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Tear Jerker / Pokémon Reborn

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  • Everything that happens in the Beryl Ward, if you saved all the policemen. After chasing off Team Meteor, you hunt down one of the admins and, with the help of Heather and the officers, corner him. When you unmask him, it turns out he's Heather's father and local Gym Leader Corey. Heather, shocked, will run off crying, and Corey manages to escape. You chase him down and battle him, where he laments how everything he did was for his daughter and now it's all for naught, before trying to kill you with poisonous mist. When you win, he tells you to meet him at the bridge, and when you get there you see him releasing his Pokémon. He tells you to look after Heather, and then jumps off, leaving the player shell-shocked.
    • You can see his Crobat hesitate and try to stay. He tells it "You're not special. Get out of here!" and it just lets out a sad cry before flying off. Keep in mind that Crobat only evolves from Golbat when it has a strong friendship with its trainer and the scene becomes MUCH more heartbreaking.
    • And then Fern comes along and mocks the guy.
    • When you got to the Lapis Ward, you see a huge crowd gathered at the bottom, staring at his body. Including a twelve-year-old girl, Shelly, who's Heather's best friend and recognizes Corey.
  • Talking to random people around the city can cause many of these.
    • Right at the start, when the train crashes, you can speak to a young woman who asks you if you were on the train. She then says "So was my fiancé were the lucky one......."
    • In the Obsidia Ward, one girl is crying in the Pokécenter, afraid to go outside because her boyfriend was walking next to her when the plants started to attack. The ground opened up right beneath his feet and he fell to his death. Said boyfriend did not actually die, he merely fell down into the railnet, and it's possible to turn the Tear Jerker into a Heartwarming Moment by rescuing him.
    • One old woman in the Peridot Ward talks about how when she was younger, the city was beautiful and full of lush trees and grasses. Now she can't look at it without mourning what was lost.
    • When a police officer in the Lapis Ward gives you the Bike Voucher as an apology for how Ms. Craudburry treated you. It turns out that he got it from his brother, and that it was originally for his daughter, who died in Team Meteor’s attack on the Beryl Ward.
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    • Many times, you'll run into people worried about their friends, their Pokémon, or their family, lamenting how they've lost what little they had in Team Meteor's attacks, or just having a plain breakdown.
  • Shelly's backstory. Her brother is a Gym Leader over in Johto and, despite practically being worshipped by Shelly, never pays her any attention. Desperate to get his approval, she fought tooth and nail to become a Gym Leader, too...and is still ignored. Her exact words are "he acts as though I don't exist".
  • When you're heading up Pyrous Volcano to stop Team Meteor, Victoria starts talking to you about what she thinks of Cal, who is at the top of the mountain. She says that when you're done cleaning this up, she'll tell Cal how she feels about him. When you get to the top of the mountain, it turns out that Cal has made a deal with Team Meteor and he kills Kiki's Medicham, even apologizing to Victoria before he does.
    • Oh, and then Solaris kills Kiki, which horrifies Cal so much he helps you destroy the PULSE machine...but it's too late, as a crying Victoria yells that she never wants to see him again. He just bows his head and walks off.
    • And then Victoria has to give up her dream of journeying because she needs to take over Apophyll Academy for Kiki. She just sadly tells you and Cain to kick ass for her.
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  • Amaria’s life story. She’s one of the kindest and most empathetic characters in the game… and she’s had what appears to be chronic depression for years, with nothing she’s ever done seeming to make her truly happy except her relationship with Titania who was faking her own love in the hopes that Amaria might eventually recover from her depression.
  • A certain scene with Titania and Amaria in their house, in which you read Titania's actual diary. It reveals that she has been faking her feelings for Amaria since the beginning. She tells you to not tell Amaria a single word about it but she overhears her. And if you decide to not tell her, she'll read the diary and ask Titania if all of her feelings were a lie, to which Titania basically says 'yes.' Amaria then runs off, with Titania chasing after her. You'll find the two standing at the edge of a waterfall. Titania tries to convince Amaria to not jump, but Amaria jumps off the waterfall saying "Goodbye, my love." Titania jumps off after her and threatens you to get her from the waterfall or she'll come back from her grave to haunt you.
