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Hey, just because everything's Darker and Edgier than the main series games doesn't mean we can't have a few laughs, does it?

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    Pokémon Reborn 
  • The first Gym's hours of operation are "entirely dependent on how much coffee you bring".
  • During the raid on the Blackwater Factory, you, Julia, Fern, and Florinia find a locked door that leads to the control room. While Florinia tries to hack into the terminal that opens the door, Julia sends you and Fern off to find explosives within the Factory to just blow the door down. When you get back, she puts them next to the door, prepares to fire them off... and then Florinia finishes hacking into the door, causing it to open. Julia's reaction is priceless.
  • How you find the TM for Fling in a trash can at the Spyce.
    Nope, there's nothing! Oh, wait!
    Player finds Fling TM.
    • And afterwards, instead of saying nothing, if you interact with the trash can again, it says "Nope, there's nothing!"
  • In one of the houses in Northern Obsidia, just below the Grand Gates, Sandy, the Reserve Ground Leader, has run a canal through her house. Her roommate's reaction is priceless.
    " my roommate said she was gonna convert our place into a streamer house. Naturally, I thought she meant online streaming."
  • In a sidequest at Apophyll Academy, you steal a TV from the upper floor to bring it to one of the student's rooms. One of the other students tries to stop you, but gets promptly curbstomped.
    "What am I supposed to do if you take my TV away? WORK!?"
  • When you first meet Serra, she explains that Luna turned up at her door one day, claiming that Serra is her mother, and that Serra's been trying to track down her real parents, but it's not like they'll just turn up at the door... guess what happens next?
  • During the raid on Team Meteor's Tanzan base, there's a problem with an Abra hooked up to a PULSE machine: namely, it keeps teleporting everything around it randomly. ZEL keeps trying to deactivate it, but Abra just teleports them away every time they try. There's one part that's almost like a conversation, with Abra just teleporting ZEL around in lieu of telling them to get fucked.
  • Terra's dialogue when you first meet her makes her sound like a slightly older version of Tiny Tina. She also makes innuendo-ridden comments right back at Cain.
  • When Hardy finally touches down near Amaria’s house after Terra sends him flying, he’s soundly unconscious. How does his sister Titania wake him up? By using Wake-up Slap on him, of course!
    Hardy: Ow, ow, okay, okay, I’m up already! Yikes!
  • After Terra outs herself as an agent of Team Meteor, she escapes from you, Ciel, and Samson all at once. How? By entering her computer.
    Samson: Please tell me she didn’t just escape into that big ass computer.
  • In a case of Black Comedy, this excerpt from Titania and Taka's conversation near the end of the Water Treatment Plant level after Titania finds Amaria.
    Titania: Give my regards to the men who treated her.
    Taka: I would, but you kinda already killed them.
  • When you return to the Circus to face Ciel, it turns out you never got a Battle Pass to face her. Ciel responds by slipping one into your back pocket, right in front of the ringmaster, and saying that you just lost it.
  • During the raid on Devon Corp, a Meteor member provokes Victoria by mentioning Kiki. When Victoria warns him to not do it again, he does it again, and Victoria throws him into a wall. Then the Meteor guy's partner admits that he had it coming.
  • If, while riding on a Tauros, you talk to the nearby Miltank, you get some... interesting responses.
  • There's this gem that occurs when you get blacked out while riding a Tauros. Usually, you get sent back to the last Pokémon Center you visited. However, it actually takes you to the last place that runs the script "Kernel.pbSetPokemonCenter", which can include the Healing Machine at Agate Circus... or the Wasteland Hideout where Lana lives, and she's understandably bewildered and pissed.
    • What's more, there's an entire sidequest dedicated to this bug.
  • In the restored Reborn City, you can find a shop called "Madame Meganium's Magic Medicine Market". When you enter it, it is run by an actual Meganium. The other (human) NPC inside lampshades how confusing it is, but decides it's rude to ask.
  • If you refuse to take Popplio with you at one point in the game, you get the following narration:
    Narrator: Popplio looks away sadly. You feel the judgement of one thousand third person narrators bearing down on your icy, heartless being.
    Obtained Never-Melt Ice!
    Narrator: Popplio is too good for you anyway.
  • There are various areas in the Tourmaline Desert where one can leave food out to try to catch wild Gible. At one of these points, there is a boulder nearby. If you approach the Gible from the left, it runs off to the right... and bounces off the boulder before running away.
  • At the end of the Magikarp side quest, the guy who stole your Magikarp battles you and pulls out your 'ultimate Pokémon', saying that now they'll see what it can do... and then he realises that it's a level 5 Magikarp. After the battle, he says he'll just go turn himself in now.
  • There's a secret room in the Grand Hall basement full of Alolan Vulpix. If you enter, leave the Hall and return to it later, you'll find that the Vulpix have left the room and are now all over the Grand Hall. It's rather interesting, to see a hailstorm indoors.
  • After Team Meteor tries to invade Fiore Mansion and fails, the house is full of water. When you come back for Amaria's badge, the house is still full of water. Even better, Julia's chilling on the water, wearing sunglasses despite being indoors, and Amaria's Vaporeon is chilling on top of a bookcase, also wearing sunglasses for some reason.
  • During the Labradorra Tournament, Terra insists on reading aloud from her rather impressive Lt. Surge/Nanu fanfic. Meanwhile, the various characters trickle off until only the player character is still listening.
    as the water poured over his chizzled 9-pack he reminisced about the good ol' days with his ex husband guzma
    (if u don't know who he is get da hell out of here!)
    as he f0ndly and f0ndlingly remembered the p4ssionate nights they shared 2gether, a pang of loneliness shot thru him like a well-p4ssed kidney st0ne.
    suddenly h1s sole roommate, Lt. Surge, kn0cked 0n the bathroom d00r with 4ll the enchantingly s3xy force of a seasoned rawrmy v3teran. steam thrust out like a newly freed erektion as nanu 0pened the curtain to hear his friend's d33p, raspy voice.
    "Y0u almost done in there h0ney?" m0aned Lt. Surge, "I need to... relieve mys3lf..........."
    nanu couldn't h3lp but feel the scalding water of the sh0wer felt cold in comparrison 2 tha h33334t between his h o t l e g s...

