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The anime and manga


The video game adaptations (particularly Maximum Tune)

  • When any car receives its first power upgrade, regardless of the car's starting power, it will jump immediately to 360 HP. Even if it's the Subaru R2, which will gain 296 HP from that first step alone!note 
  • The fact that the Celsior is actually one of the better cars for VS Mode. While it may not have the best handling or acceleration, it is a high-volume, high-weight car that can easily block and shove away other cars. Stories of GT-Rs and FDs being beaten by Celsiors are not all that uncommon, while in any other game, you'd be stupid to go up against a vehicle tailor-made for competitive performance in a luxury sport sedan.
  • Maximum Tune 4 Story Mode:
    • In Chapter 16, as soon as the race starts Masaki will express dislike of the player's car regardless of the model. This can cause him to contradict himself should the player's car be an FD series RX-7note  as he will express his love for the FD series RX-7 around 2 minutes later in the race.
      Masaki: The FD. I don't like it.
      (approximately 3 km away from the goal...)
      Maami: What's an FD?"
      Masaki: A Mazda RX-7.
      Maami: Mmm. You like those?
      Masaki: I love 'em.
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    • Chapter 27:
    • Chapter 28 keeps the comedy rolling. Kei's Supra (driven by Akio) passes by the camera, and then about ten seconds later, Gatchan and his friends show up in a Toyota HiAce. Gatchan himself and Ueda (one of Gatchan's friends) even lampshade this:
    Gatchan: Too slow! Did they vanish or what?
    Ueda: "It's no use with this car."
    • Chapter 34, where R200CLUB gangs up on you, has several examples:
      • CCR Motoki's now-infamous "I'm coming!", before it was fixed in 6 to "Something's coming!"
      • Motoki and JAPAN Tezuka spinning out and crashing like they deserve (as they were trying to wreck your car) while Motoki screams "You idiot!"
      • JPP Sonoda showing up as backup. Most of the time, he just shouts "I'm gonna block you!" with an increasing number of exclamation marks each time. If you use social media frequently, this boast in particular sounds less like he's trying to make you lose and more like he's going to block your account on Twitter or something. Or Hideki Kamiya.
        JPP Sonoda: I'm gonna block you! I'm gonna block you!! One more time. I'm gonna block you!!!! Again! I'm gonna block you!!!!!!
    • "You've got a new BGM: Sound of Ten persons Pulling out Mode."
  • You thought the HiAce was good? Maximum Tune 4 introduces a lifted version that raises the chassis.
  • Car titles:


  • The inclusion of eurobeat in Maximum Tune 6 is quite amusing when you consider that the New Initial D The Movie series of Initial D remake films swaps out the eurobeat soundtrack with a J-rock one and Initial D: Arcade Stage Zero has said soundtrack as the default (with the eurobeat songs having to be unlocked), as if the "eurobeat = drift racing" schtick had to go somewhere after Initial D was done with it.