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Amethyst and the game’s makers, when they started the Pokemon Reborn project, tried to make the game harder than the ordinary series. They succeeded, and that fact is most apparent with these particular opponents. Depending on your team build, any of the bosses could be this, but let’s not go into too much detail, and just list the particular ones that stand out even amongst their peers...

  • The double battle against Taka and ZEL. To start with, you have to fight them in a double battle... by yourself. If this wasn't bad enough, most of their Pokémon are a pain: while Taka's Lileep is pretty easy to handle, his PULSE Tangrowth hits like a truck and has incredible defenses, while his Chatot has great speed and can wipe entire teams if it sets up a Nasty Plot. ZEL is no slouch, either; they have a Glaceon (which is very bulky and can hit very, very hard), an Espeon (which is rather frail but is very fast and powerful), and an Umbreon (which is bulky as heck and has tons of status-inducing moves). It gets even worse in Pokémon Reborn Hardcore, in which ZEL gets a Jolteon (which pretty much always moves first at this point in the game) and Taka gets his Gligar and Klefki from his first battle with you.
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  • The fight against Corey. His field effect, the Corrosive Field, damages every Pokémon that switches in with type-scaling poison-type damage. It doesn't affect his Pokémon, though; in fact, it actually boosts the power of some of his moves, such as Venoshock (essentially giving him a move with 130 base power and no drawbacks in your third gym battle). To top it off, his ace, Crobat, has a massive speed stat and can raise its special attack with Nasty Plot, giving it the power to fire off obscenely powerful moves (including the aforementioned Venoshock) left and right if it gets half a chance. It gets even worse on the story path where you out him as a member of Team Meteor; in this path, he floods the room with gas, turning the field into a Corrosive Mist Field. This field, rather than deal damage upon every switch, poisons every non-Poison/Steel Pokémon you have at the end of each turn. It also still boosts the power of his moves. Oh, and don't even think about trying to terminate the field effect, because as of Episode 15 doing so just reverts it back to the Corrosive Field. The worst part about it, though? Corey offs himself after the battle, so you don't even get a badge!
  • Your first battle with Solaris is one of the most well-known fights in the series, and arguably the Establishing Character Moment for the Team Meteor Leader is when he fights you on top of Pyrous Mountain saying he won’t need more than one pokemon to defeat you. Yeah, he’s clearly joking... is that a level 75 Garchomp? This battle was intentionally made by Ame and the development team to be as close as possible to a Hopeless Boss Fight, and if you don’t have a very good plan for fighting him or a lot of luck with his attacks missing, you are going to be subjected to a Curb-Stomp Battle for the ages.
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  • Aya, Cain's sister and the new Poison gym leader of the Byxbosion Wasteland. You fight her in a double battle, and the field for the battle is the Wasteland Field, which weakens the moves Earthquake, Bulldoze, and Magnitude (which, as they hit all Pokémon in battle, would have made the fight much easier) to a fourth of their typical damage; it also boosts her Pokémon's Sludge Wave (which hits every Pokémon except the user) and Gunk Shot attacks. Since the most common Ground-type moves are now out of the question, you might think that Psychic-type Pokémon will work better... and while they do for the most part, they usually run into trouble with her Drapion, which can ignore Psychic-type attacks and KO them with super-effective moves. Not only that, but her ace, Dragalge, is incredibly bulky specially, and most Psychic types attack using special moves. Put two and two together, and... well, you're gonna have a bad time. On the bright side, she actually gives you your badge this time.
  • Serra, the Ice-type Gym Leader of Reborn, stands out among her peers. Enough that the developers had to go in and nerf her entire team to make her easier. And post-nerf, she's still one of the tougher Gym Leaders. To start with, there's her Mirror Arena, which boosts the power of many of her attacks (Signal Beam, Dazzling Gleam, etc), and also makes it even harder to hit the pokemon on her team which have Brightpowder (which is a third of said team, by the way). Five of her Pokemon know the move Frost Breath, which always lands a critical hit, and has its power boosted by the field to boot, meaning that defensive buffs will not do you any good - but they will help her, since she has two pokemon with Snow Warning (and her Alolan Ninetails has an Icy Rock to boot) and four with Aurora Veil - which doesn't need hail to activate on her Field. And boosts evasion when it activates.
  • Both of the bosses fought in Tanzan Mountain are likely to drive you insane:
    • First off, you have to fight a giant Steelix, which is Level 75 (a good 20 levels higher than the current cap) and is consequently packing insane defences and attack. What's more, it's field strengthens Earthquake while also making it Rock-type, basically nullifying one of its weaknesses, and it is carrying a Sitrus Berry, which ensures it has even more HP. Oh, and you're stuck in the Tanzan Mountain depths until you beat it, ensuring you can't restock on items.
    • PULSE Abra comes almost immediately after, and isn't much better. It's defences aren't too high, but its Speed and Special Attack are so obscenely high that it can OHKO anything it sees with Hyper Beam with impunity. Practically the only way to beat is to exploit the cool-down phase Hyper Beam provides, without it, the thing would be virtually impossible to kill.
