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The supernaturally-enhanced powers Kaine (and Poison, if he's included) received from The Other will be used to finish off Morlun.

Seeing how Peter used them to kill Morlun the second time, it's logical that Kaine and Poison should be super-effective against Morlun.

  • Semi-confirmed: it was used to finish off Solus instead.

At the end of the event, not all of the Spiders that have been killed will stay that way.

Morlun and his groupies consume the life energy of those they kill, correct? Disregarding those who have been physically ripped apart or maimed, that means- in theory- if the life energy was released, it may find its way back to those it belongs to, and bring them back. Maybe the Spiders will kill the Inheritors, and resurrect all of the dead. I just don't want Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends to be dead.

  • At least Kaine is back, no word for others.

They'll bring in the Thousand.

"Silk" is apparently going to show up, so why not the other other character who got their powers from the spider that bit Peter.

  • Jossed.

Peni Parker will fight Takuya Yamashiro at some point.

Because when you have two Spider-People, each with a giant spider robot, you pretty much have to show them battling.

  • Jossed with the destruction of Leopardon.

One of the villains will be Spider-Carnage.

As explicated here, there are a number of similarities between Dan Slott's run on Spider-Man and the 90s cartoon - Alistair Smythe is prominently featured, the relationship between Spidey and Doc Ock is played up, and Spider-Verse resembles the cartoon's finale in bringing together Spider-Men from several universes to counter a major threat. Given these parallels, having one of the final villains be an evil Spider-Man would certainly fit.

Also, look at the upper right corner of the promotional image. Man-Spider there looks like he's based on the 90s cartoon character model, so it's likely the 90s cartoon incarnation(s) will make it in.

Plus, Slott did promise he would feature EVERY Spider-Man, and that Morlun wouldn't be the only villain.

  • Jossed. Morlun and Karn are hunting all Spiders, this would include Spider-Carnage.

Ultimate Peter Parker's return was a result of this Crossover.
Every Spider Man will be featured after all. It seems that the Story arc in Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider Man is a tie in with the Spider verse. And If Superior Spider Man will interact with the Ultimate Verse he won't be happy with Miles after Cataclysm and it will lead to a fight.
  • Jossed, as SpOck recruits Miles and they aren't shown interacting.

Karn is an alternate universe version of Morlun.
Karn did mention that there are others besides him and it would explain why he so powerful.
  • Jossed: Karn is Morlun's little brother.

Superior Spider-Man will be revealed to the other Spider men/women as Doc Ock by Peter and go rogue.
And then he and Peter will fight over who is the better Spider-man. C'mon you know SS-man has it coming. When Freaky Friday man is brought back by Max Modell in Superior Spider-man 19 he says I will find a way!!!! You haven't heard the last of Dr.- implying he was exposed and he was working against the heroes. which leads me to my next theory.
  • Confirmed as the Epilogue in #The Amazinbg 15.

Patton Parnell and Spider-Ock will team up.
As part of the above theory after Doc Ock gets exposed he and Patton will team up and try to take over the multiverse or some plan of Evil. Plus they would make great partners, they Both are evil Spider-men, Both Patton and Otto were bullied from a young age, and both of them are evil Geniuses.(i'm assuming Parnell is as Smart as Parker.)
  • Original Poster here: this theory seems pretty Jossed considering Morlun ate Parnell ironically.

A Spider-Man from Earth-199999 will appear.
Earth-199999 is the Earth that the Marvel Cinematic Universe exists in. This way, Marvel can claim that there is actually a Spider-Man in that world, just hiding in the shadows and choosing not to appear on screen.
  • Or maybe they'll kill him off...?
    • Nope, he has his own solo movie planned. He'll be fine.
  • Or on a happier note, perhaps the series will introduce him, with Spider-Verse ending with the debut of a post-Sony-rights return MCU Peter Parker, willing to become a major player in the hero business.
  • Confirmed! At the least, he will be alluded to.

The Symbiotes Will Form Their Own Team.
Seeing how Venom, Carnage, and Toxin don't inspire trust among the Spiders, they and their AU counterparts will form their own team.
  • Jossed in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #12. The symbiotes, or at least the extraterrestrial versions, don't count as Totems.

