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Heartwarming / Spider-Verse

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     Original Crossover Event. 
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #9: When the Spiders convene in Earth-13 Central Park, Cosmic Spider-Man hands Benjy back to Mayday. As she mourns how Benjy is the only family she has left, Spider-Ham comforts her and assures that everyone has her back. After what happens in Amazing Spider-Man #8 it's nice to see Mayday smile, if for a bit. Even more heartwarming is that it comes from Spider-Ham, of all characters.
  • Spider-Verse Team-Up #1
    • First, when recruiting alternate Ben Reily, Spider-Ham and Old Man Spidey end up paralyzed, but are saved when Ben overcomes it by sheer willpower. Even Old man, who is very jaded guy, is impressed how much Ben can accomplish with his undying optimism.
    • Second story - Spider-Man Noir and Six-Arms Spidey working together to depower a Peter who was transformed into a monstrous man-spider. And because in his world uncle Ben didn't die, that Parker family seems very likely to get a normal life and a happy ending.
  • Master Weaver manages to rebel just enough to cut off the reality of the Spider-Man newspaper strips (a world where Peter and MJ are still married) from the rest of the multiverse, thus sparing it from the great hunt.
  • Spider-Verse Team-Up #2
  • Spider-Gwen and Earth-616 Spider-Man vowing to protect each other in ASM #11.
  • Mangaverse Spider-Man and Spider-Man J comforting Supaidāman over the loss of Leopardon.
  • While the Amazing Spider-Ma'am, aka Aunt May, is a hilarious concept for a character, it's hard not to tear up a little when she calmly addresses Karn that she's lived a long life and she'll simply give herself up if he'll leave her husband and nephew alone.
  • Karn being convinced to turn his back on his family and join the spiders, with the spiders letting him non-fatally feed on their energy.
  • Mayday's Mary Jane and Wes survived Daemos' attack. Even more so, Mary Jane decides to give Mayday Peter's old costume. Spider-Girl is no more... the MC 2 Spider is now Spider-Woman.
  • In the final scene, Spidey wonders if he can go back to the 'small stuff' after saving he multi-verse, he immediately sees and foils a purse snatching and declares for him there is no small stuff. He even gets a thank you!

     Ongoing Series