    Pokémon Reborn, Gossip Gardevoir's Interview Channel 
  • Gossip Gardevoir’s interview with Aya. As it turned out, Gardevoir hadn’t scheduled a meeting with Aya beforehand. The results are comic gold.
    Aya: …Why are you in our living room?
    GG: So! Aya! How does it feel to finally be a gym leader?
    Aya: No, really. Who are you? What are all these cameras… Where’s my mom? Mom?
    GG: Oh, she just stepped out for a minute-
    Aya: No, that can’t be. She’s always in here. She doesn’t leave. It’s a little weird, really. MOM?! ARE YOU UPSTAIRS?
    GG: …Well, look, she wouldn’t give us permission for this, but I never miss a meeting, so we just had someone keep her busy-
    Aya: Um, what. You can’t just do that, you-
    GG: So Aya! Tell us about yourself!
    Aya: Where’s the phone, I’m calling the police…
    GG: Excuse me?! I am a celebrity! And here I am, generously trying to expand your career and this is how you treat me?!
    Aya: …Yeah, there’s this crazy talking Pokémon in my house… she just appeared. I dunno.
    GG: You actually called them! How dare you! Do you know the things I could say about you on live television?!
    Aya: Yeah, I think she’s threatening me now. Out in the wasteland. You’ll find it. Yeah. Thanks.
    GG: Do I need to tell the world about your secret relationship with Hardy?! Hm?
    Aya: You – what?! There is no – get out of my house!
    GG: Ahaha… you’d better do just as I say or I’ll tell everyone just how ‘Hardy’ he can get – Hey, watch the eyes when you’re clawing at me! That’s all on today’s Interview Intermission. Until next time!
  • After failing to get a single word out of him, Shade eventually gives a cryptic poem to Gossip Gardevoir when she tries to interview him.
    Shade:“To they who sleep before the screen, glazing words and counting sheep, find the seer of the unseen, deliver her from flat-line creep.”
  • Samson's interview with Gardevoir: After refusing to say anything besides that he likes his job as a strongman, Gardevoir threatens to use Psychic on him if he doesn’t tell them another fact about himself. Samson says that he is currently telling “One arbitrary fact to a camera.” You can almost hear Gardevoir’s eye twitching.

