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  • Amaria, the Water Gym Leader, saves you from being killed by Solaris’s Garchomp with her Lapras, right after she and her team took down a small army of Team Meteor grunts and their Pokemon.
  • The Establishing Character Moment of Amaria’s Lapras Deliverance, and a clear indicator of how strong Amaria’s team is. Namely, Deliverance freezing a Waterfall that they just made with an Ice Beam to create a set of stairs for you and Amaria.
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  • Saphira’s way of telling Connal to shut up when she meets him at Belrose Manor when he claims to be there for Charlotte, Anna, and Noel? She has her Dragonite blast him through the wall with a Hyper Beam.
  • You and Florinia, in succession, fight off two Meteor Aces, Fern and Blake, and finally an orderly and Solaris, all by yourselves! Considering the last time you fought Solaris alone you were all but guaranteed the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle, fighting off him as well as his backup is a huge indication of how far you and your team have come.
  • The early Gym Leaders are in no way falling behind you. You thought you and your rivals alone can utilize Took a Level in Badass? By the late game, they’re typically at least in the 60s, and more than capable of fighting enemy teams with higher levels than them.
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  • The Gym Leaders of Reborn in general, really; they are arguably the toughest in the Pokemon Franchise. From the first gym, all of them have a six-Pokemon team, as well as a terrain that is designed to make things as advantageous for them as possible, and multiple ways of dealing with attempts at exploiting their weaknesses. There are many reports of players having to go back and raise several new pokemon, or even an entire team, just to defeat a single Gym Leader.
  • Cal having the balls to turn on Team Meteor for killing Kiki. Sure, he was stupid enough to join them in the first place, but he actually admitted his weakness and saved everyone at the Academy.
  • Charlotte helping you storm the orphanage to rescue Heather- and not only that, she burns Dr Sigmund's face with her cigarettes.
  • The giant Steelix in Tanzan Mountain. Not only is fighting it amazing, but the sheer amount of work put in to animating it must have been massive- and once you defeat it, you and Saphira ride it.
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  • Adrienn. Xe gets frozen in time for at least ten years, and upon being rescued and finding out how things have gone to shit while they weren't around... they go out there and make it better. Reborn City gets fixed up considerably, and Adrienn's the one behind most of it.
  • It may be in a bad context, given that you, Cain, and Shelly are all Brainwashed and Crazy for part of it, but the Gauntlet battle is this. You're taking on a former Reserve Gym Leader (Cain), and four current Gym Leaders (Shelly, Radomus, Serra, and Luna), all by yourself. These are five people who have incredible experience in battling, six-pokemon teams higher-leveled than most Champions by now, two Mega Evolutions total as well as a Z-move, and have individually caused many Reborn players to have to prepare specifically for how to take them down. And the game's canon route has you taking on all five of them in succession, and you beat them all.

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