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Fridge Brilliance:

  • The retcon in Guardians of the Galaxy seems to clash with established lore regarding the symbiotes, but with a few Broad Strokes in regards to previously established lore it actually fits in quite nicely. It also brings the Venom symbiote back closer to its original depiction as an initially-benevolent entity that only wanted to protect and augment Spider-Man before being driven insane by Eddie's hatred. It even ties into the depiction of the Symbiote in the MC2 after Spider-Girl #84. Normie Osborn freely bonded with the Symbiote, and the violent and aggressive emotions it possessed were purged as a result, leading to a much more benevolent "Venom" which Normie could use safely without being taken over like before, and which even sacrificed its life to save Spider-Girl from the Hobgoblin. It may be unintentional Fridge Brilliance, but Brian Michael Bendis was not the first to conceive of the Symbiote as a benevolent force.
  • The reveal that symbiotes are created from abyssal darkness by a primordial god of the void explains why their very presence is so cancerous to the microverse and a direct threat to the Uni-Power.

Fridge Horror:

  • Venom says back in "The Hunger" that it was pregnant, but the spawn isn't mentioned again afterwards, leaving it seemingly a mystery what happened, especially so as while often malicious the symbiote doesn't tend to outright lie, leaning towards Brutal Honesty or Metaphorically True at worst to hurt others instead. But, in fact, the issue itself actually does explain the spawn's fate: Venom says it doesn't want to take Eddie back because in his ill state he won't be able to support both Venom and the spawn it carries and seemingly cares for. This was Foreshadowing. When the two rebonded, Eddie genuinely couldn't support the symbiote enough that it could go through with the pregnancy, as it feared, and it in all likelihood miscarried shortly after.