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Headscratchers / Pokémon Reborn

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  • So... I'm confused, in other Pokemon games the set up is typically you're just a kid starting out on your first Pokemon adventure once you're old enough to carry Pokemon. But here? You apparently just decide to come to this region... for some reason, and Ame herself is willing to meet up with you and help you get started. Why? Who are you that she would go out of her way to help some random person with no Pokemon and why would you even come to such a dangerous region to begin with? And without Pokemon?! You can't even use the excuse of wanting to go to a dangerous region for a challenge because again, you have ZERO Pokemon!
    • It's mentioned early in the game that you came to the region to challenge the Reborn League (the Gym Leaders, and potentially the Elite Four and Champion. Which we're on the path to doing anyways). Ame and you apparently set all of this up in advance pre-game, it seems. Given that Reborn is a Wretched Hive when you arrived and lots of citizens are leaving, getting new people to come and live in the Reborn Region would likely be a major benefit of helping you. Also, you get your first pokemon about ten minutes after arriving in Reborn, and again, it's implied that was planned beforehand.
      • That still doesn't explain why you'd come to challenge a league with zero pokemon.

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