DCU bar none (for comparison, the entirety of 21st century Earth's population amounts to a 6th-level intellect). His brain is capable of storing and processing octodecillions of minds worth of information (which he has, in the process of assimilating the many civilizations he's destroyed) and grants him superhuman calculation abilities, enhanced memory, and advanced understanding of mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, artificial intelligence, physics and other theoretical and applied sciences. He has invented tech that lets him shrinking entire planets, create impenetrable force fields,note , transfer his mind digitally, and travel through time. This is on top of being The Chessmaster and creating armies of robotic bodies that are each able to rival and even kill Kryptonians.
  • A Golden Age Captain Marvel villain called King Kull (not related to the Robert E. Howard character), a muscular, club-wielding, loincloth-wearing protohuman who nonetheless invents Sufficiently Advanced technology and was the scientific rival of Mad Scientist Dr. Sivana.
    • Another Golden Age Captain Marvel villain was a criminal who went to prison for over 70 years and spent the entire time reading and working out until he was the smartest, most physically capable 100-year old man around.
    • Captain Marvel's main rival, Black Adam, also fits this trope. He has as much physical power as Superman (he practically beat the entire Justice Society on his own), but he's also superhumanly intelligent.
    • Really, the Big Red Cheese himself qualifies — "Wisdom of Solomon" and all that.
  • Cyborg of the Teen Titans. He didn't start off this way, but eventually gained an incredible knowledge of cybernetics as a result of studying his own Artificial Limbs. As a kid, his parents taught him everything they knew (they were top-shot scientists), and he was certified with an I.Q. of 196. But he cared little about this until after the incident as he was focused on his athletic career.
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  • Darkseid. He's one of the few villains who can take on Superman in a fight and is also a brilliant tactician who constantly manipulates everyone around him into getting him what he wants.
  • Deathstroke is basically Batman if he became a mercenary and used lethal force. This means that he is both one of the best fighters in the DC Universe, as well as extremely intelligent and Crazy-Prepared.
  • Gorilla Grodd, one of The Flash's enemies, is a killer gorilla who's also a superintelligent Mad Scientist and Manipulative Bastard.
  • Kilowog of the Green Lantern Corps is another one. He's one of the biggest Corps members, always fighting up close and personal and calling people "poozers", but he's also so smart that he designed the Rocket Red battle suits for the Soviet army.
  • Grunge in Gen¹³ is genius-level, with a photographic memory. He just puts a lot of effort into pretending to be a dumb slacker.

  • The Justice League of America villain Prometheus, a Gadgeteer Genius who invented a helmet that allows him to download knowledge, including martial arts training, directly into his brain. He's one of a handful of individuals in the entire multiverse who have beaten Batman in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Justice Society of America:
    • The Golden Age Hourman, career superhero and founding member of the Justice Society of America. He's a genius Chemist who created Miraclo, the chemical he uses to achieve his godly strength, speed, agility and endurance for one hour at a time. He's also an extremely successful businessman.
    • The Golden Age Atom was typically depicted as a short-tempered Pint-Sized Powerhouse who met problems head-on... yet he's a PhD-holding Physics College Professor who is officially listed as possessing Genius-level intellect. Originally, he was as strong as humanly possible, patterned after a Circus Strongman. Later he gained superpowers, being able to bench press the weight of an entire train, survive a nuclear detonation point-blank and flatten Tanks with just one of his patented Atomic Punches.
  • Lobo is rather dumb most of the time, but he is a genius when it comes to doing anything that can cause destruction. For example, he can't cure a deadly disease, but he did create a horde of mutant insects that acted as carriers for one and the vaccine for it (that's why he's the last Czarnian: he killed them all that way, with the vaccine created to make sure he survived). And he's strong enough to hold his own against Superman.
  • In the Metal Men's feature in Bizarro Comics, the originally incredibly unintelligent Lead is quite loquacious. Also, Doc Magnus organizes a mission just to build his creations' confidence.
  • Monsieur Mallah, the second of four of DC's resident mad scientist gorillas to appear on this page, and a recurring foe for the Doom Patrol.
  • Superboy has shown to possess superior intellect to what humans could ever have. His mind works with incredible speeds, and combined with his TTK-powers, it might be one of his greatest assets.
