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The characters of the ABC television series Happy Town:

Henley Boone

Played by: Lauren German
A newcomer to Haplin County.

Tommy Conroy

Played by: Geoff Stults
The son of Haplin County's Sheriff Griffin County, Tommy reluctantly replaces his father as sheriff when Griffin becomes delusional and hospitalized. Tommy is put on the case of the murder of Jerry Friddle.

  • Curtains Match the Window
  • Happily Married: With Rachel.
  • Like A Daughter To Me: Georgia.
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  • Papa Wolf: Tommy gets naturally very angrywhen he finds out about Georgia possibly getting drugged and then ending up at the Stiviletto house. He goes over to the Stivilettos' and kicks their asses. Though Georgia is not Tommy's daughter, she is the babysitter of Tommy's and Rachel's daughter Emma and is like a daughter to them.
  • Refusal of the Call: Tommy is initially reluctant to take on the mantle as sheriff when his father gets hospitalized, but inevitably agrees.


The Magic Man

Played by:
The Magic Man has been a dark secret plaguing Happy Town for years. He has the ability to make people disappear.

Rachel Conroy

Played by: Amy Acker
Tommy's wife and the mother of Emmma.

Georgia Bravin

Played by: Sarah Gadon
Georgia is the babysitter of the Conroys' daughter Emma. She is in a secret relationship with Andrew Haplin, despite the fact that their parents hate each other. Her father is abusive and has been dealing with crystal meth.


Andrew Haplin

Played by: Ben Schnetzer
The son of the wealthy Haplin family, Andrew is a troublemaker and is in a secret relationship with Georgia, despite the fact that their parents hate each other.

Merrit Grieves

Played by: Sam Neill
A charming and mysterious eldery gentleman who Henley befriends.

Detective Roger Hobbs

Played by: Robert Wisdom
The Head Detective and number two in the Haplin Sheriff Department.


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