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Characters / The Super Mario Adventures Crossover Clash Heroes

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This is a partial character sheet for The Super Mario Adventures: Crossover Clash. Visit here for the main character index. Subjective trope and audience reactions should go on the YMMV page.

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"Another day, time to go on the old PC."

When it comes to being Genre Savvy, Hafu is one of the better ones. Armed with media knowledge, he will fight to protect the Mushroom Kingdom from his Arch-Enemy, Peter Opera.

  • Author Avatar: Is sometimes used to represent the creator, and shares many of his views.
  • Berserk Button: Frozen, but especially the soundtrack. This hate is what inspires him to hack into the Music Destroyer to delete it specifically in episode 15.
    • Furthermore, he does not take kindly to people insulting The Last Jedi.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Green, in this case. Some teasers for season 2 show him as developing brown facial hair, implying that it is dyed.

"Is this foot thing really good for me?"note 

The sarcasm dispenser of the group. Peel away the initial layers, however, and you'll find a protective, loyal person. Her secret foot fetish allows her to see Korgot as normal.


The leader of Okoto's Earth tribe, who has a foot fetish. He ran the Sexiest Feet Competition at the Okoto Festival. By chance, a Sore Loser by the name of Peter Opera came around and sent him, his fellow judge, and the winners of the competition to the Mushroom Kingdom.


We all have that one crazy friend. The smart one with endless energy. Honey is that friend. She was the one to help Gogo on a quest to discover a fellow foot fetishist.






    Donkey Kong 

    Toad Prime 
An everyday Toad, until the Bastulin Captain converted him to Bastulinity.




A Scottish woman armed with two things: her own feet.




    The Barefooters 

    Hafu's Pokemon 

    Junior the Yoshi 

    Solar Children 
The triplet children of Hafu and Rosalina.






A former member of the Opera Army.

    BB- 15 

A green astromech droid created by Sprocket on Hafu's suggestion.


A robot used as an alternative mode of transportation during the Odyssey's maintenance.

    Golden Queen 

A woman made of gold. She was initially an ally to Peter Opera, and was responsible for the murder of Ashford Ethelstan.

    Sally Software 

A robot created by the Opera Army, who later joined the Rebels.

    Tex THX 

A robot who was discovered within the depths of the Imagination Zone.

    Porg Squad 

A murder of porgs who are fiercely loyal to Hafu.


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