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  • During the Mario Party 2 game shown between Jared, Chad, Lauren and Sam, Chad spends most of the game being unable to get a star but having over 150 coins. Cue the last ten turns, and Chad suddenly moves from having no stars, to having six, ultimately placing him in first at that point. Jared's reaction (Jared had spent most of the match trash talking Chad and was bumped down to last place during those turns) , along with the chat room's reactions, was priceless.
  • "When this game was first announced, we thought it was going to suck. How wrong we were. How wrong we were."
    • The PS3 never catches a break at Screwattack, even when it gets the special treatment. The 2007 edition of their Top Ten PS3 Exclusives had no number ten, nine, or eight spot. Speaking of that list:
      Voiceover!Craig: Resistance had people STOKED about getting the game... even if they didn't know what they were buying.
      Craig (at the PS3 launch): So, what games are you gonna get?
      Customer: I'm going to get one that's called Residence: Fall of Man.
      Voiceover!Craig: Yeah. Residence: Fall of Man was a good game... jackass.
  • In "Top 10 Worst Mortal Kombat Characters", during the recap segment, calling Kobra not by name but labeling him "a generic white guy".note 
    • His baffled reaction to Motaro being turned into a two-legged creature, thus taking away his main notable visual trait. "Centaur -> Two-Legman! What the hell?!"
    • His opening statement about Shujinko: "I hate this fucker." And the segment ends with Shujinko not being allowed to cross a bridge and being punched to the ground.
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  • In theTop 10 WORST Zelda Bosses Number 5 is Twilit Fossil Stallord from Twilight Princess's spinoff Link's Crossbow Training. How do you beat the boss in this spinoff? Shooting his hand. Gee, Nintendo has never done a boss like this one before.
  • "I love S.C.A.T.!..... shut up."
  • When reviewing Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64, Craig admitted to liking pro wrestling and described it as a "glorified male soap opera with dudes touching each other in no way a man should ever do", which is accompanied by a pic of a wrestler's head in another wrestler's tights during a piledriver.
    • The ending:
    Craig: Hey, and a big thanks to you, GT users, you guys have been pretty cool over the last month, and we've got some stuff squared away. With the exception of one man: drewcrey2? His message board comment  Ya candy-ass Jabroni talkin' smack out of your ass about how we don't love our millions? You don't know crap! If ya smelelelelelelll.... what Craig... is cookin'.
  • When reviewing Super Troll Islands, the famous "OH MY GOOOOOODDDD!!!" audio clip from Troll2 makes an appearance when the character eats an enemy.
  • "B.O.B.'s great just the way he is: As a horny little robot with a lot of guns lookin' for some poon."
  • The "Top 10 Worst Water Levels" video got some criticism for its inclusion of Hydro City from Sonic 3, but the two times when Sonic almost runs out of air, only to grab a bubble right before death, are pretty funny.
    Craig: ...You're kiddin' me!
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  • "Top 10 Boomsticks". The entire thing, but note for the start where Boomstick takes control.
  • In "Top 10 Mortal Kombat Fatalities", Cyrax repeatedly slamming the opponent on the ground, with commentary by Craig: "Where's my money? Gimme my money, bitch! Where's my money?!"
    • Darrius taking out the opponent's ribs and stabbing them into their eyes. Craig re-emphasizes: "Ribs, in eyes. Good show, buddy. Good show."
    • Craig describing Johnny Cage's Groin Attack fatality in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks:
    Craig: In Shaolin Monks, everyone's favorite movie star takes it to a whole 'nother level by delivering punches and crosses to your Johnson, then takin' time to acknowledge just how rad he is, only to follow up with a little boxing action to your balls, then finish you off with a punch to your goods that is so hard, both legs fly in different directions, leaving your severed upper body hanging in the air momentarily. Absolute genius.
  • TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan: Nick observing that one of the Turtles is trying to cop a feel off April in a cutscene. A pervy grin is photoshopped to the Turtle for added effect.
