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Analyst Bronies React to Friendship Games

  • Keyframe and Thespio get things off to a great start with their intro:
    Keyframe: Thespio! Thespio! Thespio! EQG 3 just got released! We gotta react to it!
    Thespio: [gasps] You mean stoop to the absolute lowest form of entertainment fads that requires no work for creative hacks like us?!
    Keyframe: YEP!
    Thespio: SIGN ME UP, GIRL!
  • AnY's Wonder Woman transformation.
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  • Following Sunset's multiple questions about possible magical problems:
    Keyframe: Did the bronies complain about one minute detail on the show that really no one gives a shit about again?
  • And after Pinkie's random line:
    CellSpex: Random non sequitur that keeps the kiddies from feeling any genuine moment of suspense? Seriously, did we learn nothing from Inside Out?
  • Keyframe and Thespio channel their inner Animated James and Head Desk after Rainbow Dash first says the phrase "pony up". Well, Thespio head desks. Keyframe grabs a pillow to cushion the impact for herself.
  • AnY doesn't approve of Midnight Sparkle's design.
    AnY: She looks like a defective Sailor Moon villain.
  • When Principal Cinch threatens to tell the school board about the entire magical debacle of the climax, we get this gem from CellSpex :
    CellSpex: [reading a report] Well Ms. Cinch, as ridiculous as your claim sounds, we did just get 125 YouTube videos proving the phenomenon you just described. So we'll call Mulder and Scully right after all of us stop questioning our existence in this world THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE!

Analyst Bronies React to MLP Season 5 Finale

Golden Fox seems utterly baffled that Key knows all these references.
  • When Fluttershy is pushed off the cloud and falls:
    Thespio as Pony#1: [gasp] Oh my god! Fluttershy fell! She's doomed!
    Thespio as Pony#2: Uh, you do realize she's a pegasus, right?
    Thespio as Pony#1: Um, hello! It's Fluttershy. You know damn well her wings are about as useless as a limp dick!
    Thespio as Pony#2: Okay that's true, you have a point, but what should we do then? Call the Wonderbolts?
    Thespio as Pony#1: No, that's an even worse idea! They're just a stunt show and an only-kinda-sorta-not-really military! They're not qualified yet!
    Thespio as Pony#2: Okay, that makes no goddamn sense but I'll agree with you just for the sake of the joke, so what should we do then?
    Thespio as Pony#1: Let's just sit here like idiots until someone actually does something!
    [long Beat]
    Thespio as Pony#2: We are horrible ponies.
    Thespio as Pony#1: Yes, yes. Yes we are.
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  • Upon arriving in the Chrysalis future, Spike remarks "Well, that didn't work." AnY immediately starts freaking out, seeing this as a direct reference to Eakin's Hard Reset.
  • When Chrysalis makes her appearance:
    Golden Fox: Oh good! I didn't have to read the IDW comic books after all!
    [Keyframe turns and glares at him]
    Golden Fox: Don't glare at me like that.
    [Keyframe says nothing; moves closer to him]
    Golden Fox: Don't glare at me like that.
    [Keyframe inches closer]
    Golden Fox: [boops her] Boop.
    Keyframe: [scrunches nose] *PUNCH*
  • Once Twilight and Spike reach Nightmare Moon's future, Canned Cream reacts accordingly:
    Canned Cream: [epic 8D face] It's time for the best world!
  • Then when they leave:
    Canned Cream: Alright, Luna world's gone. I'm done. [takes off headphones] Bye. [gets up and leaves; immediately comes back and sighs] Alright, fine. Finish the episode.

Analyst Bronies React to the Season 6 Premiere

  • Thanks to the flu, Cellspex is unable to speak during this react, so she relies on text-to-speech to get her words across.
  • Keyframe having a cuteness attack upon seeing Flurry Heart.
  • "Voice of Reason's Top Ten Jokes He Can Make About Flurry Heart":
    • #10: "Oh for crying out loud, did Andy Price draw the wings?"
    • #9: "So this must be Dumbo's ponysona."
    • #8: "I once caught a fish THIS BIG!"
    • #7: "Do you think if she starts crawling she's able to get lift?"
    • #6: "Good news, honey! She can learn to swaddle herself!"
    • #5: "This just in, the albatross no longer has the largest wingspan."
    • #4: "When she grows up, she'll be able to give Equestria the biggest hug ever!"
    • #3: "I think I just found Jiro Horikoshi's new muse."
    • #2: "Well, on the plus side, she'll have worse wingboners than Golden Fox."
    • And #1: "Scootaloo is going to be PISSED!"
  • Cellspex's reaction to the awkward silence between Starlight and Sunburst:
    Cellspex: [through text-to-speech] You can cut the sexual tension with a knife!
  • And a few scenes later when Starlight and Sunburst continue to be awkward:
    Voice of Reason: OH JUST KISS ALREADY!

Analyst Bronies React to Legend of Everfree

  • The campers are put in designated tents named after gemstones. When a character is assigned to the Amethyst Tent, we get a clip of Amethyst giving a Flat "What". Immediately afterward, CellSpex enthusiastically demands to be placed in the Peridot Tent.
  • After Timber tells the story of Gaia Everfree, Gloriosa shows up and says that she hopes she didn't scare anyone.
    Voice of Reason: [laughing] I wasn't scared! You're ridiculous! Excuse me, I need to go change.
  • Sketchy has this to say about Gaia Everfree/Gloriosa Daisy:
    Sketchy: Okay, I know she's about to wreak havoc across the entire camp... but she's still kinda fine.
  • When Gloriosa interrupts Timber and Sci-Twi's Almost Kiss:
    Voice of Reason: Oh COME ON! Just once I'd like someone on the Mane Six to lock lips! I mean, this is the first hetero ship I'm actually on board with!

Analyst Bronies React to the Season 6 Finale

  • For this react, Thespio decides to drag his fiancée Midnight Sonata along for the ride, which results in some pretty funny interactions. At one point, Midnight has to lock Thespio in the closet.
    Midnight Sonata: [calmly sipping from a coffee mug] It's for your own good, honey!
    Thespio: "OWN GOOD" MY ASS!
  • When Princess Luna shows up, an alarm suddenly starts blaring and there's an explosion offscreen.
    Voice of Reason: Oh great, you broke the overrated meter!
  • When it's revealed that the princesses (namely Luna) have been kidnapped:
    Canned Cream: [throws off his headphones and grabs a gun] Don't worry, baby! I'm comin'! [runs out the door]
  • Midnight and Thespio's reaction to the changelings turning into multiple copies of Fluttershy:
    Midnight: Hey look, it's Silver Quill's fantasy!
    Thespio: Hey look, its the fantasy of every brony ever.


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