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  • Alternate Character Interpretation
    • Amaria in particular gets hit hard with this, especially when she tries to kill you in the Reshiram route. She's seen as either a Broken Bird or a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.
    • Heather is either a stubborn tsundere type character trying to recover from the death of her father and being literally shocked into a catatonic state or a Spoiled Brat who had a hand in driving her father to suicide.
    • Charlotte is either a Broken Bird trying to deal with a dark past or a pragmatic Jerkass.
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    • Radomus is either an eccentric man with a love of chess or The Chessmaster who brainwashes people who try to go against him.
    • Saphira is either seen as a very loyal surrogate mother to her sisters or a brutal executioner who tends to take focus from the player character.
    • Titania can either be a cool Deadpan Snarker who doesn't mind taking action or a Sociopathic Hero who acts no differently than the antagonists at times.
  • Anticlimax Boss: Invoked with the second battle against Solaris. Not only is Villain Forgot to Level Grind in full effect, but he's fought in a double battle with a Mook who's much weaker than him; however, Amethyst said that this was intentional, as the point of the battle was to show how far you've come since the first battle atop Pyrous Mountain and that the next battle against him will be much, much harder. Averted in Pokémon Reborn Hardcore, in which Solaris is significantly stronger, and he (as well as the Mook, interestingly enough) can utilize Mega Evolution. Also averted in your third battle against him, where he's swapped out his Mandibuzz for a Starraptor, is packing a Mega Garchomp, and has trained his team into the high 80s to low 90s.
    • Downplayed by the the second to last gym leader, Rock type leader Hardy. While he can certainly be difficult if you aren't careful, his strategy here is mostly Attack! Attack! Attack! with extremely fast Rock-type pokemon such as Archeops. To be fair, his strategy in the online league (apparently, Triple Battles with Trick Room and slow Rock types) isn't possible in Reborn due to AI issues and Amethyst saying Triple Battles would not be part of the game.
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  • Ascended Meme: In Part 9 of Youtuber shofu's Reborn playthrough, he takes a moment to talk about how an ignorant viewer complained that he didn't catch a Pidove because he could evolve it into a powerful Staraptor. Naturally Explanation , shofu's viewers had a field day, spawning a meme about various Pokemon being able to evolve into a powerful Staraptor when trained. The inside joke eventually infested Reborn forums themselves and the meme ultimately came full circle when the update to the game that added Ametrine City featured an NPC inside a house groaning about how the boy she's looking after earnestly believes Pidove evolves into Staraptor. The boy will even trade you an Old Amber for a Pidove!
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  • Awesome Music: Much of the soundtrack has been created by Glitch X City from youtube, and it is amazing to hear it featured.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Saphira and Titania. Some parts of the fandom like Saphira for her fierce loyalty to her family, Titania for her Deadpan Snarker personality, and both for being a No-Nonsense Nemesis for Team Meteor. However, other parts of the fandom find their tendency to play What Measure Is a Mook? dead-straight disturbing (especially since you have to wade through the aftermath). Titania gets hit by this harder, since Saphira at least has the excuse of protecting her family; Titania, however, is a full-blown Sociopathic Hero who justifies her rampages with "Team Meteor stops at nothing to achieve their goals, so why should I?", when that mentality arguably doesn't make her much better than Team Meteor.
    • Terra (specifically, how she talks) is either hilarious or annoying.
    • Amaria has become this after the Reshiram route, with people seeing her as either the victim of her lifelong depression, or a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who is the source of Titania's many issues due to Amaria using her as a Living Emotional Crutch after she tries to kill you.
  • Broken Base: The plot, depending on where you ask. Some groups applaud the game for taking more risks with the story than the main series and welcomes the much darker tone. Others think the plot tries so hard to be dark it comes out laughable instead. There's little middle ground.
