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A story universe in the mind and hard drive of Lady Sylvan, Shermanstown is a Slice of Life chronicle with cutesy optimism, sarcastic humor, heartwarming friendships, futuristic technology, science, interwoven dark elements, and jet-powered scooters.

If you're an X Meets Y type of person like this troper is, it could probably be called Kyle XY meets Phineas and Ferb meets Scott Pilgrim. If you're not, it could be considered an unusual take on futuristic science fiction where the majority of the advanced technology is not important to the story. Or an attempt to make realistic fiction more unique. Or it could be a literary representation of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism. But that's all wild mass guessing, because above all, it's just a story about characters that the author loves writing about.


Main character tropes:

Neilsen "Neil" Vickers


Adelle Leslie Vickers

Kyle Robert Smalls

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