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Wangan Midnight

  • Takayuki Kuroki (yes, the one wearing glasses driving the R33 Skyline GT-R) manages to defeat the Blackbird. Cleanly. For a character that only appears in one story arc (the R200 Club, 1st and 2nd half), this is an impressive feat. He could have beaten the Devil Z too had his engine not overheated/over-revved and blown.
    • Not only that, but losing to Kuroki sent Shima into a Heroic BSoD. Yes, a one-shot character defeats a recurring character, and in the process breaks his motivation.
  • Akio Asakura (this one, not the previous one) manages to tame and control the Devil Z by the end of the story. While it seems mundane, keep in mind, he is the first person to do so without getting killed.
  • On a meta-level; the manga gets its own anime adaptation!

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

  • Cleaing all of Story Mode without losing a single stage.
    "You have got a new title: Undefeated Winner of the Highway / Undefeated Highway Dominator"
    • And if you do so with the Mitsubishi Pajero in MT 4:
    "You have got a new title: From Paris To Dakarnote "
  • Every battle with R200CLUB has "CCR" Motoki and "JAPAN" Tezuka attempting to wreck your car, only to crash as a result. From Maximum Tune 4 onwards, they see you as target practice for when they take on Reina's GT-R later, with a cutscene partway through showing them spectacularly crashing into each other.
  • Taking a "top ghost" crown, making it yours, and having that status shown during the Attract Mode.
    • Taking all of the crowns at the arcade to show your mastery over every course in the game and unlocking the "Fastest in the Metro Highway" title.
  • In Story Mode, opponents about to retire from the race will usually gain a burst of speed beyond what any player car can achieve just to attempt one last F-U to the player and their Story Mode undefeated status if they still have it. However, if you can manage to block the offending car with your rear bumper, you can make it push you to as much as 400 kilometers per hour.
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  • Really, the fact that, within MT's continuity, you exist. Every major clash, you're there; from the Monster Machine to the Legendary FC, the Blackbird to the Devil Z itself, you face the legends of the Metro, and you always keep up, even coming out on top at times. All in a machine personally tuned by Kitami himself, who even rides shotgun in a few chapters. Well, except for your Celsiors; they're "tuned" by Gatchan.

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