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The US release of Maximum Tune 5 is actually 5DX+.
Namco only eliminated the "DX+" part of the logo from US builds to avoid confusing players not familiar with the Asia-only 5 and 5DX.
  • Actually I'm dumb, it's jossed. It's just vanilla 5.
When/If Namco releases Maximum Tune 6, it will be applied to all regions.
Though, I'm not sure how jumping Americans' play data straight from Maximum Tune 5 to 6, skipping 5DX and 5DX+, will work.
Western and Eastern Version
It is possible that Maximum Tune in the US will be a completely behind the Japanese(, Indonesian )and Asian version of the game and contnue without Wangan Midnight title and if the game finally has a European version, it will be the same version as the US one.
  • I hope it doesn't continue like that though. Please merge all servers and make Maximum Tune a worldwide game >_<
If there's a Hollywood adaptation, it will take place on California's Bayshore Freeway.
Sonoda is actually Hideki Kamiya in disguise.
He keeps threatening to block you.

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