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     Original Crossover Event. 
  • In Edge of Spider-Verse #2, Gwen lambasting a cop for opening fire on her in a crowded subway is hilarious.
  • So-So Spider-Man trying to advertise sponge-cakes in the middle of a Curb-Stomp Battle is oddly amusing, especially the little caption at the bottom as a Shout-Out to the Hostess Twinkies ads he debuted in. Some are saddened and amused at the same time, saying that Morlun's appetite really would have been sated if he tasted those golden sponge cakes, and saying that So-So Spider-Man will be severely missed.
  • In Spider-Verse #1, Morlun attempting to eat comic strip Spider-Man, only to get utterly flummoxed by the daily strip's glacial storytelling pace. When the Great Weaver shoves Morlun out of that dimension and hides it under the proverbial rug, Morlun's too vexed even to care.
  • Just about everything in Penny Parker's comic. It's adorable.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man #10, when Spider-Monkey meets Spider-Ham.
    Spider-Ham: Yeah, yeah, we come in peace. Listen up 'cause we're running—
    Spider-Monkey: What the—?! A talking pig? That's insane!
    Spider-Ham:... you're kiddin' right?
  • The awkward moment between Ben and Jess when they need to disguise themselves in hospital gowns but realize they're naked under their costumes, and Kaine mocking them since his costume turns invisible.
  • Miles being shocked when the Spider-Man from the Ultimate Spider-Man turns Super-Deformed, and the latter's sheepishness over it. Further enhanced by Miles and Spider-Man '67 expressing bemusement and concern over Ult. Animated Peter's No Fourth Wall in The Amazing Spider-Man #12.
  • EVERYTHING in Earth-67.
    Miles Morales: We're Spider-Men from other dimensions. We need your help to stop a menace only an army of Spider-Men can beat and... This sounds completely insane, doesn't it?
    Spider-Man '67: Other dimensions? That explains everything. Why didn't you say so sooner?
  • Ultimate!Cartoon Peter mistaking '67 Peter for being a racist after Miles unmasks.
    Spider-Man '67: I don't believe it! You're—
    Ulitmate Spider-Man: Oh snap! Don't tell me Spider-Mad Men is old-fashioned in the bad ways, too!
    Spider-Man '67: —a high school kid too!
  • 1967!Cartoon Peter and Miles Morales reacting to Ultimate!Cartoon Peter's habitual abuse of the fourth wall:
    Ultimate Spider-Man: This guy's a babe in the woods. I'm not sure it's fair to make him part of this. He'll get smoked like baby-back ribs!
    Spider-Man '67: Who's he talking to?
    Miles Morales: I'm starting to think even he doesn't know.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #12
    Jennix: Sorry. But that's quite enough of that.
    Spider-Man: What? Who is this?
    Jennix: Lord Jennix, Totem.
    Spider-Man: Who?
    Jennix: We've met. I... ate your monkey.
  • As 616 Peter checks up on how Miles and Ultimate (Cartoon) Peter are doing, we see the two alongside Spider-Man '67, the Mini Marvels Spider-Man, a cowboy Spider-Man (Complete with a wall-crawling horse with a spidey mask), and a sentient Spider-Buggy.
    Miles: This. Right here. This is where my life officially jumped the shark.
    Ult Peter: Nah that was back in cowboy world.
  • Daemos fighting Punisher 2099.
    Daemos: A baseball bat? Seriously? How much impact do you truly think that will—?
    (Jake cracks Daemos hard across the skull noticeably harming him)
    Punisher 2099: It's titanium, so I'm thinking quite a bit.
  • Morlun vs. the Spider-Man of Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom:
    Spider-Man: Web Ball! Spider Sting! MAXIMUM SPIDER!
    Morlun: (completely unaffected) INHERITOR FIST!
    Game: PERFECT!
    Kid playing the game: What the @#$%?
  • In Spider-Verse #2, two Spider-Men take a break from the battle to reload and gossip, which doubles as a way of Writing Around Trademarks:
