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Headscratchers / Venom

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  • Regarding the latest reboot... what are the qualifications for having a "perfect balance between body and mind", which is apparently necessary for unlocking a symbiote's true potential? Also, what are the potential implications of this revelation for Carnage, Toxin, and Mania?
    • Well, the Mania symbiote was grown with the specific purpose of being a weapon and also has to contend with being demonic, it was stated in its debut that as the thousandth in its line the Toxin symbiote could suffer from mental problems (might also apply to Scorn) and Cletus was a sadistic nihilist who definitely suffers from the "cultural malignancy" and "chemical imbalance" (being a psychopath) that the Synoptic-esque thing said could cause corruption.

  • So if in case the day that Eddie Brock will become Venom again will come, can Flash have the Toxin symbiote as Agent Toxin?

  • Is Venom a universal constant? In almost every Spider-Man related media I've seen, Venom has been present in all of them in some shape or form. Both literally AND figuratively!