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  • Anti-Climax Boss: Solus, after thrashing Cosmic Spidey and Leopardon, is killed from Kaine in full Other mode in ONE PAGE (and not even in the final issue).
  • Anvilicious: True heroes never kill, even if they're fighting interdimensional energy vampires with no such limitation who want to exterminate them.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Some feel that a line Mayday says to Uncle Ben in Spider-Verse Team-Up #3, that she hopes that there's a universe where she woke up that morning to eat wheatcakes with her parents and baby brother, is this towards the idea that this Mayday isn't the real Mayday.
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    • It's not too far off the mark either, as the old UK Spider-Man comics have a future timeline where the Parkers, Mayday and Benjy are perfectly fine, and the Parker family from the 2009 Clone Saga mini-series were seemingly unaccounted for in this event also. It also helps that this book's Mayday refers to her brother as Benny instead of Benjy.
    • Peter socking SpOck. Some fans previously complained at the anticlimatic ending of Superior Spider-Man, so they found this small moment cathartic.
  • Broken Base: Aspects of Spider-Verse's divisive nature among the fandom are extensions of longer-running divisive issues within the Spider-Man fandom — namely its status as a tie-in to one of the less-fondly remembered runs; and with Dan Slott's direction as the main writer of Spider-Man, particularly Superior Spider-Man.
    • The idea of fan-favorite Spiders being brought into the story just to be killed off by the Inheritors has understandably aroused the ire of many fans. Those more forgiving of the idea at least tolerate the Spiders getting the C-List Fodder treatment on the grounds that the killed Spiders might have alternate counterparts who remain unharmed by the Inheritors.
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    • The inclusion of Morlun as the main villain again has split fans down the middle, in no small part due to his previous appearances. Some fans were okay with him being the Big Bad, but others felt that the storyline would've been better off with someone else as the main threat. There are those who liked Morlun's previous appearances, but feel that Slott writes him out of character and that his family does nothing but makes him less mysterious and interesting.
    • Slott's statement on Twitter that he intended to disregard the universe designations listed in the databooks and databases like the Marvel Universe Appendix - which were previously treated as canon - and retcon the ones not already featured in comics caused quite an uproar. Some fans didn't find the universe designation disregard a big deal, but many were outraged by Slott's decision. Most notably, the Marvel Comics Database wiki - which was conceived as a digital version of the databooks first and foremost - protested that Slott didn't have the authority to make those sorts of decisions and disregarded his statement, treating the retconned universe designations as being alternates regardless of Marvel's stance regarding them. The editorial response to the controversy was that the databooks are canon, but only where they don't contradict the content of the comics.
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    • Many find that the survival of MC2's Mary Jane and Wes and Mayday's transition from Spider-Girl to Spider-Woman is nothing more than a slap to the face, a crappy Author's Saving Throw from the writers to save face after the events of Amazing #8 and the crap she was put through throughout the story and that her Peter should have just survived instead. Some, however, are fine with Mayday's transition as a sign of her truly maturing and are content with most of her family still being alive while her father is gone for good.
  • Complete Monster: Solus, father of the Inheritors, transformed himself into a life-devouring monster and then turned his own family as well. Conquering his own Earth, Solus seeks multiversal domination by sending the Inheritors to devour countless "Spider-Totem" users, resulting in the deaths of a multitude of heroes. A monstrous tyrant, Solus has some of the users abducted to be devoured by his family in macabre banquets and even attempts to sacrifice young Benjy Parker to summon the ultimate Totem. Having no care for the children he has made into monsters, Solus leads them into battle to massacre all the Spider Totem warriors during Spider-Geddon, intending on devouring and dominating all they find in their path.
  • Continuity Lock-Out: If you don't know about what's happening over in Jonathan Hickman's Avengers, you wouldn't know why the Captain Britain Corps doesn't intervene, and they come off like pompous jackasses. In reality, they're more focused on the destruction of entire universes as opposed to just Spider-Men.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • The Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends universe is depicted as not even knowing what death is. The series actually averted Never Say "Die" with not only Uncle Ben's death still being part of Spider-Man's origin, but with saying kill outright on several occasions.
    • The Spider-Man of Spider-Man Unlimited is regarded as being the same as the Spider-Man of Spider-Man: The Animated Series even though both shows have been confirmed by the official databooks to be separate continuities. Even accounting for the databooks' designations being disregarded, there are several major discrepancies between the two series.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: The Hostess ads Spider-Man's death is seen by many as good Black Comedy, particularly since the scene plays out like a comic book Hostess ad gone wrong and the Hostess slogan being used to refer to Spider-Totems as a delicious treat.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy:
    • Fan-favorite characters were gunned down left and right, lighthearted characters were brutalized to prove how 'hardcore' the villains are, the Inheritors were all so overpowered that it seems to render the effort of the heroes as pointless, and the widely-disliked Silk was at the forefront.
