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Headscratchers / Spider-Verse

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  • Daemos and Solus talk about the Other like it only has one reciprocal. What about Poison? He has the same enhanced powers Peter got.
    • Maybe his Other-ness is being sufficiently suppressed by the symbiote, or he's some kind of corrupted non-true avatar.
    • Poison was Peter who rejected Other's offer and died, and was resurrected by the symbiote. He is not the Other.
  • In AMS #8 we're told two things. 1) That Daemos appeared in Mayday's house through portal Inheritors use for dimensional travel, suggesting this is where he entered this reality. 2) that, after MC 2 Peter is killed, his children are only Spider-Totems in that reality. Then what happened to MC 2 versions of Kaine, Anaya Corazon, Black Tarantula, Jessica Drew and her son? Especially that MC 2 closely tied origins of their Black Tarantula to spider-totem and Ezekiel? Speaking of which, where is 616 Black Tarantula in all of this?
  • Old Man Spider tells Silk she should have never left the bunker. This implies that the Silk on his earth was also locked away, but wasn't the reason Earth-616 Ezekiel was so paranoid about her being found because she was the receptacle of the Bride? Does that mean Earth-4 Cindy Moon, who never became Silk, is also a receptacle of the Bride?
    • Alt. Cindy could be a Spider-Totem (which the Ezekiels were also intent on hiding) but not the Bride.
  • Dan Slott tweeted that the video-game Spider-Man (from Marvel vs. Capcom) is dead... but wouldn't he just respawn?
    • He is lost forever. Or at least until the next Marvel Vs. game is made.
      • The franchise is dead due to Marvel and Capcom's relationship dissolving, which this Spidey's appearance was probably a reference to.
    • That was only Round 1. There are still two more to go.
    • Continue?
  • So The Inheritors are bad because they eat animal totems and this are very dangerous to spider-people? So how come they are so effective against non-animal power people? The Fantastic Five verse, Assassin Spider-Man's Wolverine? Why are they so much better than them? Why is the solution 'gather more spider heroes'? And not 'Avengers Assembe!'?
    • Considering that part of the reason they're able to travel the Multiverse to fight the Inheritors is their use of the Web of Life and Death (which appears to have some link to their spider-senses), it may be that the method of transit used to fight the Inheritors is only useful to the Spiders; they might be able to get help if the Inheritors attacked in force on Earth-616, but being Spider-Men it's considered more noble to take the fight to the enemy directly and limit the risk of collateral damage.