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This is the Character Sheet for Happy Together, the Russian remake of Married... with Children.

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    The Bukins 

Gennadiy "Gena" Bukin

Played by: Viktor Loginov
Based on: Al Bundy

He used to be a great soccer player, and to this day he can't forget the tournament where he performed a hat-trick. An injury and an unwise marriage later, he had to resort to selling shoes.

  • Informed Deformity: The bald jokes from earlier episodes, as well as the remake of the episode The Bald and the Beautiful make less sense here, since Viktor Loginov has a full head of hair.
  • Took a Level in Cynic: In the final season, Gena's frustration with living with an annoying wife and two kids who, despite being grown-ups, still live at home, started visibly building up, and his jokes about wanting to leave his family became less and less of a joke. When the opportunity to leave his family presented itself, he jumped on it.

Evdokiya "Dasha" Bukina (née Bannyh)

Played by: Natalia Bochkareva
Based on: Peggy Bundy

Gena's lazy and bossy wife.

  • Character Development: In the final season she gets a steady job and, after Gena leaves her, becomes more responsible and a lot more sympathetic. It is quite telling when the character who was little more than an Entitled Bitch throughout the series ends up becoming the emotional center of the Series Finale.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Is much more deadpan when she snarks than Peggy.
  • Evil Redhead: Just like Peggy Bundy, but instead of becoming more and more bouffant, her hair instead retains a more usual and modern look, it's the color that progressively changes: the first episodes show her with almost brown hair, and by the end of the "MWC remake" part of the series, it is a bright, flamboyant red.
  • Femme Fatalons: Seems to get and lose them between seasons.

Svetlana "Sveta" Bukina

Played by: Daria Sagalova
Based on: Kelly Bundy

Gena and Dasha's daughter. A blonde ditz who goes through life relying on her good looks.

  • Genius Ditz: While new episodes continue this trait just like in the parent show, one episode towards the end of the series outright gives her a superpower, when she casually reveals that she always heard and understood what her dog Baron "said", but never actually cared.
  • I Resemble That Remark!: An accidental case. Her comments about Roma's height became this in this remake, since Yakin and Sagalova are roughly of the same height.
  • Never Grew Up: Seems to be of a different breed of Dumb Blonde than Kelly Bundy: instead of being a slow dullard, Sveta acts like a hyperactive child in her early teens.
  • Woman Child: See "Never Grew Up" above.

Roman "Roma" Bukin

Played by: Aleksandr Yakin
Based on: Bud Bundy

Gena and Dasha's son. Despite being the smartest one in the family, with time he became as much of a loser as his father.

  • Plot Allergy: In newer episodes he is revealed to have a horrible allergy to citrus fruit: even being sprayed with perfume with lemon is enough to make him swell to the point of being unrecognizable.
  • Sickly Prodigy: Newer episodes reveal that despite looking completely normal, he actually has some health issues: the aforementioned allergy, scurvy and no sense of smell (the latter because of a toy stuck in his skull) .


    The neighbors 

Elena "Lena" Poleno (formerly Stepanova, née Kuryatina)

Played by: Yulia Zaharova
Based on: Marcy D'Arcy

She moved in next to the Bukin's in the pilot episode. While she originally was kind and well-meaning, with just a little bit of a mean streak, both Gena's influence on her husbands and Dasha's influence on her completely warped her personality.

  • Embarrassing Last Name:
    • Her last name after she remarried literally means "wood log". When she learns it she recalls she used to be called "Lena the wood log" in school because of her not-so-slim figure.
    • The reveal that her maiden name literally has the word "chicken" in it finally explains her recurrent Berserk Button.

Evgeniy "Zhenya" Stepanov

Played by: Aleksey Sekirin
Based on: Steve Rhoades

Lena's first husband. Originally a banker like his wife, he lost his job, left Lena to be a park ranger, and then wound up as a limo driver. From this point on, his biography diverges from Steve Rhoades': some time later, he wound up jobless once again and started stalking Lena, desperate to win her back. After she denied him, he pieced his life together, got back into the banking business, and ended up becoming Lena's boss. His first order of business was to fire her.

Anatoliy "Tolik" Poleno

Played by: Pavel Savinkov
Based on: Jefferson D'Arcy

One day, Lena woke up with a hangover, a ring around her finger, and this man in her bed. A lazy pretty boy with a mysterious past, Tolik does not work and spends his day watching TV.

  • You Don't Look Like You: The only character in the main cast to look nothing like his counterpart from the original series.


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