    • It's hard to care all that much about Patton Parnel, especially considering that the one comic he appears in skips over examining the past that lead him to become what he is and jumped straight to the conclusion of "Here's a Spider-Man that would have been better off never being born." In the end, he dies an Ugly Character from an Ugly World with an Ugly Future.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman from a universe where the spider bit her instead of Peter has become really popular, to the point where some people are begging Marvel to give her an ongoing series. This originated with just the cool costume, but grew once previews came out. This has gotten to the point where they have already decided to give her her own series before the event is even started. Lampshaded in Amazing Spider-Man #9.
    • As usual, the 616 Universe Kaine Parker Scarlet Spider is one of the most talked about members of the cast online, which was only further cemented with the announcement of a Scarlet Spiders book that will be teaming him up with two other fan-favorites; an alternate reality version of his dead brother Ben Reilly, and the Ultimate Universe's Jessica Drew.
    • The Hobie Brown AU Spider-Man, Spider-Punk got this because of the Rule of Cool premise of his world. While not playing a large role in the event itself, Spider-Punk proved popular enough to get promoted to one of the members of the Web Warriors and was also confirmed to be taking part of the 2018 sequel, Spider-Geddon, and his costume is unlockable in Spider-Man (PS4).
    • Some have found Peni Parker and the Sp//dr to be incredibly interesting and want more of her. Probably helps that she invokes a lot of anime tropes. The 2018 sequel event would bring her back again, even highlighting her popularity with fans in the solicits. A version of her even appears in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie.
    • Old Man Spider. People keep talking how in every scene he is he seems to be dominating by his sheer charisma.
    • Karn is the only one of the Inheritors who's almost universally beloved, in contrast to his controversial brother Morlun and unpopular siblings. This is likely because of his cool costume, being the most sympathetic of his family, and for betraying the other Inheritors and helping the Spiders.
    • Dex, for being a creepy Cloud Cuckoo Lander who ends up executing Morlun.
    • Despite appearing in only one subplot, Penelope Parker became popular among fans due to her Moe status. Many have requested that she get her own story after the event.
  • Fan-Disliked Explanation: When fans pointed out that the universe designations for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and Spider-Man Unlimited differed from what was listed in the databooks, Slott responded that he was disregarding the databooks and wikis as non-canon and was free to retcon the universe designations not already given in-comic. The Marvel Comics Database - which is based on the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z databooks - chose to disregard Slott's statement as non-canon and listed the universes with retconned designations - and the characters from them - as being alternate universes instead, which has created confusion amongst fans who use the wiki for info and aren't aware of its policies. The editors eventually stepped in and said that the databooks are canon where not contradicted by the comics.
  • Fan Nickname: With so many Spider-Men this was necessary to avoid confusion.
    • Old Man Logan Spider-Bitch (Ashley Barton) is called Spider-Girl/Woman or her real name in-story, but fans still call her by her original codename (in reference to her being a villain and her name in that story) to avoid confusion with Marvel Comics 2 Spider-Girl (May "Mayday" Parker). 616 Spider-Girl is just called her name Anya or old codename Araña.
    • Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman is called Spider-Gwen to not confuse her with any of the other Spider-Women.
    • Spider-Man from Amazing Spider-Man #500 is called Bad End Spidey, Best Costume Spidey or Last Stand Spidey. After the reveal fans seems to have switched to Zeke
    • And, as always, Superior Spider-Man is called "SpOck".
    • The Inheritors are "Morluns".
  • Fanon: Because of Dan Slott's unpopular decision to disregard the universe designations given in the data books and many fans being displeased with a lot of the alternate Spider-Men becoming C-List Fodder, most fans like to have it as their headcanon that the Spider-Men killed off in the crossover event were alternate versions and that the real incarnations of the Spider-Men involved remain unharmed by Morlun and the Inheritors.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Karn's wardrobe is eclectic, to put it mildly. It's also on purpose to some degree.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: When Mayday snaps and accuses all the other Spider-Men of being fakes, with the only real one being her now-deceased father, she does so right to Earth-616 Peter's face. Now consider what happened in One More Day, and Quesada's own "controversial" statement that the Marvel Comics 2 was the natural progression for Peter and Mary Jane's characters. It is either Dan Slott's Take That! at Quesada and "One More Day", or it is a somewhat valid condemnation of the direction the mainstream Spider-Man has gone.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The conversation that two Spider-Men have about the film versions of Spider-Man that legally couldn't appear in the comic (because Sony had the rights to them) becomes hilarious a few weeks later, when Marvel Studios worked out a deal with them to get Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Looks like the writers just ran into bad timing. This becomes Fridge Horror when you realize that this reference to them appearing is the last acknowledgement of their existence thanks to the MCU reboot, which, combined with no confirmation of them being among the Spider-Men surviving the event, would indicate they were killed during the event.
