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Ten years of passion from one man is wrapped up in that compilation box.note 
One of the Wangan Midnight franchise's best-known elements is its video game soundtracks. Composed mainly by Yuzo Koshiro, they've gone from stuff you'd hear in 70's and 80's chase scenes to trance that transports you to another world; many regard these soundtracks as Koshiro's best work since Streets of Rage.
Wangan Midnight and Wangan Midnight R

The first game and its Updated Re-release have a distinctly different style in their soundtrack, creating a racing atmosphere that may remind one of older street racing and car chase scenes.


Maximum Tune

  • "Entry (Maxi1 Version)". Picture this: It is 2004, and you see a new racing game at your arcade with a distinct 6-position shifter. You insert your coins, maybe expecting a So Okay, It's Average or novelty racing game at best, only to hear this through the game's 4.1 sound system, and are promptly blown away. You know that what you're about to play is going to be good.
  • "Maximum Acceleration": Maxi1 version, Maxi2 version. The track used for the very first stage of Story Mode in the first two games, setting the tone for fast-paced highway racing.
  • "Destination Blackout": Maxi1 version, Maxi2 version. The Blackbird's first theme track in the Maximum Tune series.

Maximum Tune 2

  • "Ghost in the Resonance", a very dark theme that will send chills down your spine. Perfect for driving Hakone at night.
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  • "Last Utopia" and "Holy Land Anthem", tracks that are used to relax with a haunting theme. Some people have combined the songs together since the end of LU links up to HLA.

Maximum Tune 3

  • "Love to Rise in the Summer Morning" is, as the title indicates, light and cheerful enough for those early morning drives.
  • "Phantom of Blue", the theme of the Devil Z in 3 and the final boss theme for 3DX and 3DX+. An epic, triumphant track to signify the arrival of Akio and the Z, as well as to set the mood for the final showdown between you, the Devil Z, Blackbird and Ogishima's FD3S.

Maximum Tune 3DX+

  • "Loop of Fortune", a track well-suited for determined players. It is also one of the longest gameplay tracks in the game, at about 3:40 per loop.

Maximum Tune 4

Maximum Tune 5

Maximum Tune 5DX

  • Thought "Highway Discipline" was an interesting change of pace? How about "The Race Is On", which is entirely rock and sounds like something you'd hear in Daytona USA? Definitely an eyebrow-raising experience!

Maximum Tune 5DX+

  • "Entry (Maxi5DX+ Version)" has a drop that segues into one of the boldest "Entry" tracks in the series yet.
  • "Drive Me Crazy" delves into house elements.
  • "High Speed Monster", the very first track you listen to at the beginning of Story Mode in 5DX+, with a fitting name too, as its energetic melody is indeed suitable for high speed action on the highway.

Maximum Tune 6

Maximum Tune 6 seems to take on a more diverse music direction than past games, with Yuzo Koshiro breaking out of the trance mold to explore other genres:

  • "Entry (Maxi6 Version)" is the first Entry theme with sung lyrics (compare Maximum Tune 3's, which uses spoken-word samples, and 3 DX's which samples vocals from the Rival and Course Select theme from 3), getting you pumped up to take on the road.
  • "Burning Away", which plays during the game's opening movie. Very upbeat and makes you feel like nothing's stopping you from being a racer.
  • "New Generation", which plays during the very first chapter of Story Mode in MT6 as well as the game's initial reveal trailer. With an energetic, uplifting tone, it's sure to get you excited for, as its name suggests, the new generation of this series.
  • "Love And Gold". Your ears are not lying to you: That's eurobeat in a Wangan Midnight game, rather than a Initial D Arcade Stage game. As expected of modern eurobeat, it's well-suited for a high-speed drive with its upbeat tempo, passionate lyrics, flashy synths, and rockin' guitar solo. Reminiscent of The '80s Synth-Pop disco music too. Shakotan Boogie or Miami Vice anyone?
  • "Silver And Gold" is one of the slowest driving tracks in the series, perfect for more relaxed driving.
  • "Sky Beauty" sounds like something you'd hear at a carnival, and is Sweet Dreams Fuel from start to end.
  • "Driving Instinct" is a chilling, somber track with a sense of finality to it. Especially so, considering it plays in the grand finale of Story Mode, once the Devil Z enters the fray in the final dogfight between you, Blackbird and Ogishima's FD RX-7.
  • "Black Phoenix" is a chilling yet upbeat track that makes you utter "Oh, Crap!" whenever the Blackbird arrives just by looking at it.

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