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Main Characters


Sergeant Catherine Cawood

Played By: Sarah Lancashire

  • Broken Bird: More obvious at some moments than others.
  • Brought Down to Badass: She used to be a detective with the Major Incident Team, before her daughter's suicide caused her to have a breakdown and she was subsequently demoted. Now she's just the best uniformed copper around, with a medal from the Queen to prove it.
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: Distaff Counterpart edition, complete with cleft chin.
  • Near-Death Experience: After being brutally attacked by Royce, Catherine hallucinates seeing her daughter, as an innocent child rather than as the suspended corpse she has been hallucinating all of Series 1, beckoning her to follow her into the light.
  • Parental Substitute: To Kirsten McAskill. It's subtle in their interactions, but hinted at strongly by McAskill's husband in how distraught he says she was after Cawood dressed her down in their final conversation. Ironically, the same relationship between the women works as Like a Daughter to Me on Cawood's side, with McAskill as a surrogate daughter.
    • Possibly also at work in Series 2 between Cawood and Ann Gallagher, who has just lost her mother.


Clare Cartwright

Played By: Siobhan Finneran


Tommy Lee Royce

Played By: James Norton


Ann Gallagher

Played By: Charlie Murphy

  • Bound and Gagged: For much of Series 1.
  • Fair Cop: In Series 2.
  • Hero Worship: Subtext in her relationship with Sgt. Cawood until the night she gets drunk, when she literally compares her boss to God. She's far more mortified about that the next morning than she is about needing Plan B.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Originally a privileged rich girl, she reveals deep reserves of strength and eventually becomes a Police Community Support Officer with an eye toward becoming a detective in later life.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Ann goes through an obscene amount of punishment. She's kidnapped, raped and forcibly injected with low-grade heroin to keep her docile. Not to mention all the mental anguish she goes through.


Nevison Gallagher

Played By: George Costigan

  • Oblivious Guilt Slinging: After Kevin arranges the kidnapping of his daughter, Nevison offers to personally pay for the schooling of his daughter's and give Kevin the fair shake he felt he never got by leaving him in charge of the company....while Nevison spends time with his dying wife.


Kevin Stephen Weatherhill

Played By: Steve Pemberton

  • Beware the Quiet Ones
  • Never My Fault: Although he initially feels immense guilt about the scheme he concocts, his imprisonment causes him to sink into denial. He shirks all responsibility and blames everyone but himself. He blames his wife for "encouraging" him, even though he was already neck-deep in the scheme by the time he confessed to her and had counseled him to go to the police. He blames Nevison for the whole ordeal although all Nevison did was refuse to give him a raise and supposedly rip his father off at some point.
  • Prison Rape
  • A Tragedy of Impulsiveness
  • Villainous Breakdown
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist


Ashley Cowgill

Played By: Joe Armstrong


Lewis Whippey

Played By: Adam Long

Alas, Poor Villain

West Yorkshire Police


Constable Shafiq Shah

Played By: Shane Zaza


Praveen Badal

Played By: Ramon Tikaram

    Mc Askill 

Constable Kirsten McAskill

Played By: Sophie Rundle


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