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  • His review of The Road Chip, which is filled with him giving multiple Not-Making-This-Up Disclaimers about the movie.
    • When he questions the inclusion of Miss Price as the Chipmunks' babysitter:
      "She's Miss Miller! She's Miss Miller from the old 80's cartoon! Remember Miss Miller? She couldn't drive and she was just like this crazy eccentric old lady and she took care of the Chipettes every once in awhile? That's basically the character that Jennifer Coolidge is in this movie, but they call her Miss Price! You make four Chipmunks movies and you didn't think to call her Miss Miller? This is stupid that I have to fact-check you on Chipmunks knowledge!
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    • He firmly believes the film was written by two different people: one who knows how lowbrow it is but wants to make the best of what they've got, and another who's been doing this for years and has lost the will to make any effort anymore, leading to gems like the delivery of this line:
      "See, we were on a good track, and then there's that old writer comin' in goin' 'Ya gotta have the pee and the poop, the kids love the pee and the poop, I've been doin' this for sixty-seven years, the kids need the pee and the poop'."
    • He is utterly floored by the fact that the celebrity cameo they got for the plane scene was John Waters—and on top of that, Alvin says he watched Pink Flamingos!
      "What kid is goin' to see the Road Chip and is all like 'Look, Mommy, there's John Waters! Now this movie's got quality!"
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    • The fact that technically, the Chipmunks are terrorists because they're on the no-fly list:
      "Hussein, al-Qaeda, ISIS...Chipmunks."
    • The selective Bowdlerization of "Uptown Funk", where they replaced "put some liquor in it" with "put some water in it" but didn't replace "Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold":
      "The Chipmunks don't endorse alcohol, but they definitely endorse cocaine."
      • As well as the fact that while they censored the line about liquor, that same subplot involved the cop chasing them getting plastered on moonshine in New Orleans.
    • This line:
      "They stop the movie to advertise Chuck E. Cheese! And you get mad when YouTubers make sponsored videos!
  • His review of the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War has a few of these:
    • He begins by reading Marvel the riot act for putting out a trailer just before the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice... while simultaneously gushing over how much he likes the trailer.
      Andre: That's messed u— That's some shady stuff right there, yo. That's shady, okay? You wrong for that! I mean I love the trailer, it's amazing, good job, OH MY GOD BUT SERIOUSLY! Th-that's not fair to Bat and Supes! Let them have their time! You wait your turn! (laughing)
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    • Him mangling the title of the movie due to his excitement.
      Andre: You know, the thing!
    • His theory that Clark Kent edited the video showcasing the Avengers' collateral damage that General Ross shows at the beginning of the trailer.
      Andre as Superman: Look what y'all did. Look. What. You. Did.
      Andre: [mimicking Superman flying away] Whee!
    • And of course, his observations regarding Black Panther constantly beating up Bucky Barnes in all of the promotional material so far.
      Andre: What did Bucky do to you, man?! Did he steal your girl? Uh, he got frozen after World War II so maybe he hasn't learned how you're supposed to talk to black people? Did he call you colored or something? Like, WHY'RE YOU SO MAD AT HIM?!
      Andre as Bucky: Is that the Negro Panther?
      Andre as T'Challa: WHAT'D YOU SAY TO ME!? WAKANDAAAAA!!!
  • When he first watched The Great Wall, he had no idea what it was about and thought it would be a historical movie about the Great Wall of China.
  • During his review of the sixth episode of Riverdale, "Faster, Pussycats, Kill, Kill", he has a hilarious reaction to the fact Josie's father is an African-America jazz musician who wants to save jazz. "This sounds like the plot of a movie I recently saw, except there were no black people in it. Who knew in Riverdale, based on the whitest of all comics, this would happen. Change is coming to Riverdale!"
  • In his Nickelodeon Shows You Forgot video, he talks about Cousin Skeeter and comments on how Skeeter is a puppet while everybody else is a human. It then leads to a theory that "Somebody in this family fucked a puppet."
  • In his review of the first episode of Black Lightning, he gushes about how much he loves the series before addressing the inevitable race comments.
    Andre: Alright, look. I know what's gonna happen. There's gonna be one of these little a-holes in the comments, gonna be like, "Oh you probably just like him because he's a black superhero!"
    Andre: WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK!! WAY TO GO!! [claps] Let's give you an award because you the smartest man in the room! "Hey! This black nerdy guy happens to like a superhero show that stars a black guy!" WOW! WHAT A CONCEPT! YA GENIUS! HE CRACKED THE CODE!!
  • Everything with his collab with fellow YouTuber Brian Hull whey they both did the Cartoon Impressions Challenge. note  Funny moments include Andre going Miss Piggy on Brian's Kermit, "Goldar Pete", Brian going "What's Pooh going to do with Tigger?!", among others.
  • His reaction to the trailer of Cats. He's first utterly shocked by it, then he spends over ten minutes laughing, without a break, while suggesting other movies to be made in the same style.


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