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  • The very first issue where Venom appeared is both this and Nightmare Fuel. Venom had Peter dead to rights for most of the story and even though Peter tried to use the bells to try and separate the two, Venom managed to destroy it. The only way Peter survived was to make Eddie waste all of his webbing and cause him to tire out.
  • The fact that the Venom symbiote keeps itself from becoming like its corrupted kind and stays loyal to those that it cares about and loves like Spider-Man, Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson. It is Ax-Crazy but does keep its insanity in check and eventually in the end it becomes a superhero along with Eddie after being purged of the corruption and hatred that influenced it.
  • Venom: The End: The Venom symbiote, after countless hosts, gains so much power that it eventually sacrifices itself creating a new reality to save all organic life from a group of A.S.I (Artificial Super Intelligences) who are attempting to absorb the universe.
    • Two awesome moments result form this 1) The A.S.I. honor the sacrifice of the symbiote by never interfering with the newly created reality. 2) The leader of the A.S.I. is the Stark A.S.I. which evolved from Tony Stark's Iron Man Armor and artificial intelligence operating systems.
  • Carnage's first fight with Venom and Spider-Man note . The duo tries to beat him by rushing him at the same time, and the battle ends with Carnage tossing them both through a wall.