  • You think just because Noel is a kid and his team are all Normal-types, and because he’s not fighting you in his gym itself, that he can’t pummel you? HA HA HA— No. The Grassy Terrain of the battle heals his pokemon every turn, which makes his typically high-HP Normal types even more of a headache to take down. Just for added pain, he has a Girafarig, Clefable, and Swellow, all of which take neutral or less damage instead of more from Fighting attacks, the traditional Normal weakness, and of his Pokemon that are weak to Fighting, Porygon-Z and Cinccino, are both insanely fast and have very high Sp. Att or Att stats, respectively, while his Bewear has the Fluffy ability, meaning it only takes half damage from physical attacks. And to top all this off, three of his Pokemon have a Hidden Power attack that is Fire-type, which deals additional damage by setting the field on fire… under just your Pokemon’s feet.
  • While the battle with El is entirely possible to win, it's not going to be easy - he only has one Pokemon,a level 75 Ditto... that has used its Voluntary Shapeshifting to turn itself into Arceus. Like Solaris before him, if you don't have a solid plan for surviving his attacks, you're going to lose badly. The best strategy is to have a pokemon with Perish Song or Destiny Bond and equip it with a Quick Claw, if you don't have it, well, good luck.
  • The Fire-type gym leader of Reborn, Charlotte, is the younger sister of Elite 4 member Laura and the Dragon Leader Saphira, and your fight with her earned its place on this page - so much that, instead of going over her specific pokemon, we'll just describe her in general. Her Fire-type attacks are boosted by her Superheated field, which can easily become the even more advantageous to her Burning Field if she hits it with widespread Fire moves (which she has a lot of) and you don’t have Rain Dance set up. Also, several of her team members have a Grass type attack of some sort to cancel out their weakness to Water, Rock, and Ground pokemon, and her ace, Ninetails (which is higher leveled than any of your Pokemon should be at that time) has Drought as its ability, ensuring that if you don’t end the fight or set up Rain Dance quickly, in addition to the sunlight, the field will become a Burning Field and make her even harder to beat. And just to boot, she has both a Heat Rotom and a Delphox, who respectively know Reflect and Light Screen.
  • The Team Meteor invasion of Amaria's house/gym. To start with, you have to fight two Meteor Aces, with your backup being Grass-type leader Florina. While this isn't the worst start (both Meteor Aces are underleveled compared to both you and Florina), she's still likely to be a worse performer than you in this fight, especially given her overall weakness to Ice. However, the next fight is much harder - a double match against Fern and Blake, and while Blake remains an Ice specialist (and has swapped out a few of his Pokemon and leveled all of them up, not to mention most of Florina's team is weak to Ice), Fern has only two remaining grass-type pokemon, pretty much doing away with his former specialization entirely (and the two remaining, Serperior and Roserade, are hardly easy enemies). This is all ended with you and Florina (or depending on your choices, Electric leader Julia) getting a rematch with Solaris, who previously fought you on Pyrous Mountain a long time ago now. And while this is a chance to see how far you've come, Solaris is still not going to go down quietly, and neither will his backup (a Orderly who works for Dr. Connal). Just to make this worse, while your team is healed between fights, all of your enemies are fought in order, and if you lose once, you have to start the whole gauntlet all over again.
  • The final battle with ZEL starts off already difficult due to the situation you’re in (inside of a Team Meteor hideout, with all your Pokemon that aren't immune to Electric attacks probably already weakened by the electric floors dealing damage to them), meaning it’s entirely possible for you to start the fight with most of your team already fainted or low on HP if you didn’t bring enough potions/revives (which you cannot go back for more of) or ran out of them on the way (which is also entirely possible, considering you just fought Victoria and DJ Arclight, who both could qualify for this themselves). Their team is also everything you would expect from a Reborn boss, with the three Eeveelutions that you’ve been fighting since before the third gym joined here by an Alakazam and an Aurorus (which has Snow Warning and a Focus Sash). And their last, strongest Pokemon? A PULSE Magnezone, which has incredible Sp. Att, and the ability Levitate to cancel out its Weaksauce Weakness of Ground attacks unless you brought along a pokemon with Mold Breaker or Smack Down.
  • While not the final boss of E18, the "Gauntlet" battle is probably the toughest fight in the entire episode, if not the entire game as of this point - and this is counting both the third battle with Solaris and Hardy's Gym fight. And it's made worse by the fact you can't change your team between fights or use items to de-level any level 91+ pokemon. You start off by fighting a Brainwashed and Crazy Shelly and Cain at the same time in a 6 on 12 match. And afterwards, you are rendered Brainwashed and Crazy by the PULSE Hypno and fight Luna, who is a bit of a Breather Boss, relatively. And then you fight her adoptive parents Serra and Radomus at the same time in another 6 on 12, and due to the fight with Luna, might start it with at least one of your pokemon fainted (your pokemon who are conscious are healed between the second and third fight, but K Oed pokemon aren't). Also, the first 6 on 12 fight opens with a Ribombee using Sticky Web to slow down your team, and the second has an Alolan Ninetails using Aurora Veil on turn 1. They might all be underleveled compared to you, and you can access nearly every non-legendary in the game by now, but they are using competitive teams and you alone are fighting off five Reborn Gym Leaders. It's 6 vs 30. Good luck.


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