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Drinking Game / Wangan Midnight

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The manga and anime

  • Take a drink every time Akio talks about the Devil Z communicating to him.
  • Take a drink every time someone crashes.

Maximum Tunenote 

All Ghost Battle, VS, and Time Attack entries assume a fully-tuned vehicle, unless otherwise noted. All examples assume Maximum Tune 5 or later unless otherwise noted.

  • In general / multiple modes:
    • Take two shots if you crash hard enough that you hear a loud "BANG!" sound.
    • Take a shot every time you hit a wall on Hakone. Caution: You'll likely be legally virtual-driving under influence by the time the course is done.
    • If you attempt to log in but you cannot use your Banapassport card (e.g. due to a disconnect from the network or "Closing shop" mode), take a drink.
    • Finish your drink if you can't save your game at the end of your session due to a connection error.
    • Take a shot every time you see a "Please call an attendant" error.
      • Finish your drink if it happens to the machine you're on.
      • Finish your drink if the machine outright reboots by itself.
    • Take a shot if you are used to the Asia versions' cabinets and then play on a North American cabinet or vice versa and the swapped placement of the shifter causes you to fumble trying to change gears.
      • Take three if you reach for the wrong side entirely.
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    • If you play the game and move from North America to China or to China or Indonesia from anywhere else in Asia, drink a glass to ease the pain of starting over on a new server and older version.
    • If you hit 350 km/h on the speedometer or more, chug for as long as you maintain it.
    • Take a shot every time you cross a suspension bridge.
    • Take a shot every time fireworks go off.
    • Take a shot if your Ghost Battle or VS Mode opponent has any of the following titles: "Wangan Beginner", "Destroyer", or "Undefeated Highway Dominator".
    • If you're playing in North America, drown your sorrows after every year that you remain stuck with Maximum Tune 5.
  • Making a new car:
    • If the car you choose has more than 6 gears, take a shot for every gear that the game omits.
    • Take a shot if the game does not allow you to customize its Dress-Up parts.
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    • If the car has more than 300 stock horsepower in real life and it's not the R35, take a shot for every 100 extra horsepower.
    • Take a shot if you're playing in North America and the car's name is different from what it is in your country.
    • Take a few shots to ease the pain if you're playing the North American version and you try to find the Celsior or Aristo.
    • Take a shot if you pick the FD. Take another shot if someone berates you for it.
  • Take a shot every time you hear "Love And Gold".
  • Take a shot every time you hear "Enjoy The Process". Take a second one if you find yourself singing it.
  • Story Mode:
    • First of all: If your "undefeated" status for the current loop is broken, take a shot for every 10 stages you cleared.
      • If this happened on the final stage, drown your sorrows.
      • If you managed to save yourself by retiring before you lose, only take a single shot.
      • If another player saves you from a loss by challenging you, buy them a drink.
    • If you finish the first five stages such that your horsepower and mileage are 420 HP and 69 km respectively, say "nice" and then take a shot.
    • Take a shot every time you're racing against the Blackbird, but you're playing a version of the game where the Blackbird is the Z33 because Porsche/Gemballa/RUF cars aren't available.
    • Take a shot every time an opponent addresses you by the nickname of your car.
    • Take a shot every time Kitami rides with you.
    • Take a shot every time an opponent enters mid-race.
      • Take a second shot if they're a non-opponent (i.e. they don't have an "R" over their marker, don't have a distance indicator, and don't have to be beaten to win the stage)
    • Take a swig when Akio crashes the Devil Z at the end of Stage 10.
    • Take a shot every time an opponent drops out of the race.
      • If you end up slamming into their vehicle, take a second shot to allieviate your woes.
    • Take a shot if your opponent is Gatchan.
    • Take a shot every time your opponent drives a Hiace.
    • R200CLUB:
      • Take a shot each time you catch up to one of its members.
      • If you crack a grin when Motoki screams "I'm coming!", take a shot.
      • When Motoki and Tezuka crash, drink at their expense.
      • Take a shot every time Sonoda says "I'm gonna block you!"