Parnell became a Thousand like creature at the end of his story.
c'mon his issue ended with THE END? that's a sure sign the writer has some tricks up his sleeve.

Madame Web is possessed by one of Naamurah's kin.
She woke up from a coma with glowy eyes proclaiming "ALL THE SPIDERS WILL DIE!" Naamurah's kin take over their hosts when they're asleep or in a coma, so...

Spider-Gwen comes from a universe where the heroes have swapped roles with their love interests.
In this universe, Gwen is the wisecracking teenage superhero while Peter Parker serves as a constant reminder of her greatest failures. And we already know that Matt Murdock works for the Kingpin, similar to his old flame Elektra Natchios. So she's presumably protecting Hell's Kitchen somewhere. Going by this pattern:
  • Mariko Yashida is the Wolverine. Weapon X was a Japanese program in this universe.
  • Peggy Carter took the Super Soldier Serum and served in WWII. Though she's British, so she calls herself either Captain Britain or Union Jack.
  • Pepper Potts is the Iron Woman. Tony Stark acts as her financier and technical support.
  • The Fantastic Four is composed of Sue Storm, Reed Richards, Frankie Raye and Alicia Masters. Sue leads the team and Reed occasionally serves as a house husband.
    • Sharon Ventura could also replace Thing because she is She-Thing in the 616 universe.
  • Jean Grey is the X-Men's field leader. Scott Summers gained the Phoenix Force and has a tendency to get killed a lot.
  • Betty Ross is She-Hulk and Bruce is...still Hulk
    • Or perhaps Betty is known as "Hulk" and Bruce is called "He-Hulk".
  • Sif is the goddess of Thunder.
    • Sif was exiled from Asgard to learn humility, and ended up sharing the body of Jane Foster.
  • Misty Knight is Immortal Iron Fist.
  • Any hero without a prominent love interest (like Rocket Raccoon or Groot) is left unchanged.
  • Frank Castle is dead and his wife is the Punisher.
  • Death is collecting the Infinity Gems in order to impress Thanos.
  • Black Widow has been brainwashed for years, and only broke free recently.
  • Contessa de Fontaine has been the director of SHIELD for most of its existence.
  • Matt Murdock has been killed and brought back multiple time, and has worked as an assassin. Elektra is the guardian of the Hell Kitchen.
  • Clea Strange is the Sorceress Supreme.
  • Janet van Dyne created an evil robot, Jocasta, who suffered from Electra complex. Jocasta created a grrom for herself, Ultron, based on Henry Pym. Also, at a later point, Janet hit Henry.
  • Hawkeye's and Mockingbird's marriage failed because of Hawkeye letting someone die. Hawkeye was then abducted by the Skrulls, and after his return, he organized the WCA agency. Hawkeye and Mockingbird both joined the Secret Avengers, where it was revealed that Hawkeye has a past with Monica Rappaccini of AIM.

Earth-65 Matt Murdock is the Kingpin
  • He delivers a message from the Kingpin to Rhino, but the Mouthpiece for the Boss angle is a classic mastermind misdirect.

Spider-Gwen comes from a universe where every hero plays a musical instrument.
Because we need a story where Gwen has to play drums with the fate of the world at stake. The Marvel heroes vs. Thanos's crew in a Cosmic Battle of the Bands!

Think of the interaction between him and Spider-Ham! Especially if they come to the conclusion that there may be a Ham-Spider!

If they both survive the event, Last Stand Spider-Man will move to Spider-Girl's Universe.
Mayday is still a minor and just lost her only family, house and all belongings and need to take care of her little brother. In his world Last Stand Spidey is implied to have lost family and only thing waiting for him is death in fight with the police. Jumping to MC 2 could give him a chance at happy ending and he could take care of May and Ben, pretending to be some sort of distant relative.
  • Jossed sadly, seeing that Last Stand Spider-Man is revealed as Zeke and he died.

The dubbed-over Spider-Man from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! will meet his end.
He'll be sitting on the roof of Avengers Mansion, eating a crustless PB&J, and botching the words to "Fight as One". Right before Morlun kills him, he'll ask, "What's wrong with your voice?"