    Pokémon Reborn Postgame (UNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD) 
  • Julia started a number of rumors about you while you were gone. She got... creative.
  • Cass's description of the Legendary Bird Trio is pure comedy gold.
    "Anyways. There are birds! There have been reports of a pretty bird, an angry bird, and a bird that is literally on fire showing up in the region."
  • A Meloetta shows up at the circus (and understandably, draws a huge crowd). The Ringmaster is trying hard to get everyone to calm down - including Meloetta. The response - well, it's apparently the sassiest Meloetta who ever lived.
    Ringmaster: "Don't give me that face!"
    • Lumi beats an opponent in the tournament, and exclaims "He taught me a new word!" Cue Cass, Samson and the Ringmaster looking away awkwardly.
  • Also at the Circus, Julia makes an appearance, and starts Leaning on the Fourth Wall so hard it probably started creaking ominously.
    "Hi! I originally wasn't gonna come to the circus today, but then I suddenly felt a calling. Like I had to be here... like there was missed screen time to make up for! Do you ever get that feeling? Is that just me? Or did someone misplace a wall somewhere?
  • The chase scene. It's even set to "Yakety Sax"!
  • At the end of the Mirage Tower quest with the Belrose Sisters, even Laura's incredible patience with her sisters has been exhausted after they both ran off, and says that she's going to "drag them both home by their ears."
  • The extended scene in Agate City in the alternate timeline has a few chuckleworthy moments:
    • During the extended scene in Agate City, Terra and Elias have a serious conversation about Terra's favourite (and shitty) movie.
    • Remember the PULSE Garbodor, Mr Bigglesworth? Cain helped him run for office. He won and, during the scene, is noted as having a sky-high approval rating.
      With so many piles of garbage running for office, don't vote for a Garbage Can't. Vote for a Garbage Can. Vote Bigglesworth.
    • We learn that during the ten years El and the player have been missing, Charlotte has acquired leadership of the Spinel Town ice-type gym so she can spend more time with Laura. She is currently trying to get Adrienn to retire so she can snag xyr gym and have three gym teams, all of which have Ninetales as aces.
    • It seems that Saphira's forays into baking have been, to put it mildly, less than successful. Anyone who has been near them insults them in some way. Victoria, when speaking about them with Saphira herself, says they have a "bold flavor profile"; some kind soul painted a skull and crossbones on a sign near them; and as for Florinia... Well, she certainly tries to look on the bright side.
      Florinia: They're not very good. In fact, they're terrible. But does that really matter? ... Doing something terribly is the first step on the road to doing something well, after all. Be like whoever made those awful, inedible brownies: No matter how catastrophically you mess up, keep trying and share what you've done with those you love, anyway.
  • Lin, who is very depressed when you're the only one who shows up in the New World Asylum, summons the refreshments for the big party that never materialized. And by "refreshments" we mean "she summons/abducts a very confused Marcello and a buffet table for you."
    Marcello: I don't know what's going on, so help me cope with this stress by buying something!
  • During the end of the credits, after the special thanks, the devs added a special no thanks to the kid who told them, once upon a time, that you could get to the Orange Islands by surfing on a Lapras at the right spot.
  • Also in the credits, there is actually a section for "meme consultants", of all things (Autumn, incidentally).

    Removed Content 
  • Due to an oversight that happened when Episode 14 was released, it turns out that Techie Johnathan, one of the first trainers you can fight after getting your starter, had a Mega Rayquaza on his team. While it was ultimately removed, it sure did come as a shock to a lot of people!
  • In the earlier Episodes, in Belrose Manse you could find a magazine in a table named "Dragon Tamer Monthly". Inspect it and you'll find a picture of Saphira undressed and covered only with some bubbles. Your character will then awkwardly put down the magazine and the game will comment that perhaps it's not something you should be reading.

    Pokémon Reborn Hardcore 
  • Techie Johnathan (mentioned above) gets his Mega Rayquaza back, at least in earlier versions of the mod. Fortunately, he returns as the final boss of the Chamber of Memories, with his Mega Rayquaza in tow! As of the Episode 16 Mid-Release, he's a major character, running the Hardcore version of the Reborn League. Oh, and he keeps his Rayquaza.
  • While the rematch against Corey's ghost is pure, undiluted Nightmare Fuel, the descriptions you get when you obtain his Pokémon afterwards are pretty funny.
    • His Garbodor, which is found near some trash in the Peridot Ward, hugs you when you find it. Very, very tightly. The game even states that taking it with you might be more trouble than it's worth.
    • His Swalot, which is found in the Sweet Kiss Candy Shop in the Obsidia Ward, is gobbling down candy like there's no tomorrow when you find it. Once it recognizes you, it tries to eat Corey's ring, and then tries to eat your whole bag!
    • His Scolipede, which is found in the Onyx Trainer School in the sorority dorm, apparently wandered into the school and got freaked out by all the girls screaming in terror at it, and the game states that it's practically begging you to take it with you.
    • His Vileplume, which is sleeping in the Malchous Forest, becomes excited when it recognizes you... and promptly goes back to sleep.
    • His Beedrill, which is admiring the flowers in the Lapis Ward, starts poking you when it recognizes you. The game then states that you might want to take it with you before you get poisoned... again.
  • In the Episode 15 release, when you meet Commander inside Glitch City, he tells you that he created the whole game from within a tiny, out-of-the-way area within a virtual world. Then he says this:
    Commander: ...It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time and the rent was cheap.