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     Original Crossover Event 
  • Let's face it - after two years of his Smug Super face getting away with everything, watching Peter finally deck Otto in the schnoz is cathartic!
    • What makes this even better is that not only does Peter beat him, he also manages to convince him to help him fight the Inheritors.
  • This scene here where Peter stands up to Otto sends shivers down our spines based on how epic it is
  • The surprising arrival of the Super Sentai-inspiring Japanese Live Action Spider-Man, complete with his Humongous Mecha Leopardon, as seen on the right. Also, while Leopardon loses, it holds Solus off long enough for everyone to escape, and forces Solus to burn out the Enigma Force to win.
    • Then Miguel and Lady Spider find his remains and, after Electro accidentally revives him, the two rebuild Leopardon and arm him with radioactive materials to help defeat the Inheritors.
  • Daemos is humiliatingly knocked around by The Punisher 2099.
    Daemos: A baseball bat? Seriously? How much impact do you truly think that will—?
    Jake: It's titanium, so I'm thinking quite a bit.
  • Ben Reilly of Earth 94 is made of awesome and badassary. Not only does he succeed at literally every challenge that 616 Peter failed at, but despite facing off against an family of immortal vampires who have slaughtered countless Spiders, he never once loses his 'naive' belief that as long as they never give up, the good guys always win in the end. He ultimately ends up being the one to figure out how the Inheritor's clone factories work and sacrifices himself to destroy the building that transfers their consciousnesses and render the Inheritors mortal.
    • Even his last words and thoughts are awesome: he gives Jessica a speech about how amazing she is and how proud he is to know her as a fellow spider and as a person, asks her to take care of Kaine, and tells her that even as bad as things can seem, even if she doesn't believe it, the good guys always win in the end. His last thought before detonating the plasma rounds is that there's probably a way out of this situation, just like every other one he's faced. Even at the very end, the man does not give up hope. Not bad for someone that even Spider-Ham describes as "naive."
  • Actually getting Aunt May as Spider-Ma'am in the story.
  • In his mini-story in Spider-Verse #2, we see Spider-Punk and an army of civilians face down the V.E.N.O.M.-enhanced Thunderbolt Department troops, severely outgunned by the look of things. Then the side of the van Hobie's standing on slides open to reveal a wall of amplifiers, cranked all the way to eleven. With a single stroke of his guitar, Spider-Punk annihilates the charging troopers' symbiotes, putting them on an even playing field with his people. Wholesale slaughter ensues.
    Spider-Punk (internal): We don't have the authority on our side, the cops, or the media. What we have are angry hearts, clenched fists, love and rage- (Aloud) "One! Two! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!" And 15,000 watts of punk rock, from an army of amps set to eleven. (Cue power chords) Welcome to the Pit.
    • Followed by his bashing President Osborn's head in with his guitar, putting an end to his totalitarian regime.
  • After thrashing Cosmic Spidey and Leopardon, Kaine is able to gut and kill Solus.
  • Otto's Rousing Speech delivered to Ben Parker of Earth-3145 which succeeds in driving him back into action.
  • How is The Prophecy stopped? Spider-Ham switches out with Benjy, so there's a naked Spider-Ham facing down a confused Morlun.
  • Spider-Gwen kicking one of Verna's Green Goblins in the face was very satisfying!
  • Karn betraying the other Inheritors and helping save the day. Especially the speech he gives while doing so:
    "For eons this family has spurned me. Shunned me. Brought me nothing but pain. I renounce my inheritance! From this day forth... I fight on the side of the righteous! FREE THIS WORLD!"

     Ongoing Series 

  • In issue #1, Spider-Gwen contrives a sophisticated plan to breach the security at Oscorp and find out what secrets Norman Osborn is hiding.
    • Norman gets one for being very savvy and expecting exactly this strategy from her.
  • Issue #2 picks up right where the first left off, with Gwen showing that she's savvy enough not to wait for Norman to pull anything. Unfortunately for her, his guards show up and start shooting. Realizing that she can't cart off Norman for questioning and save Spider-Ham at the same time, she uses Norman as a projectile, flinging him into his security force.
  • Spider-Man Noir blasts Carnage with a sonic device, then puts two rounds in Cletus Kassidy's chest.


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