  • Supergirl: One of the most powerful heroes of the DC universe, her official power list includes "Genius-Level Intellect". And in fact she's considered a genius by Kryptonian standards, and is daughter of one of the best scientists of Krypton.
  • Superman himself. He is one of Earth's most powerful heroes, but he is also a master in the use of Kryptonian technology, which is far more advanced than Earth technology. He can learn at a faster rate than humans. He is the son of Krypton's finest scientist, so the scientific skills must be a family trait.
    • Eidetic memory and super intelligence are considered part of his power set (Depending on the Writer). Modern interpretations have the habit to make him somewhat of a Dumb Muscle to contrast Batman or other smart guys, like in Justice League: Doom:
      Superman: Maybe I could move the Earth out of the way.
      Batman: If I had a week, I could list all the reasons why that wouldn't work.
    • Then there are the times villains assume Superman is just a big dumb Flying Brick, like Lex Luthor and The Joker. It always bites them in the ass. (Well, unless there's a Writer on Board.)
    • All-Star Superman is probably the definitive modern example of this for him. On top of his Fortress being laden with technology he's suggested to have invented himself (or at least figured out), he's also able to keep up in conversation with superscientists like Lex Luthor and Leo Quintum, and he resolves dozens of problems over the run of the comic (including most of the ones considered to be his Twelve Labors) through the use of science or guile rather than his strength.
    • Clark Kent is also a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist and a best selling fiction author.
    • In most depictions, General Zod is visibly larger than Superman, and doesn't pull his punches. He's also Superman's tactical superior pretty much across the board, and at least as cunning in the use of his powers as Superman himself. Notably, Zod's also Superman's big exception to Superman's code against killing, since letting Zod run loose risks the lives of millions.
  • Tom Strong, who is usually portrayed as a cross between Reed Richards, Doc Savage, and Hercules.
  • The Ultrahumanite, DC's first resident mad scientist, who eventually transferred consciousness into that of a large muscular gorilla, was originally written to be Superman's arch-enemy.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Diana herself, (mostly in the Post-Crisis continuity) is a Genius Bruiser. In addition to having god-like strength and unrivalled combat skill, Wonder Woman is exceptionally intelligent, being gifted at: diplomacy, multilingualism, equestrianism (horse riding), piloting, and weapons handling. Diana’s career in her civilian alter ego has also included professions such as military intelligence officer, astronaut, antiquities dealer, army nurse, businesswoman, and even secretary.
    • The Golden Age Giganta may have started out as Dumb Muscle, given she was just a particularly angry and violent gorilla, but after Dr. Zool put her through his Evolution Machine she became a very large, Super Strong woman who swiftly became more adapt at using the hapless Dr. Zool's genius inventions than he. The rage that had made her dangerous as a gorilla only became more pronounced and sophisticated as a "human", making her incredibly dangerous.
    • The Post-Crisis Giganta was a dying Mad Scientist who discovered a way to transfer her consciousness into anothers body whose assistant transferred her into a gorilla to save her life. She later transferred herself into the body of a size shifting metahuman, though she would have a more difficult time thinking logically the larger she grew and at her larger sizes was more Dumb Muscle than genius.

Marvel Comics:

  • Ant-Man Dr. Hank Pym, founding member of the Avengers, could easily make the top ten list of most brilliant scientific minds on the planet. In his identities as Giant-Man and Goliath he is a towering behemoth, able to go toe-to-toe with some of Marvel's heaviest hitters. However, he usually sticks to being a Science Hero.
  • Apocalypse much like Thanos below in addition to being a hulking physical powerhouse is a super genius being a expert in biology, primarily genetic engineering and mutation, and technology. He crafted his armour out of Celestial technology and uses molecular altering powers to great effect, very few of the X-Men can hold their own against him let alone beat him. Also being 5000 years old he’s Omnilingual.
  • Barracuda from The Punisher MAX and Fury: My War Gone By. During his time in the military he showed exceptional intelligence and cunning while leading his team in toppling whole governments by themselves.
  • Pictured on the main page: Dr. Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy aka "The Beast" from X-Men. Blue, huge, furry, super-strong (depends on the writer, but sometimes he's said to bench press 70 tons), agile, and Nobel-level intelligent (generally regarded as the preeminent biochemist in the Marvel Universe, and he gave himself the power upgrade that made him look like how he is today, only stronger than he was when he looked more human). As a bonus, he was played by Kelsey Grammer in the third movie.
