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Fridge Brilliance

  • Terra being a lion tamer at the Agate Circus doesn't make much sense at first, considering her attire and personality make her seem like more of a clown. However, remember that the two Pokemon evolutionary lines that are based off lions- the Shinx line and the Litleo line- are Electric-type and Normal/Fire-type, respectively. Both of these types are weak to Ground-type attacks. Now, what type does Terra specialize in again?
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  • While it’s entirely in-character for her to pick a Fighting type, Victoria may have chosen Tepig/Emboar because it was the only Fire-type starter Cal didn’t have on his team during his time at Apophyll (at least, by Episode 15).
  • During your battles with him during the Amertine Mountain events, Cal has a Pokemon that breaks his type theme: a Medicham. Considering that he was forced to kill Kiki's Medicham and deeply regrets doing so, this is both heartwarming and tragic.
  • When you meet Cain at Radomus' Gym, he says that since using a mono-Poison team against a Psychic Gym was a bad idea, so he switched up his team a little. When you fight him shortly afterwards, he uses a Galvantula and an Absol (or a Mega Beedrill and a Zoroark, if you're playing Pokemon Reborn Hardcore). Galvantula and Mega Beedrill are Bug-types, and Absol and Zoroark are Dark-types - two of the three types that Psychic is weak against. Cain changed up his team to cover his psychic weakness, just like a skilled player might have at this point!
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  • Why is Crobat the last of Corey's Pokémon to leave him when he releases them all? Because its pre-evolution, Golbat, only evolves when it reaches high enough friendship with its trainer.
  • When you explore the Tourmaline Desert in Episode 17, if you explore near the wall separating the desert from Reborn City, you'll find six Pokeballs, one of which is hidden under the sand as a hidden item. Seems kind of odd, considering that by this point in the game basic Pokeballs are too weak to be very viable... then you replay the game and get to Corey's suicide. Right before Corey jumps off the Beryl Bridge to his death, he throws his Pokeballs off the bridge into the desert. Those six Pokeballs you find in the desert? They're his.
  • When you fight Amaria, her Boss Subtitle changes depending on the story branch you're on: if you're on the branch where Titania stays with her, her Boss Subtitle is "Flotsam"; conversely, if you're on the branch where she attempts to kill you due to thinking you're behind Titania leaving her, prompting Titania to dump her for good, her Boss Subtitle is "Jetsam". Seems like simple water-type Theme Naming at first... then you look at the definitions of each word:
    • Flotsam is the wreckage of a ship and its cargo, found floating on the surface of the ocean. Similarly, in this route, while Amaria's psyche is badly damaged, it's still salvageable.
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    • Jetsam are goods deliberately thrown overboard to improve a ship's stability. In this route, Titania jettisoned Amaria from her life because Amaria's increasing instability was dragging Titania down with her.

Fridge Horror

  • Shade has a Gengar named Corey. Shade was the one who cleaned up Corey's dead body. He was a Poison type leader, and Gengar's second type is also Poison, with the first being Ghost. The implications of this are... disturbing, to say the least.

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