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  • During the Mario Party 2 game shown between Jared, Chad, Lauren and Sam, Chad spends most of the game being unable to get a star but having over 150 coins. Cue the last ten turns, and Chad suddenly moves from having no stars, to having six, ultimately placing him in first at that point. Given that everyone has four stars at most, it's immensely satisfying to watch. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny because of Jared's reaction along with the chat's reactions, (Jared had spent most of the match trash talking Chad, and was bumped down to last place during those turns.)
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  • Back in 2008 during the midnight release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Craig & Ben went to a local Gamestop to auction off an early copy of the game they had received to benefit charity. At a certain point someone in the crowd objected to being on camera (getting his face edited out of the video ultimately) and made his objections known in the form of THREATENING TO CALL THE POLICE. Upon doing just that the police arrived, questioned Craig and team about what they were doing and then, after realizing they hadn't done anything wrong, arrested the guy who called them in. Witness it here.
  • The very first SGC (Screwattack Gaming Convention) featured a Q&A panel, with Jack Thompson - Yes, THAT Jack Thompson. No matter how you feel about him, the fact that they got the poster boy of anti-video game sentiments to have an open Q&A at a gaming Convention is just awesome.
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  • Soulja Boy challenged all of Xbox Live to "any" game, claiming to be the best gamer in the world... Except a little research would show that he's actually average, and that's if we're being nice. Well, the ScrewAttack team got word of this challenge, and responded with a challenge of their own - Soulja Boy would play 4 of the team (Craig, Chad, Destin & Jose) one-on-one in four separate games. It took over two months for Soulja Boy to actually respond to the challenge, but immediately try to change the terms of his challenge to be team matches. Screw Attack immediately called him out on it, reiterated their challenge & suggested that since they didn't trust him to actually fight them himself and expected him to just deny losing or blame the internet connection should it happen, Soulja Boy travel to SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Convention) for the challenge. He promptly deleted the Youtube video featuring his acceptance of their challenge and never mentioned it again.
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  • After making consecutive Video Game Vaults for Sonic1 1, Sonic 2 & Sonic CD, Craig logically followed up with one for Sonic 3 & Knuckles... And seemingly did this for no other reason than to finish with a Take That! to the Sonic fans still complaining about the character's redesign in Sonic Adventure, by pointing out that Sonic already had been redesigned in Sonic 3 after using the same sprite in the first 3 games, but everyone just views that as the evolution of the character thanks to Sonic Team's pushing the Mega Drive/Genesis to it's limits with the Sonic 3 games.

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