    Jean Grey: His name's Henry McCoy, dipstick- he reads poetry, swings from trees, knows the square root of a millionnote , and he's gonna kick your butt.
    Beast: [Cracks knuckles] Indubitably.
  • Black Panther. Like Batman and Deathstroke mentioned above, he's a tactical genius and one of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe. He's also an accomplished scientist and scholar, in addition to actually running the country of Wakanda.
    • Black Panther’s Arch-Enemy Erik Killmonger is an abnormally tall and well-muscled young man who has proven himself to be just as strong, if not stronger than, the title protagonist. He's also a brilliant strategist and studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most prestigious schools in the United States.
  • Black Widow. Having been given Training from Hell to peak human levels and a Super Serum Natasha is a deadly combatant but she’s highly tactical as well as an expert hacker, weapons expert, a master of disguise and fluent in multiple languages. In earlier comics, Nat actually focused on outsmarting her foes, until Xenafication kicked in and she balanced smarts with ass-kicking.
  • Cable is a powerful BFG wielding Super Soldier who has inherited his mother Jean Grey’s Mind over Matter powers but he’s also a genius tactician, master combatant, cybernetic engineer and battle commander... with a diploma in law.
  • Captain America is this though he might seem dumb compared to his buddy Iron Man below, Steve is actually highly intelligent. To back up his enhanced physical prowess, Cap is a master strategist, expert martial artist, weapons expert, talented hacker, and professional sketch artist. It’s elaborated the Super Serum boosted Cap’s mental processing meaning he learns information much faster than any normal man. Fittingly Batman was Cap’s opponent in the Marvel Versus DC crossover.
    • Similarly Bucky Barnes and Nick Fury have displayed genius tactics as well as peak human abilities in many comics.
  • An early issue of Daredevil from the original Stan Lee run subverts this twice. A Mad Scientist Karl Stragg helps a brawn-for-brains criminal Ox escape from prison and lures him into his hide-out to try out his new device. Ox thinks the device will make him a Genius Bruiser but gets backstabbed, as the device actually switches their bodies, giving Stragg Ox's physique as a bonus to his intelligence. Thinking he himself has become an example of this trope, Stragg goes on a crime spree yet discovers that now, simply smashing stuff somehow gives him more pleasure than actually thinking things through. He barely makes use of his intelligence, letting it gradually degenerate. At the climax, he fights Daredevil and furiously hurls himself at him, only for Daredevil to dodge and for Stragg, having forgotten that they're on a rooftop, to fall to his death.
  • You could make a strong argument that Deadpool, of all people, is one of these. Is he so crazy that he's come all the way around to smart, or so smart that he's come all the way around to crazy? Bottom line, he a viciously efficient fighter, an ambidextrous master of multiple martial arts, multi-lingual, genre-savvy, skilled at reading body language, and is capable of developing complex plans and making them work while chattering non-stop and getting distracted by a passing ice cream truck. Many people have noted, with considerable astonishment, that there is a remarkably effective mercenary underneath all that crazy. The people who know him are very careful not to underestimate him, and the people who don't know him often make just that mistake.
  • Doctor Doom is a supreme example of this, yes the “doctor” part isn’t just a fancy title Victor has earned multiple doctorates and considered equal to super-genius Reed Richards. Doom is also highly proficient in both science and magic being a Evil Sorcerer in Powered Armour who has gone up against Earth’s strongest heroes as well as cosmic beings and managed to triumph more than once. While his arrogance does get the better of him, Doom is still considered one of the most diabolically intelligent villains in the whole Marvel Universe.
  • While not as brainy as Hank, Emma Frost has degrees in several fields, including a Bachelor of Science in Education with a minor in Business Administration from the prominent Marvel Universe's Empire State University. She turns to "bruiser" when assuming her diamond form, where she's more than a match for guys like Warpath.
  • Fantastic Four:
    • The Thing is usually in the shadow of Reed Richards brain-wise. However, it should be (but often isn't) noted that he attended the same college as Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom. Given that he later became a test pilot and an astronaut, he is implied to have accumulated a minimum of two Masters degrees and quite likely at least one doctorate in STEM fields. He has been shown to be perfectly capable of cobbling together a cosmic ray projector when called upon, is the one who translates Reed's Techno Babble into Layman's Terms about 75% of the time and while he can't replicate a lot of what Reed does, he can usually grasp the general thrust of what is being attempted. As for his "bruiser" credentials, The Thing is one of the handful of beings that has managed to fight the Hulk to a standstill.