    • If you start with a massive distance advantage or disadvantage over the opponent, take as many shots as kilometers of difference.
    • Take a shot every time a stage begins with a standing start.
    • Take a shot every time a cutscene occurs.
      • Take another shot if it introduces a new opponent.
      • Take another shot if a character's troubled past is brought up.
      • Take another two shots if the music changes.
    • Take a shot every time a story arc ends with someone retiring from racing.
    • Take a shot every time you unlock "Sound of Ten persons Pulling out Mode." (i.e. the 10 Outrun soundtrack)
    • From the 5th undefeated loop on, finish your drink every time you finish Story Mode.
  • Ghost Battle Mode and Dress-Up Parts:
    • If you choose a Wangan Line ghost and that ghost is using less than 830 HP, take a shot.
      • If their route ends up someplace where the reduced power is justified (such as New Belt Line or C1), take a second shot.
      • Conversely, if you choose a ghost on C1, Fukuoka, or Kobe and their car has a setup more drifty than "Balanced", take a shot. Take a second shot if the C1 ghost ends up on Yokohane or Wangan.
    • Take a celebratory toast for every crown you take at your local arcade.
      • Crack open a bottle of champagne if you take all of the crowns.
      • ...take a shot in disgruntlement if the player immediately after you takes a crown you just claimed.
    • Take a shot if you see someone racing your ghost.
    • If your ghost was defeated:
      • Take a shot if your ghost was a default ghost (i.e. you hadn't done a Ghost Battle for that area and someone raced and defeated it).
      • Take two shots if your vehicle isn't any of the following and your opponent was: Celsior, Aristo, Hiace, Corolla, Pajero, or R2.
      • Take three shots if the ending distance to your opponent's car simply reads "Total Defeat".
    • Take a shot every time a new part you earn is a rim set.
    • When racing in Ghost Battle or VS, look at your opponent(s) and take a shot for each of the following:
      • GT wings.
      • Neon tubes.
      • Flame decals.
      • Namco paint job.
      • Decals of other Namco games.
    • Japan Challenge:
      • Take a shot if you challenge a ghost with a name of Western origin.
      • Take a shot if you race a "default" ghostnote .
      • Toast if you defeat the final opponent of a region and the reward is customization options.
      • Drink an Evangelion-themed drink if you race a ghost from the "Tokyo 1", "Tokyo 2", or "Tokyo 3" districts.
    • Take a shot if you cover your ears because of the obnoxiously loud coin/trophy sounds.
  • Time Attack Mode: (EXPERTS ONLY)
    • Take a shot for every second behind your section best.
      • Hard mode: Take a shot for every 100 milliseconds behind your section best.
    • Take a shot every time you tap a wall and it wasn't on purpose.
    • Take a shot every time you retire.
      • Take another shot if you get a retire title as a result.
    • Take a shot for every red flash you trigger.
    • Take a shot for every second behind your personal best when you finish.
    • Toast if you beat the server-wide record for the course.
  • VS Mode:
    • If handicap is disabled, double all drink amounts.
    • 5 only: If Extreme VS is chosen, double all drink amounts.
    • Take a shot for every one of these cars that is present (yours included): FD, any GT-R, Evo 8 or 9.
      • Take two shots for every joke car that is present (yours included), and an extra shot for every lifted HiAce.
    • Take a shot any time a "boss" track ("Feel The Moment", "Phantom Of Blue", "The Final Count Down", etc.) is chosen.
    • Take a shot every time you get rammed into a wall or a traffic car.
      • Finish your drink if you get rammed head-on into a wall, divider, or toll booth.
    • Take a shot if you end up on C1 or Yaesu (not counting the stretch of C1 shared with New Belt Line) with a DG setup.
    • Take a shot every time an opponent flashes their headlights.
    • Take a shot every time a GUEST challenges you.
    • If you see someone with a full- or mostly-tuned car challenging a GUEST or someone else with a drastically underpowered car, take a drink and hit the bully with the shot glass.
    • Take two shots every time you and your opponent(s) agree to an 830 HP battle outside of the Kanagawa routes.
      • Take three if you and your opponents agree to a HG battle and it's not in Kobe or Hiroshima.
    • If the match is terminated because at least one cabinet disconnected or crashed, everyone finishes their drinks. If it was a crash, everyone chips in to compensate the poor sap whose cab crashed, both for the credit and the drink.

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