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Oh Eddie you!

  • Pictured: Eddie introducing himself to San Francisco in Lethal Protector.
  • The Venom miniseries Sign Of The Boss includes Venom singing a parody of Spider-Man's theme while caring a bag of chocolate, Venom disguising himself as a nun and Venom trying to give a kid some chocolate as an apology for scaring him.
  • The idea that Deadpool is the reason that Venom is as violent as he is. It seems so outrageous and yet it fits so much... oh the insanity.
  • Second issue of the new Venom comic and Lee Price discovers quickly that even though the symbiote can't force him to do good things and try to help others? He can control other functions.... such as making him upchuck in the middle of a conversation with Black Cat.
  • During his first battle with Spider-Man, Venom lets out this beautiful Black Comedy nugget.
    "He's going to die! Oh, happy, happy, happy!"
  • In Venom #151, when Eddie finds out about Dr Stegron transforming himself into a dinosaur he can't believe how lame the alias is. He's promptly informed that no, Stegron is the man's actual birth name.


  • The look of exasperation on Cletus's face in Deadpool vs. Carnage #3. when the Annoying Kid with a Spider-Man doll first asks if he was fighting Spider-Man or Venom, then asks if he's Venom. It becomes a lot less funny when Deadpool comes across the blood-soaked van and the shredded remains of the Spider-Man doll.
  • The variant cover for Carnage Vol. 2 #4, based on the "Rage Face" comics, shows Carnage posing smugly before Deadpool pops in and stabs him with his katana, making him scream/roar.
  • When Carnage asks the Darkholders why they're so sure that he's the "Red Slayer" that's been prophesized, one of them casually turns a page in the Darkhold to reveal an intricate portrait of Carnage's face.
    Carnage: Fair enough.
  • In Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds, Carnage and The Joker have an Eviler than Thou argument, culminating in The Joker calling himself Orson Welles and Carnage David Hasselhoff.