    • Contrary to his name, The Brute (a villain of the 1970s Fantastic Four) is not The Brute. He is the Reed Richards of another Earth, who instead of getting stretch powers, he can become a huge monster, strong enough to fight against the Thing.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy have Groot, who has a broad-ranging education including in-depth knowledge of quasi-dimensional super-positional engineering, though this is subject to some debate; He can apparently only say "I am Groot!" and a known madman is the only source for most of the information regarding his intelligence Not the only one anymore.
  • The Incredible Hulk:
    • He started out as brilliant physicist Dr. Bruce Banner, before the radiation accident that turned him into the Hulk. Different personalities, including that of Dr. Banner himself, took control of the Hulk's body at different points and showed varying levels of brains and brawn, depending on which one was currently running things. They would occasionally borrow each others' skills, with Banner lending Joe Fixit his memories and computer skills when Fixit needed to figure out who had poisoned the Hulk and who was about to kill them. It Makes Sense in Context.
    • At the start of the "Secret Wars" arc, the heroes are teleported to a remote corner of the universe, Reed Richards immediately announced what has happened and how it must have been done, and Hulk, who currently possesses Banner's mind, only snarls "That's obvious, Richards!" while The Thing and Johnny Storm are still trying to catch up with what Reed just said.
    • Merged Hulk, A.K.A "The Professor," is a Split-Personality Merge of the three main personas that retains Banner's intelligence. This form is perhaps best remembered as the one used in the early Marvel vs. Capcom games.
    • In Ultimate Marvel, The Abomination is just as strong as Hulk, but retains his genius IQ.
    • Also, numerous writers have taken note that innocents are never hurt during Hulk's violent rampage, and have since implied that even when he's a neanderthal-like monster, Bruce Banner's mind is constantly doing calculations to ensure that his actions never cause anything but collateral damage to buildings. Somewhat confirmed in Greg Pak's Hulk run, in which while fighting his son Skaar, the Hulk slammed the ground as if to attack, but was really aiming to pile up sand to shore up a collapsing building.
    • Ultimate Hulk reveals that he retains his genius-level intellect in his fight with Abomination.
    • Also demonstrated in Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine (which took place before that fight but due to delays wasn't finished until considerably afterward) where Ultimate Hulk is shown relaxing casually, offering Logan some hot cocoa.
    • Hulk's cousin, Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, is both a super-strong super-heroine and a practicing lawyer.
  • Iron Man:
    • Tony Stark, alias Iron Man is not only one of the Marvel universe's richest people. He's also the inventor of the Iron Man armor, a certified financial genius, head of one of the world's most powerful companies, and as seen in David Michellene's run on the character, is a man who doesn't skimp on his daily workout.
    • His Rogues Gallery aren't slouches in this regard either. Recurring villain Controller is an engineering genius who designed the mind controlling slave discs and would eventually become bonded with an exoskeleton that made him phenomenally large and powerful. It's been joked that he went to MIT on a wrestling scholarship.
      • Boris Bullski, the original Titanium Man. A master spy and KGB agent, he stands well over seven feet tall and can lift 1.5 tonnes without the armor.
      • Iron Clad should be classed as one of these. Although he is rarely shown to be intelligent, he is supposed to have designed spaceships prior to gaining his powers.
  • Downplayed but Kitty Pryde can be this in a few comics. Her Intangibility can be truly devastating when she’s serious and she’s expert hand to hand fighter being trained by Wolverine. Above all she’s a Playful Hacker being genius when it comes to technology, she’s also a talented tactician in later comics as she becomes the leader of the X-Men for a while.
  • The Kingpin. A self-educated, self-made man who rose from humble beginnings to become the greatest criminal mastermind in the New York underworld, he is also a hulking, monsterous brute who is physically a match for Daredevil and even Spider-Man, on occasion.
  • Dr. Leonard Samson, a Marvel character who is the hero population's go-to psychotherapist. Also strong enough to trade blows with an enraged Hulk.
