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  • Daemos and Solus talk about the Other like it only has one reciprocal. What about Poison? He has the same enhanced powers Peter got.
    • Maybe his Other-ness is being sufficiently suppressed by the symbiote, or he's some kind of corrupted non-true avatar.
    • Poison was Peter who rejected Other's offer and died, and was resurrected by the symbiote. He is not the Other.
  • In AMS #8 we're told two things. 1) That Daemos appeared in Mayday's house through portal Inheritors use for dimensional travel, suggesting this is where he entered this reality. 2) that, after MC 2 Peter is killed, his children are only Spider-Totems in that reality. Then what happened to MC 2 versions of Kaine, Anaya Corazon, Black Tarantula, Jessica Drew and her son? Especially that MC 2 closely tied origins of their Black Tarantula to spider-totem and Ezekiel? Speaking of which, where is 616 Black Tarantula in all of this?
  • Old Man Spider tells Silk she should have never left the bunker. This implies that the Silk on his earth was also locked away, but wasn't the reason Earth-616 Ezekiel was so paranoid about her being found because she was the receptacle of the Bride? Does that mean Earth-4 Cindy Moon, who never became Silk, is also a receptacle of the Bride?
    • Alt. Cindy could be a Spider-Totem (which the Ezekiels were also intent on hiding) but not the Bride.
  • Dan Slott tweeted that the video-game Spider-Man (from Marvel vs. Capcom) is dead... but wouldn't he just respawn?
    • He is lost forever. Or at least until the next Marvel Vs. game is made.
      • The franchise is dead due to Marvel and Capcom's relationship dissolving, which this Spidey's appearance was probably a reference to.
    • That was only Round 1. There are still two more to go.
    • Continue?

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