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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Maximum Tune 4 and later, it may seem odd that you achieve full tuning at stage 59 instead of stage 60. However, if you consider the backgrounds behind these two stages, it makes perfect sense: stage 59 has Rikako and Tominaga test-driving Kijima's FC after tuning it, and at the end of this stage (assuming no "pity" tuning points caused by losing), Kitami gives you the final tuning point for your car to coincide with the Legendary FC's adjustments. Stage 60 is you, Shima, Akio, and Kijima all taking out your newly-tuned machines for a final showdown at your respective machines' full power. Even better, the race ends on a very long chunk of the Wangan Line followed by a gentle curve onto a Wangan-Yokohane interchange (unlike previous games where there's always a sharp turn shortly before the finish line), making it the perfect opportunity to go the full 830 HP.
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  • Maximum Tune 6's Entry theme repeats the line "I'm reborn tonight" several times. In the same game, your car's dress-up library is reset, i.e. reborn.

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