The ultimate solution to Morlun's reign of terror will be a weaponized Reset Button.
Yes, this is a stupid idea, but as of right now it seems to be the best course of action. Besides, to go along with my other theory, this would be brilliant because
  • Jossed, thankfully.

I think that this will ultimately be what undoes One More Day.
I mean, taking the above into account, it would be stupid to not go that route. Given all the various Spider Men and Women running about, I have high hopes that amongst them is pre-Deal With Mephisto Peter. And once he and the main Peter bump into each other, the wheels may end up being in motion to finally undo that story. It's just too good of an idea to not use!

Silk will become an antagonist
There's something more than a little fishy about her backstory, and her super-rapist abilities that target Peter specifically. She'll probably turn into a bug-monster or some shit, then get killed off, and literally everyone in the universe will rejoice.
  • Jossed.

A spider-powered Stan Lee will appear
The multiverse is a big place, and at least one Stan Lee was shown to have both Spider-Man and the Hulk's powers. So Morlun will try to pick a fight with him... and Stan the Man will mop the floor with him.
  • Jossed.

Earth-67 will be the new safehaven
Due to Earth-67 being a difficult place to travel in due to having the Daily Bugle only having unique features. The Spiders will hide inside one of the buildings and the Morluns would be confused.
  • Jossed.

Either that, or the Master Weaver cut off those realities from the Marvel Multiverse like it did with the newspaper comic.
  • Jossed. The Sony Spider-Men don't appear, but are mentioned in Spider-Verse #2.
  • Then again, there were still a few battles after that. They could have died after that conversation. It would explain why both of their film franchises ended, at least.

Superhero Squad Spidy will appear and be killed off
Providing Marvel with a convenient explanation for why he never appeared in the cartoon.

Karn is Ben Parker of MC 2
Think about it, he sorta resembles Peter when he's shown without the mask, unlike the rest of the Inheritors that share a very blatant resemblance to one another, Ben was kidnapped by the Inheritors and there's also that mysterious Spider-Man shown along side Mayday. Plus it also fits with his conflicted nature. Hopefully this is confirmed with the moment when he and Mayday meet and he sees she is in danger, triggering the memories resulting in him going Big Damn Heroes and saying "She is the only family I have left" and going full-on Spider-Totem on the Inheritors' butts.
  • Jossed. Karn was born on Earth-000.

The Master Weaver is...
Either Peter Parker of Earth-000 or Dan Slott ending his run on a meta-note.
  • Jossed. He is Karn from the future. Or past. It's timey-wimey.

Mayday's recent Jerkass attitude
Most, if not all, Spiders have an Uncle Ben or a Gwen Stacy moment, that one moment where something you could have stopped but couldn't or wished you could stop and have it replay through your head over and over. This is Mayday's big problem - she's suffering that moment and failing tremendously. She's idealized her father as being this great hero that could do no wrong and had such a happy life that when the entire world decides to slap her with the legendary Parker Luck, she seriously falls apart.

Malshina somehow has a hand in these events.
Since the Akibarangers prevented her from taking over the history of Super Sentai from within, she'll have to search for other ways to influence the franchise. Taking out the hero who inspired the inclusion of Humongous Mecha in the Sentai series would destabilize Sentai's history and offer her a new opening.

The lack of a Weaver is a key factor in the next Marvel Crisis event, the 2015 Secret Wars
Since the new event seems like an inter-dimensional thing, this will probably be the case since the Weaver manages the web.
  • The webspinners still exist so it shouldn't be a problem.

The Anna Maria AI will bring Otto Back from the Dead.
He figured out that he would eventually lose control over Peter Parker's body and be killed (although he didn't know that he would do the deed himself). While he may have forgotten the events of Spider-Verse after returning to his own time, that 100-day standby hasn't yet expired, and so far it doesn't seem like anyone else has discovered it. And we all know that a villain of Doctor Octopus's caliber cannot possibly stay dead. As for whether he will return as Doctor Octopus, the Superior Spider-Man, or as something entirely different, that could be the subject of its own WMG.
  • Possibly jossed: editor Nick Lowe has stated Spider-Verse is the last we'll see of SpOck.

The Married Spider-Man from Spider-Verse #2 is the one seen in "Renew Your Vows"

As Foreshadowing for the Secret Verse event.


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