    • Karla Sofen (Meteorite/Moonstone of the Thunderbolts) could be considered Dr. Samson's evil counterpart. (Also a superpowered psychologist.)
  • Bobbi Morse, Mockingbird, is a biochemist who helped out in a project to recreate the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America. She's also been injected with a special formula that increased her strength and durability, was trained as a spy for S.H.I.E.L.D., and has been a member of The Avengers.
  • Marvel's Mr. Hyde (who has fought Thor, the Hulk, Daredevil, and many other heroes) is technically a Genius Bruiser; the intelligence of his civilian identity, criminal genius Calvin Zabo, is not lost when he transforms into his super-strong super-villain form. However, given his Hair-Trigger Temper in that form, he rarely ever needs to make use of Zabo's smarts.
  • Rogue is definitely this, sure her thick Mississippi accent might fool you into thinking she’s an uneducated Brainless Beauty who's also a Flying Brick, but that’s not the case. Not only is Rogue quite the bookworm in her spare-time, but she’s outsmarted extra-dimensional beings, flown spaceships, comes up with many plans and on top of that thanks to her Power Parasite ability she gets the skills and intellect of her foes. When she craftily combines the powers of her fellow X-Men in battle, Rogue becomes nigh-unstoppable.
  • Depending on the Writer, Sabretooth is either this or Dumb Muscle. When he is smart, he is often underestimated because of his arrogance and animalistic nature, but he speaks multiple languages, is skilled at hacking computers, and is a highly trained soldier and mercenary who fought in countless wars.
  • A second-tier hero of the Thing/Hulk type: Alpha Flight's Sasquatch, a brilliant scientist who's usually in full command of his mental faculties. Notably also a genius bruiser before developing superpowers (he was a football player — American, not soccer. As though that wasn't implied by the "bruiser" part).
  • Spider-Man is agile, hardy, and capable of lifting ten tons (or 100 tons Depending on the Writer). The man behind the mask, Peter Parker, is also a scientific wiz (originally introduced as gifted while later writers say he has a genius-level intellect) who makes his own gadgets and tools, often built from scratch. Reed Richards, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark have all been surprised by how intelligent the Wall-Crawler is, even by their high standards.
    • A lot Spidey’s Rogues Gallery is built on this. Besides the aforementioned Kingpin there’s:
      • Norman Osborn studied chemistry and electrical engineering who went on to become a scientist as well as CEO and created the Goblin Formula which made him superhuman (as well insane and even eviler). In Dark Avengers Norman shows off his diabolical intellect acting like an evil fusion of Iron Man and Nick Fury giving Marvel’s heroes besides Spidey immense trouble.
      • Otto Octavius is even more of one. A multi-disciplined scientist with a high degree in radiology Otto is an Evil Genius whom even fellow villain Doctor Doom acknowledges and he backs up his intelligence with four powerful mechanical arms. Otto like Norman has proven to be a formidable adversary to the whole Avengers and becomes even more dangerous when he hijacks his nemesis Spider-Man’s body and uses Peter’s aforementioned abilities to his own selfish ends.
      • Curt Connors aka The Lizard while he is animalistic in most comics, still retains his human alter ego intelligence and puts it use trying to make reptile supreme and other times he’s little more than a snarling monster. In later comics Connors much like Smart Hulk above keeps his Curt Connors persona while in his Lizard form and still teaches at Empire State University.
      • Miles Warren aka The Jackal is a genius in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, and cloning. He’s also a so skilled martial artist and gymnast.
      • Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture apart from being a guy in a powered wing-suit is brilliant in the fields of electronics and mechanics having a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering.
      • Dr Michael Morbius was a gifted and award winning biochemist scientist before an experiment to cure his blood disease turned him into a Vampiric supervillain and occasional Anti-Hero. With his new found powers and intellect he’s proven to be a formidable foe to both Spider-Man and Blade.
      • Herman Schultz aka The Shocker as ridiculous as he looks, is a Genius Bruiser. While not on the level of Osborn or Octavius he’s a gifted engineer having built his battle suit in prison from scratch and regularly gone up against Spider-Man.
      • Rhino becomes this in one comic tired of being just The Brute he enhanced his IQ becoming this trope as a result. Though it subverted as the with new intellect Rhino became manically depressed and he chooses to revert to his old Dumb Muscle IQ.