    • Slott even takes a shot at his own storytelling when he has Mayday claim that her mother would "never leave Peter in his moment of greatest need", something that 616 MJ did in the closing chapter of Superior Spider-Man.
    • Editor Alex Alonso said about this storyline "You only get to do something like this once". However, Secret Wars (2015) saw another Spider-Verse series only three months after the original one ended.
    • Spider-Ham taking Benjy's place is reminiscent of a scene from Willow, where the titular character saved another infant from being sacrificed using a "Disappearing pig trick".
    • The editorial "Spidey Kicks Butt" has its 2005 retrospective make several comments that fall under this:
      • The writer mentions it being unlikely that Morlun will ever appear again after J. Michael Straczynski quits writing the book.
      • He wonders if the Morlun from "Coming Home" and Morlun as he appeared in "The Other" were two different characters and come from a species that hunts spider-powered people. Turns out that wasn't too far from the truth.
      • He mentions the difference in sales numbers indicates how most readers prefer reading something related to the controversial Spider-Totem" drama than a more lighthearted story written by Dan Slott after praising his "Spider-Man/Human Torch" miniseries. Can double as Harsher in Hindsight, considering this own story's and Slott's own divisiveness for how dark it got.
  • He's Just Hiding!: The majority's response to the probable deaths of Marvel Comics 2 MJ and May's boyfriend Wes as well as the apparent anti-climactic death of Kaine. Amazing #15 revealed that that's the case for all three.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Face it, you're here to check out your favorite Spidey and see if he or she makes it out alive.
  • Moe: Penelope Parker, mostly due to her Adorkable demeanor and the cutesy art-style she was drawn in.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • In case you needed to anymore assurance that Morlun is a monster, we get to see him brutally murder Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.
    • Daemos slaughters Spider-Man Unlimited (who is also the main character from the 1994 animated series according to Slott) and dozens of animal-people of Counter Earth and planning to go on and kill the entire planet until Jennix drags him out. And just in case that didn't do the job, the next issue he murders Marvel Comics 2 Spider-Girl's parents and boyfriend. And makes it pretty clear he will come after her and her baby brother.
      • And then he starts toying with the idea of raping Lady Spider.
  • Narm:
    • Spidey and Silk making out. Is she trying to eat his face?
    • The dynamic poses Spidey and Co. are striking here, mostly because it looks like most of them are doing the Lady Gaga "monster paws" gesture.
    • Gwen's "Touch him again and you won't like how I touch you" line.
    • Spider-Punk is either this, Crazy Awesome, or both.
    • The Purple Prose narration of Scarlet Spiders.
    • Spider-Knight's response to being punched through the chest by Solus? "ZOUNDS!"
  • One-Scene Wonder: The Punisher 2099 shows up for a few pages to buy Spider-Man 2099 some time, smack Daemos around with a baseball bat, and survive.
  • Player Punch: The deaths of the team from Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends, and later, the Peter Parker of the Marvel Comics 2 continuity. Anyone Can Die, indeed.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Morlun's older brother Daemos seem to get a lot of heat from fans. Mostly because they consider him just a bigger, dumber, more sadistic version of his brother, minus charm and style. Oh, and because he murdered Spider-Man Unlimited and Mayday Parker's parents. At least the other Inheritors tend to stand out more.
    • Silk. The fact that she got fan favorites such as Spider-Assassin and Old Man Spider killed only hurts her case.
  • Strangled by the Red String: The super-powered pheromone attraction between Spider-Man and Silk is this - only Spider-Man is being strangled, and Silk is the one pulling on the red string.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • Jessica Drew stands in for the Audience Reactions towards Silk, becoming increasingly infuriated with her incompetence, naivety, and Never My Fault attitude.
    • Seeing Spider-Man (Earth-616 Peter Parker) punch Superior Spider-Man (Earth-616 Otto Octavius/SpOck) in the face and telling him that he's not in charge of the situation is extremely satisfying to look at after months of SpOck's Smug Super tirades.
    • The Punisher 2099 smashing Daemos's head in with a baseball bat is also quite satisfying.
    • The fact that Spider-Man Unlimited Spidey is shown to have died could be seen as this, as the show is generally not held in high regard.
    • A lot of Miles' annoyance at Ultimate Spider-Man's 4th-wall breaking antics tends to mirror many of the critics of the cartoon.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • It seems that Marvel forgot about many Marvel Comics 2 Spider-characters, like this world's Kaine, Jessica Drew with son, or adult Anya Corazon, who are nowhere to be seen. Fans think it's a shame we never got to see them interaction with their 616 counterparts.