  • Complete Monster: In this Darker and Edgier version of the franchise, Lin is the true leader of Team Meteor, behind many of their terrorist attacks on the region and the PULSE Pokemon, mutated Pokemon created by immoral experiments. Feared even by her own team, she attacks Reborn City and forces the Player Character and other trainers—their friends—to play a sadistic game where the loser would be tortured, with one of them losing an eye and, after defeating the regional Champion, Ame, Lin kills her with her Hydreigon. Later, Lin tries to throw a Gym Leader to burning lava and—depending of the player's choice, allows a Team Meteor member to die in her place. After Team Meteor unleashes the PULSE-Hypno in Agate City, Lin retrieves a unknown artifact before sending a gym leader to the void while using a brainwashed, sapient, talking Gardevoir. A cold, cruel and stoic woman with a mysterious past that proudly believes that power is the only thing that matters, Lin ruined many lives, both directly and indirectly.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Taka is very popular for being a casual, friendly admin who regularly helps you and is Team Meteor's Token Good Teammate.
  • Love to Hate: Fern seems to be heading in this direction. A common opinion on the forums is that he's such a shameless, unapologetic jerk that he Crosses the Line Twice and it becomes fun to hate him.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Fern mocking Corey's Suicide. Alternately, leaving you to die in the Nuzleaf cage should you refuse to beg before him.
    • Solaris has several candidates: A Subverted Just Between You and Me in order to distract you from his Garchomp killing you and actually succeeding in killing Kiki via Garchomp when she was deathly ill and her Medicham had just been thrown in the lava.
    • Then there is Sirius' ruthless killing and destruction of the soul of one half of the Quirky Miniboss Squad Eclipse because she dared talk about leaving team meteor because she was attempting to save her father, who lived in the town Team Meteor was attacking.
    • When Cal has his Magmotar throw Medicham in lava as part of a deal with Solaris it is considered this In-Universe. It may or may not have been to the player since he revealed he sabotaged the Pulse because he liked the academy and orders his Magmotar to destroy it when Solaris kills Kiki.
    • Blake trying to kill his brother Cal by pushing him off a cliff and acting completely nonchalant about it. Cal survives, but not far lack of trying on Blake's part.
    • Lin spends her whole onscreen time in Episode 16 crossing it. She forces you to fight your friends, making the loser go through Cold-Blooded Torture, and then has her Hydreigon murder Ame in cold blood, all the while keeping that air of amused superiority at your futile efforts to oppose her. Then, in Episode 17, in the story branch where you didn't fight Taka at the Water Treatment Center, Lin goes even further - she sets the poor guy up and tricks Titania into murdering him.
    • Amazingly, Amaria, of all people, crosses this in Episode 17 depending on your story choices. If you go down the path in which you don't help cover Taka's apathy towards Team Meteor, which results in Lin setting him up to be killed, then Amaria, who falsely believes that you're responsible for Titania leaving her, tricks you into following her underwater, locks you in an underwater room, and leaves you to drown. Thankfully, Titania pulls a Big Damn Heroes and rescues you, but the fallout of Amaria's actions results in Titania breaking up with her. The aftermath isn't pretty.
  • Player Punch: In Episode 17, if you didn't fight Taka in the Water Treatment Plant, then Taka follows you into the desert in an attempt to escape from Team Meteor. It seems to work for a little bit, with him discovering a settlement in the desert where he can lie low... only for Lin to suddenly kidnap him and trick Titania into killing him. Even worse, you actually get to spend most of the Episode with him until this happens, and he gets tons of Character Development that wouldn't have happened otherwise. And the For Want of a Nail from this that leads to Amaria trying to kill you and later herself after hitting the Despair Event Horizon just makes it even worse.
  • That One Boss: Now has its own page!
  • That One Sidequest:
    • The Spoink Ball quest. It requires a lengthy Fetch Quest that even starting is unclear, and there's never a indication on where to go next.
    • The Application sidequest. It requires talking to members of whatever gang you joined, and giving them applications for places to now work. Problem is is that there are a lot of Applications, far more than there are gang members, and between the sheer amount combined with the extremely vague descriptions provided by the applicants, you have no means of knowing if you even have the correct Application or are missing one. For added fun, one of the nessecery applications for Aqua Gang is only available after beating Adrienn.


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