    Classic Suit Spider-Man: Hey, you know what's really weird... one Spider-Man would not stop singing show-tunes.
    Black Suit Spider-Man: Yeah? I ran into one who kept trying to teach me English.
    Classic Suit Spider-Man: All right. One of 'em was unmasked and I swear he looked just like the guy from Seabiscuit.
    Black Suit Spider-Man: Really? I think I saw the guy from The Social Network over there.
    • The second story of the issue has a lot of humor, but the best has to be Spider-UK finding out that the animals in the current universe he's in can talk... but he's had to stay quiet on orders from that universe's Spider-Man.
    Spider-UK: They can talk?! How come THEY get to talk?!
  • Spider-Ma'am, a.k.a. Aunt May, has arrived.
  • Amazing Spider-Man telling Superior Spider-Man that he gets the big line as they head to Loomworld.
    Superior Spider-Man: THE DIE IS CAST!
    Amazing Spider-Man: No, No, No. I'm running the show. I get the big line.
  • While seeing Superior Spider-Man getting punched in the face is rather amusing in and of itself, Peter's thoughts about it make for a definite one of these:
    Peter: Know what? If that leaves a permanent mark on my face, I don't care. So Worth It.
  • Naked Spider-Ham.
  • Aunt May's appraisal of Salvador Dali.
    Aunt May: Mr. Dali may put a lobster on a naked woman's head and call it art, but he doesn't fool me.
  • After Superior Spider-Man goes rogue, 616 Spidey and five others attack him and then there's this exchange:
    Superior: This is the only way you can best me? By outnumbering me?!
    Classic Spidey: Says the founder of the Sinister Six.
    Superior: (beat) Touché.
  • In Loomworld, Jessica Drew, Silk, and Spider-Gwen are facing Namor's pirate crew, while Jess and Silk work out some issues.
    Spider-Gwen: Yeah, good. Hug it out. No real reason to hurry.
    Jessica Drew: Have I mentioned I like the mouthy pink one?
    Silk: Everyone does.
  • Silk continues to remind us that she's very behind the times.
    Silk: Guess who's back. Back again.
    Spider-Gwen: Ugh...Has anyone considered putting Silk back in her time capsule?
    Anya: And that's how we learned Gwennie thinks she's too cool for classic Eminem.
  • Jessica Drew has found out that she has a doppleganger in Loomworld, and has taken her place. Unfortunately, she has no idea how to act like her counterpart, and her behavior quickly tips Morlun off that something is wrong. He demands to know the truth, suggesting that she might be ill. That leads to this gem:
    Jessica Drew: Didn't want to say anything, but that shrimp did not agree with me. Little buggers are doing backflips in there.
    Morlun: Is there anything I can do?
    Jessica Drew: No. No. No. This is gonna be a real... poop sitch.
    Morlun: Ooh...
    • And later:
    Morlun: Gah. If I never hear another word about your restroom trip... It will be too soon.
  • When Silk has another one of her dimensional transporters broken:
    Silk: It wasn't me. It was a multiversal pirate.
    Spider-Woman: That's your answer for everything.
  • Morlu tries to mock Spider-Man and promptly loses:
    Morlun: You think yourself so clever, spider.
    Spider-Man: Well, out of the two of us, I'm not the one who got faked out by a pig in a blanket.
  • When Black Widow found Kaine's remains with Spider-Ham nearby.
    Black Widow: Thats it! NO MORE! I swear we are not losing one more man today.
    Spider-Ham: Or woman.
    Black Widow: Or woman.
    Spider-Ham: Or pig.
    Black Widow: Shut up.

     Ongoing Series 

  • Spider-Ham revealing his origin to his fellow Spiders.
    Spider-Ham: I'm a spider who was bitten by a radioactive pig.
    Everyone else: 0_0

     2019 Mini-Series 
  • Upon landing in Monsterhattan, Miles closes his eyes, hoping that when he opens them up again, everything will be fine and back to normal. It isn't. The monster denizens are afraid of him just as much as he is of them.