    • Episode 15 reveals that they survive, but Amaria gains amnesia from the fall, causing her to forget everything from her going down to Obsidia Ward to help with the plants to her suicide attempt. Titania leaves without telling her what happened because she doesn't want to go through Amaria trying to kill herself again.
  • Ame’s death. Author Avatar that the author herself disliked (due to a hate of self-inserts) or not… getting defeated by the leader of your enemies and getting your head ripped off, then having your Pokemon kidnapped, when your final act was to try to stop said enemy's leader, is not a way to die that the Big Good of the game deserved.
    • Later in Ep 16, it’s possible to find a LV 75 Absol in the area just east of Calcennon City at the waterfall. The OT says that Ame was its original trainer…
  • Solaris’s and El’s backstory, of all things, adds a lot of depth to the two villains. Particularly the scene where a unknown man murders Solaris's parents to get the four Gemstone Keys, leading to Solaris beating him to death in a rage and screaming "Why?!" for the entire night over his corpse.
  • In E16, A girl in the Jasper Ward, while grateful the Ward has been rebuilt, wishes things could return to the way they were before. Why? Judging by her words, at least a few of her family members died in the attack on the Ward by Team Meteor… also providing an Ironic Echo to Eclipse when she deserted Team Meteor about how a better world doesn’t mean anything if the people you care about aren’t in it.
    • The latter scene of which was also a Tear Jerker, due to Sirius having his Chandelure burn away Eclipse's soul when she tried to leave.
  • Also in episode 16, you wind up removing the Magnezone from the PULSE machine that took Zero, Evelynn and Lumina and turned them into ZEL. Zero at least makes it out, since it was originally his body, but it's heavily implied that Eve and Lumi are dead for good. At the very least, they're nowhere to be found in Zero's/their mind after the machine and the Magnezone are destroyed. It doesn't help that the last thing ZEL says is Eve telling Lumi that she'll always love her.
  • Pretty much everything in Episode 17 after defeating the Reshiram statue in the story branch where you refuse to fight Taka at the Water Treatment Plant, causing him to flee to the Tourmaline Desert and join you in an effort to escape Team Meteor. Just... everything:
    • First, you're confronted by Lin (who has donned a suit of armor) in the Dragon's Den after defeating the Reshiram statue, and Titania stabs her from behind with her Aegislash, only for "Lin's" face-covering helmet to come off, revealing that it was Taka in the suit of armor. While Titania is still able to kill Lin (albeit temporarily, as Lin somehow comes back to life), Taka gets Killed Off for Real as a result of his injuries, with his last words being a resigned "this is fine". Even worse, he had gotten much more screen time and Character Development in this route, and your previous encounter with him ended with a Hope Spot of him finding a town where he could lie low. Even Titania seems shook by this, with her dialogue before her boss fight being way more downcast.
    • Next, you and Titania return to Amaria's house and Gym in order to get her badge. Unfortunately, due to a combination of her emotional instability and her memory loss, she accuses you of stealing Titania from her and leaves you to drown underwater in a sealed room. Titania is able to save you, but the aftermath of this results in Titania finally breaking up with Amaria for good. Amaria beating herself up for lashing out at you and repelling Titania is, despite what she did, genuinely sad (especially if you suffer with intrusive thoughts).
    • Oh, and just for good measure, defeating Amaria in this route ends with her slipping into a Despair Event Horizon, with the implication that she's going to attempt to kill herself again.
  • In Episode 18, at one point the player finds a room with three pods designed to keep people's bodies alive. One of them is... or was... occupied by Eclipse/Caitlyn. Even after Sirius killed her, Aster still couldn't let her go.

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