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Tear Jerker / Spider-Verse

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     Original Crossover Event 
  • The death of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Watching poor Ms. Lion bark helplessly as Morlun drains Peter of his life force before disappearing to kill another Spider, then leaving the poor dog to mourn by itself surrounded by the dead bodies of Spidey, Iceman and Firestar...!
    • Made even worse by the fact that their Lighter and Softer universe meant that they didn't even understand what was happening. They literally cannot say "die."
    • These horrific deaths are only softened by the fact that the official designation for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is Earth-8107, not Earth-1983. The fans who don't know that, however, were hit pretty hard. One editor even called Slott a monster for killing them so brutally.
      • Slott revealed via Twitter that he was retconning the universe designations not already established in-comic, meaning it was the cartoon versions who died.
      • And then Marvel retconned his retcon, so it wasn't the cartoon versions that died.
    • Don't forget Six-Armed Spider (who tried to buy them time with a Heroic Sacrifice), Spider-Monkey, Assassin Spider, Cyborg Spider-Man, Cosmic Spider-Man, Old Man Spider-Man (who was an Ezekiel who took up Peter's mantle). It just keeps getting worse.
  • The death of Mayday's family. Her boyfriend, her mom, her dad, all dead at Daemos's hands. This broke her as she decides that Thou Shalt Not Kill has just left the table.
    • Made all the more worse by the scared look on poor Baby Ben's face.
    • And to make it even worse, May thinks Daemos somehow followed her home from her usual superheroic activities. She thinks it's all her fault.
    • To add to this, Old Man Spider-Man's "I know" when Mayday tell him all her father ever wanted was a family and a home. Old Man Spider-Man is an Ezekiel Sims who failed to protect his world's Peter Parker from Morlun.
    • And from the next issue When May hugs Baby Ben and says he is everything she has now. Even fricking Spider-Ham of all people tries to make her feel better.
  • The death of Spider-Man 1602, especially when he realizes he cannot win and seems completely broken by the fact his life will end just like that.
  • When the Earth-616 spiders meet the other dimension-hopping spiders, Peter assumes they're Mysterio's illusions and Kaine thinks they're clones sent by the Jackal. It takes respectively Mayday and Ben Reilly to convince them otherwise. It's pretty sad to see how jaded these two have become.
  • The death of Spider-Man from Reign. His life had gone to shit in his own mini, but by the end of it he had at least turned things around and looked ready to move on to a better future... and then bam, dead.
    • And the way he dies? Morlun smashes his skull in with Mary Jane's tombstone.
  • Cosmic Spider-Man's last words when Solus devours him.
    "No. I had ultimate power. Ultimate respon—"
  • Goblin Peter's death and Gwen feeling guilty that she couldn't save another Peter.
  • After Benjy is stolen by Morlun, Mayday furiously snapping at Earth-616 Spider-Man that as far as she's concerned he and the others are fakes and that the only real Spider-Man was her father, the late Peter Parker of Earth-982. She even claims that the Uncle Ben of the nuclear fallout world is the worst, because he did nothing to stop things from getting this bad.
  • The death of Spider-Sentai's Leopardon is bound to tug on your nostalgia tearducts.
  • The Ben Parker of Earth-3145 quit being Spider-Man because his version of the Green Goblin killed his family, leaving him with no one. He completely goes back on the With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility creed, which honestly disturbs a number of the heroes since he's the one who preached it to them.
    • Which includes SpOck. Yes, even Doc Ock is absolutely shocked that this totem has given up.
  • Ben Reilly's Heroic Sacrifice to destroy the Inheritors' cloning facility.
    • And Kaine's Roaring Rampage of Revenge over losing his 'brother' AGAIN.
    • An offhand remark made by Old Man Spider-Man shortly after recruiting Ben suggests that all the Ben Reillys in the multiverse have suffered similar fates. It seems Ben is destined to die, no matter what universe he comes from...
  • Solus' death to Kaine in the form of The Other. Morlun and Daemos' reaction to the loss of their father is simply heartbreaking.
    • Although considering that they're the villains of the story and have each slaughtered tons of totems, you may not exactly feel sorry for them.

     Ongoing Series 

  • Seeing Spider-Ham in a bed in a sealed room at Oscorp, wired up to all sorts of machines. It's not a pretty way to see a character usually used as comic relief.
  • In issue #3, Gwen, instinctively knowing she cannot trust Norman Osborn, but unable to convince her fellow Spiders of this, strikes out on her own. The only place she can think to go? Her own grave.