  • Thanos, in the Marvel Universe, has constructed space vessels, cloned himself, and has often outsmarted superheroes and cosmic entities. He also has enough strength to hold his own against Thor and the Thing simultaneously, and looks like it too. But not Squirrel Girl.
  • Thunderball, aka Dr. Eliot Franklin, of the Marvel villain team the Wrecking Crew. Thunderball's intelligence is made all the more obvious by the fact that the rest of his team are rather dim-witted mooks. He also has a streak of good. He once smacked around the rest of the Crew to save John Porter of Damage Controlnote . Thunderball told the Crew that John had super-powers, which consisted of Thunderball hitting people with the lights out.
  • Wolverine while he does lack the leadership skills of his pal Cyclops or the IQ of fellow brawler Beast still displays a surprisingly intellect when he’s not being The Berserker. It helps having lived well over two centuries Logan has picked up multiple skills in martial arts, weapon and vehicle handing, computer expertise and he’s fluent in multiple languages and is a trained assassin. Of course like his Archenemy Sabretooth this Depending on the Writer as at other times Logan is depicted a mindless bruiser who lets his claws do all the thinking.
  • While not to the same levels as some examples in the Marvel Universe, X-23's intellect is described as "off the charts," and as a result of her upbringing is a highly-educated polyglot who never loses at chess and is one of the deadliest assassins in all of Marvel. She's also a gifted strategist who can analyze a situation when she steps into the room, formulate multiple plans for making everyone else inside it with her dead, and then choose the one with the best opportunity for success before she even closes the door behind her.
  • Minor villain, Imus Champion, was a Harvard MBA. He breezed through the program and with his business talent and genius intellect, he quickly became the 5th richest man on Marvel's Earth. Tired of that, he mastered many different martial arts and well...he's 9 feet tall and as strong as he's big. Imus Champion is the Big Bad for Conan the Barbarian in the War for the Serpent's Crown miniseries and he actually overpowers the mighty Cimmerian.

Other Publishers:

  • Asterix: He's referred to as the best warrior in the village, is capable of snapping chains without being under the effects of magic potion, prefers to try talking his way past problems, is noticeably smarter than everyone else in his village except Getafix, and regularly outsmarts the Romans' schemes.
  • Atomic Robo, a big, rough guy who fought in World War 2, battled giant crabs, giant ants and giant assholes. He's also a genius beyond compare, not least because he's well... a robot.
  • Big Bang Comics: Super-Frankenstein was created not only to be super-strong but super-smart as well. He has a doctorate in biological science, and is working towards degrees in medicine, physics, and English literature.
    With the mind of a genius, the strength of a titan and the heart of a giant, Frankenstein decides to devote his great powers to defending the innocent and combating crime, injustice and terror!
  • Roadblock from the G.I. Joe comic books. In the cartoons, he's an offensive rhyming stereotype. In the comics, he can snap handcuffs at will, is a genius in the kitchen, a brilliant tactician in the field and has deep philosophical beliefs. Granted, the Joes purposely recruit the strong and brilliant but Roadblock is a cut above a majority of the Joe team in both categories. The man carries a crew-served heavy machine gun and uses it like it's an ordinary rifle. Later, he gets his own cooking show. Doesn't last long, but it was his.
  • Invincible has the Mauler Twins, a villainous pair of hulking omnidisciplinary geniuses. They're apparently the world's leading experts on cloning, and in all other fields are tied for 2nd smartest character in the book.
    • And by "apparently" the leading experts on cloning, one means they are in fact a second and third generation clone created by their own process. Or maybe third and fourth... The memory imprinting process is so perfect that they can never agree on who cloned who.
  • Axwell Tiberius, the titular "monkeyman" in Art Adams' Monkeyman and O'Brien, is a ten foot tall super-intelligent gorilla from a parallel dimension.
  • Paperinik New Adventures: Xadhoom was once Xado, the leading astrophysicist of her planet. After Xerbia was conquered by the Evronians, she became a Physical God and,while prone to be The Berserker, she is intelligent enough to understand Uno's Techno Babble and acting as The Chessmaster.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
  • Vector who is balanced in both brawn and brains, His physical strength is significant and he tends to fight using his tail and teeth. He also possesses keen computation and detective skills.

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