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  • Venom: The Hunger
    • 3# Has Brock successfully track down the ill venom symbiote, a dangerous and crazed one that had been on a brain eating spree, at last. What happens next? Eddie gives the creature some medicine along with comforting words and reassurances before man and symbiote share a hug.
    • Shortly after in issue #4 the Venom symbiote is promptIy captures and taken away to a facility before the two can rebond. Queue Brock wasting no time going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge through the facility to rescue his partner.

  • Deadpool: Back in Black
    • #1: While the symbiote is regenerating in the Church after being expelled from Spider-Man, an elderly janitor discovers the weakened creature. Instead of freaking out or perhaps calling somebody to get rid of it, he brings it sweets and keeps it company. The dialogue itself says that this was the first time the symbiote had been shown kindness, making this all the more heartwarming.
      • The symbiote appreciated this kindness too and showed it. When Killer Thriller and her team attack the church, the symbiote's first priority was trying to save it's friend's life by enveloping and carrying away the janitor. Unfortunately however, the efforts proved for naught when he suffered an immediate heart attack, telling the creature not to blame itself.
    • Deadpool, a usually violent and not exactly moral man, putting himself in between an angry toothy symbiote and an unconscious Spider-Man in #5 and trying to talk it down so that nobody involved in this confrontation has to get hurt, pleading for the sake of friendship. And he succeeds.
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    • Even when Deadpool and the symbiote separate, Deadpool still cares enough for it that he goes to hover outside the church it resides in. Not wanting it alone in there, he's the one who then ultimately encourages Eddie Brock to go inside.

  • What If? Spider-Man The Other #1
    • For all it's talk of killing Spider-Man, the moment the symbiote sense something is wrong with him, it abandons it's current host and heads straight for Parker.

  • Venom: Space Knights:
    • The mother-daughter relationship between Pik Rollo and Hilla is filled with both this and funny moments.
    • #1 has Venom and Flash rescuing and reuniting an alien family and #2 an entire village, both of whom are very grateful.
    • #4 Venom and Flash have a talk after the revelation that Venom can take a form by himself now, with Venom saying that even though it's no longer necessary he prefers to stay with Flash, calling him a wonderful partner.
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    • Also in #4, when Flash lets Venom take over and go all out after 803 is attacked, explicitly saying it's because his friend was hurt.
    • In #6 there's Flash apologising for making Venom bond to the violent Mecurio for his plan and Venom asking to return to where it "belongs".
      • He also has a later conversation with it about the incident, where Flash makes it clear he can understand its falling "off the wagon" and relate- alluding to his own recovering addict status.
    • Flash acquires an army of advanced robots who all have Undying Loyalty towards him. What does he do with them? Order them to protect the alien family and village to keep them safe in case they're attacked again.
    • In #8 Flash gets into a fight with Tarna for the sake of Venom, refusing to let her return Venom "to the Cosmos" and give Flash a replacement symbiote, stating in no uncertain terms that Venom is his friend and she'll have to go though him first.
    • In #9 after spending much of the issue subjected to Mind Rape, Flash finally catches a break with an apparition of his mother appearing and telling him she loves and forgives him.
    • Flash himself forgiving Venom and his first priority being taking it home for help.
  • Everyone banding together to save Venom from the arena, with Tarna even going against the Agents of the Cosmos to do so, in #10.
  • The Civil War crossover at #11 has:
    • Flash and his real mother reconciling and apologising to each other.
    • Flash's determination to help save Mania/Andrea.
    • Spider-Man's determination to "save" his friend Flash from Venom, not knowing about the change of situation between the two.
  • #12 has a few:
    • Venom rebond to Spider-Man, and instead of another Battle At The Centre Of The Mind engages him in a long overdue heart-to-heart before letting him go.
    • Venom/Flash refusing to fight back against Andi/Mania
    • Flash promising not to leave again until Andi is fixed. Something he again reiterates in #13 and proves by staying on behind on Earth. The Fellowship Has Ended indeed, with the farewells being a mix of this and tearjerker.

  • Venom (2016)
    • 1#: While things turn sour when Lee Price seizes control, the symbiote's initial absolute giddy excitement about Lee being a soldier and getting to be a hero with him like he was with Flash is definitely this.
    • 3#: Venom sticking to his new no more killing oath and abandoning his attempt to leave Lee for a more heroic host in order to save his life from a gunshot wound, despite the fact that Lee was definitely no saint.
    • Starting from #150 with Eddie and Venom reunited, the level of concern and care they show for each other is very sweet, even if a sick Venom does go into Yandere territory when it feels someone is threatening their bond.
    • Eddie being concerned enough about a correctly assumed to be sick Venom that he goes to work for a not-so-morally sound company in the hopes that they can help, refusing to give up on Venom.
    • Venom working with Moon Girl to save Devil Dinosaur.
    • In #154 the Symbiote realises its mistake in attacking the priest and goes to make amends. The ensuing conversation between the two, which includes Venom essentially asking for love advice, is made of heartwarming.
    • The symbiote is having another baby.... and this time it's determined it won't end up like it's siblings.

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