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The Digital Pinball Table based on the Marvel Comics character

Venom: "Hey, Ssspiiiider-Man! It's just you...and us!"
Spider-Man: "Aren't you bored of killing me yet, Eddie? All you ever do is fail at it!"
—During the table's attract mode

"FLAMES!! We hate that!"
Venom, when the flame ramp is hit

"Come to papa, Carnage! We've got some serious catching up to do!"
Venom, when the Jailbreak mission or the Wizard Mode is finished

"Now I'm in control! Better, faster, stronger...SUPERIOR!!"
Superior Venom, when his Host hurry-up starts

"Do not cross me...or there will be consequences!"
Superior Venom, during his Host hurry-up

"Being a hero means taking responsibility. And I'm gonna take responsibility for what you've become!"
Spider-Man, when the Battle mission starts

"Whoa! Spider sense blaring danger signals!"
Spider-Man, when the player is close to triggering the tilt alarm


''A bad guy seemingly born out of a dare to create a villain more one-note than Venom."

Carnage: Look out, world! Lock your windows! Bar your doors! Make sure your life insurance premiums are paid up! Cletus and Carnage are together again! And this time — WE'RE GONNA PAINT THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD RED!
Dr. Jenner: But you can't... Cletus Kasady is... dead...
Carnage: Lemme ask you something, doc. Do I look dead to you? Oh, I was worm food. Just not in the way you think. I was hollowed out inside... empty... just like my other. We were both sick... we were incomplete... but not anymore. We healed each other. Made each other whole. Neither of us can survive without the other. Forget host. Forget symbiote. There is only Carnage.
Superior Carnage Annual

"Did you know my mother went through electroshock treatments when she was pregnant with me? This was before they would sedate you for that kind of thing. And then, you know... I died minutes after I was born... went to Hell... came back... That's a whole thing. I've had therapists try to tell me these "early traumas" led to me being the way I am. I've heard it all, you know... I'm this way because of abuse, because of video games, or sex and violence on TV, because of guns and knives and the wickedness of this mean old world. But what none of them get... is those things didn't make me what I am. I am made... of them. I am abuse. I am sex and violence. I am the guns and the knives and the wickedness of this whole sick @#$%#&% world... You know my name. Now SCREAM it.''