  • In the "Top 10 Worst Mega Man Robot Masters" video, #9 was Hard Man; Craig claims it's impossible to say this Robot Master's name without giggling (and it's revisited in the recap, when Craig says, "#9: Hard Mahahahan..." He also cites Hard Man's ability, which allows you to "fist your opponents to death. That's... that's dirty."
    • #1 was Plant Man. This was accompanied by a clip from Billy Madison:
    Billy: Chlorophyll? More like boreophyll!..... Right?
  • In "Worst EVER Sidekicks", Sam talks about Chad James is the worst sidekick ever because of his It's All About Me mentality, particularly when he boasts to the mayor that he killed a dragon on his own in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. Suddenly, at the end:
    Chad: (Off-screen) Bullshit! That's complete bullshit! We didn't play that game together. You're making shit up.
    Sam: I am.
    Everyone: (Laughs for a good five seconds)
    Chad: (Pointing to Sam) Complete. Bullshit.
  • When reviewing Super Tennis, Craig said this game had one of the longest password screens in any video game, and said not to complain about other games' long passwords ever again: "Otherwise, Phil will find you... and kill you. (long silent Beat) And that's Super Tennis!"
  • Craig making fun of Christian Bale's Batman voice at the end of the Aero the Acro-Bat Video Game Vault.
  • In the "Top 10 Capcom Mistakes" video, one number had Craig and Nick off-camera, and slowly lifting Street Fighter into view without saying a word.
  • In the Video Game Vault for Rayman:
    Craig: Other than that time with the cheap Chinese whore in Beijing, Rayman is just about as much fun as I've had with somebody who has no arms, legs, or any other limbs that connects to the body.
  • The Worst EVER entry for "Bosses" brings in Geoff Ramsay of Rooster Teeth... who talks about his boss, Burnie Burns.
  • In the "Video Game Vault" for Contra Force, Tom said the game makes him want to dry heave. Cue a home video clip of a rather large woman gagging.
  • In Craig's re-review of Asterix on Genesis, he did a total 180 of his opinion of it as a sarcastic Take That! to the viewers who bashed him for criticizing the game. Of particular note, he said if you don't like the game, fuck yourselves.
  • The Cold Open to the "Top 10 Battle Cries in Gaming" had Shaun forcing Craig to help him narrate the video. He wheels Craig, who's sitting in an office chair, across the office but in the process accidentally hits an arcade machine, breaking it. This blunder was kept in the video. Even better was the footage after the list, when Shaun apologizes but says he got a good battle cry out of Craig so it was worth it:
    Craig: Go fuck yourself. (to cameraman) No, keep the camera on him, he's the asshole.
    Shaun: (nervously, to audience) ...See you next time.
  • The intro to "Top 10 P#$$ies", where Shaun is mid-sentence talking about the list about literal cats, and Craig, coming in and only hearing "pussies", asks:
    Craig: Wait, I'm sorry... what? We're doing a... top ten pussies of video games? Like, why pussies? I don't get really...
    Shaun: 'Cause people love censored YouTube titles, Craig!
    Craig: Cats, and pussies...? Okay, I get it, that's fine. (leaves)
  • Nick's Top 10 Worst Comic Book Movies is one of Nick's absolute best, with many funny moments:
  • Top 10 Worst Fighting Games: Accompanying the #4 pick, Street Fighter EX, is a clip of two dogs humping and the dominant dog suddenly vomiting.
  • The Video Game Vault of Crazy Balloon had Jose going against the grain and saying, "It's not that good. I don't know what they're talkin' about." Followed by Craig punching Jose in the chest from off camera.
    Jose: Ah! My titty! Okay, dude, it's good.
  • In the Top 10 Cartoon Games, DuckTales was the #3 spot, and Craig said "I wanna hump Scrooge McDuck!"
  • The Super Smash Bros. Brawl launch video, where some random guy in line confronts Craig and the cameraman, repeatedly warning them not to film him. This guy even calls the cops on Craig, who ironically gets arrested himself.

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