    • Dan Slott's statement that Spider-Man from Unlimited and 1994 Spider-Man are the same character. The way the animated series ended could have led straight to Spider-Verse, and he was already experienced in working with several different Spider-Men. However, he's contradicted by the databooks, which the editors maintain are canon where not contradicted by the comics, and nothing in-comic suggests that to be the case. Furthermore, the X-Men '92 comic featured Spider-Man, further de-canonizing this.
    • Patton Parnel gets killed before he can encounter any of the other Spiders.
    • Marvel Comics 2 Peter gets killed trying to stop Daemos getting to Mayday & Benjy, meaning we don't get to see the Spider-Man who's married with two children interacting with post-One More Day 616!Peter.
    • Another happily married Spider-Man from Stan Lee's ongoing daily newspaper strip, is spared from participating in the whole event by the Master Weaver taking pity on his rather cornball and innocent universe, thus depriving us of the potential comic relief of seeing the strip Peter cope with a heavy handed situation in a way unique to his strip.
    • One of the Spider-Men encountered during the Web Warrior's recruitment drive was a Peter Parker that became the Hobgoblin instead of Spidey. This could've been an interesting character to see interact with other Spiders. [spoiler: Too bad he dies at the end of his short story, taking himself out to slow down Verna.]]
    • Spider-Man from House of M, a publicly known & beloved superhero who never suffered the losses of Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy or her father, is killed in the run-up to the event.
    • Old Man Spider turns out to be an alternate Ezekiel, meaning that Last Stand Spider-Man many people were excited to see isn't even a part of the event. And while Spider-Ezekiel had potential, he has just enough time to give Peter some plot-important information (which he held back for no reason until this point) before dying.
    • Spider-Assassin, by some considered one of the most badass Spider-Men in the multiverse, is casually killed by Inheritors during a big battle, in a such throw-away way it's easy to miss it.
    • Despite the first story arc of Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man featuring the return of Ultimate Peter, the character is completely missing from the event. However, Word of God seems to state that the spoilered event takes place after Spider-Verse, meaning that Ultimate Peter Parker got to miss out on it.
    • Peter Parker from Spider-Gwen's universe - he became the Lizard & promptly died. Before it became apparent that he died, people were joking about the potential ways classic Spider-Man stories could play out with Peter in the Damsel in Distress role that Gwen & Mary Jane found themselves in.
    • Old Spider-Man from Reign could have had some interesting interactions with his younger self, being perhaps the oldest incarnation of Peter in the multiverse, could have told him to appreciate what he had and set up some sort of realization on Peter's past marriage with Mary Jane.
    • A FAQ at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man #12 declared that the Venom symbiote and its progeny don't count as Spider Totems, meaning that Agent Venom, Carnage, Toxin, etc. from Earth-616 won't be appearing. This possibly means that Symbiote Spider-Man from What If? Brave New World and Poison from What If? The Other won't appear due to the Peter Parkers from their worlds being deceased and disconnected from the Web of Life respectively. Whether this applies to Agent Venom from the Ultimate animated series due to that version of the symbiote having been made from Peter's blood is unknown, and versions of Venom and Carnage were reflected in the Web of Life in Spider-Woman #3. Furthermore, it appears that versions of Spider-Man bonded to a symbiote are still considered totems, as the Spider briefly cameoed in Spider-Verse #2.
    • Marvel Vs. Spider-Man, despite living in a crossover universe, didn't have any Capcom characters cameo, most likely due to licensing issues. Still, it would have been awesome to see the likes of Akuma throw it down with Morlun.
    • The implication that different mediums have different logic suggested when Morlun enters the newspaper comic's world is only applied to that world. It could have easily been an interesting plot point given video games and animated series are also showcased.
    • Spider-Man (Japan), despite a lot of the build-up between his appearance and Leopardon's resurrection was seen as this, especially towards the tokusatsu fans who felt that he should have curbstomped the entirety of the Inheritors.
  • Unexpected Character: The series does have its share of characters involved that no one expected to see, be they alternate Spider-Men or unrelated characters.
  • The Woobie:
    • Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman. Her Peter Parker died becoming the Lizard in an attempt to be just like her, the NYPD is after her head, and when her father confronts her she's forced to unmask to get him to stand down.
    • May "Mayday" Parker. Remember her happy ending at the end of Spider-Girl: The End? Yanked right out of under her as her family and boyfriend are killed by Daemos. The only thing she has left is her brother. This broke her so badly, she has decided Thou Shalt Not Kill is off the table, and after Benjy is taken she angrily snaps at Earth-616 Peter that as far as she's concerned the only real Spider-Man was her late father and all of the others are fakes.


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