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Because of how Discord Murder Party works, most of the players control different characters in each scenario, with their true awakened identities being spoilers. As such, general tropes for the characters spoiler: and tropes for their Awakened identities will be in the Players folder, while specific characters from various scenarios will be in the Scenario-Specific Characters folder.

Death tropes, due to the nature of the game, will not be spoiled, and neither will trope names - you have been warned!


Spoilers from Seasons 1 and 2 will not be marked!

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Tropes that apply to the Players as a whole:

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: The players tend to play as different characters in each scenario so they fit the setting. The exceptions being certain awakened players, and Dr. McGillicutty.
    • Identity Amnesia: As such the true Identity of the remaining players remains a mystery to themselves. Vincent's goal is to restore those Identities

Murder God

Actor: Kristen Trawczynski

The mastermind and god of this universe. Enjoys violence and death. Made a deal with Vincent Reid and the Awakened to try and reveal everyone's true identities, but intends to do so while telling a story of tragedy, violence, and death.


  • Badass Fingersnap: How she usually uses her powers.
  • Berserk Button: Not playing along with the game.
  • Big Bad: Is the one who initiated this whole game.
  • Deal with the Devil: Vincent Reid made a deal with her to get a chance to awaken all the other players, and every character made a deal with her
  • Game Show Host: A twisted version of one.
  • God of Evil
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: It doesn't take much to get the Murder God shouting.
  • Reality Warper: Can create universes and erase people from existence with a snap of her fingers.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Tends to have these when Awakened refuse to join her side, such as when Tommy is awakened properly, spoiler: when Percy finally realizes she's not a good person, and when Christine and Junior refuse to kill each other.

SplitGuardian's Characters

Awakened Name: Vincent Marshall Reid

The first of the souls to awaken, Vincent Reed was a soldier in World War I who got shot down from his plane. Facing certain death, he made a deal with the Murder God - she would claim his soul in exchange for stopping the war and saving his family. She only did the first one. After awakening he made another deal with her, to make the games interesting - he would continue to play along with the games and not break them, but he'd also be trying to awaken the rest of the 13 lost souls in Discord Murder Party.


  • Back from the Dead: Charlie Ericson came back at the end of the Spring Olympics, irritating the Murder God enough to set up a special scenario just to break him. It backfired and Vincent awakened from pure pain and rage.
  • Deal with the Devil: Made one with the Murder God to awaken the other lost souls.
  • Iron Woobie: Vinny lost his kids and family both in and out of game, unable to save Marshall from dying, and had the Murder God break his wrist on top of it. Despite this, continues to try to awaken the other souls.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Split tends to play these sorts of characters, like Charlie Ericson, Dr. Grandor, and Vincent himself.
  • Terror Hero: Episode 11 Scenario 2, upon learning Murder God's possible fear of water, Vincent takes advantage of it during the scenario.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Though, to be fair, said girl is an evil god who is putting him through a sadistic game.

Adric's Characters

Awakened Name: Tommy Gwendolyn

The second awakened soul, Tommy (not Thomas - trying to awaken himself with that name ended poorly) Gwendolyn was only given a few weeks to live from having multiple disease. He made a deal with someone related to the Murder God, by the name of Jason Vile, for a more luxurious life. The day his soul was supposedly to be taken, he received surgery and would have lived, if it wasn't for Jason who cut his life support tubes. His forced awakening made Tommy into a broken, glitchy messes. He received the title of the Broken due to his life and his current status. His year of death is 2016. He finally gets properly awakened thanks to the reflection his lover, Angelena, appearing in the Matchelor scenario.


  • Break Them by Talking: Murder God, having been fed up by Vincent, decides to make Tommy relive his most painful memories while adding guilt. This further breaks him, receiving the title of The Broken. It doesn't stick, and he gets his true title of The Stalwart.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The game before awakening, revealed the murderer and begged her to be executed knowing that it would kill him too. Tends to do this in-game when someone needs to die so that others can continue awakening.

Queen's Characters

Awakened Name: Grace Garden

The third Awakened Soul, a forced detective from the Scotland Yard. Her uncle, who adopted her after her parents died was the one that wanted her to become a detective, but she couldn't take it. She tried to stop working, but her uncle didn't allow her to stop. To become a detective, as her uncle wanted, she had to bottle all of her emotions up inside. The amount became unhealthy as it created another side of her. That side of her was the one who made a wish. Her wish was to be normal again, to be whole. She disappeared in the year 1943, but didn't die.


Alex's Characters

Awakened Name: (presumably) Dr. Doctor McGillicutty

An anomaly, or The Fly according to the Murder God, Dr. McGillicutty seems incredibly aware of the events going on in Discord Murder Party. He's an old man in his fifties or sixties with a vaguely British accent, a love of SCIENCE, and a hatred of communism. spoiler:Multiple similarly-named characters, Stephen Cutter, Mr. GcMillicutty, and Mssr. Guy le Cutaux, have appeared in his stead in various scenarios without explanation.


McGillicutty: It appears...It appears it was no mere stabbing. This was the injection of a disease. Dramatically takes off glasses. There's another pair of glasses underneath. A sexy disease!

Scott's Characters

Awakened Name: Percy Blackwood

The fourth awakened character. Bored with life on his family farm, and figuring he wouldn't get anywhere after his parents died and his sister got sick, he made a wish to see exciting new worlds. When the second season recycled scenarios and his characters, he remembered his backstory, but still believed he was getting what he wanted from his "muse" the Murder God, but eventually realized he needed to help people and not just abandon people to their problems.


Bro's Characters

Awakened Name: Junior

An orphan adopted by the Black Stars cult, Junior was gifted with superhuman strength and groomed into the serial killer known as the Grace Killer. After killing the wrong Forks family, Junior went on the run, but was eventually caught and made a wish to be a better person. Eventually realized the best way to break the cycle was to genuinely work to be a better person.


  • Heroic Sacrifice: If they're the murderer they tend to out themselves when possible to stop more deaths from happening.
  • Only One Name: It's just Junior, it's always been just Junior."

Uprising's Characters

Awakened Name: Princess Valencia Lynch


JoJo's Characters

Awakened Name: Thorin Blue


Darby's Characters

Awakened Name: Yugo Hernandez


  • Heroic Sacrifice: Decided to sacrifice his soul for Thorin's in Part 2 of the Season Finale.

Juno's Characters

Awakened Name: Hailey Huang


The Nicknamer

Moon's Characters

Awakened Name: Ezra Crane


Cami's Characters

Awakened Name: Christine Forks

Christine Forks would have been Awakened shortly after Tommy, but proclaiming that she had what she wanted, went to sleep. Later woke back up in a rage, revealing that her husband and two kids were killed by a serial killer known as the Grace Killer, and she made a wish for vengeance. Eventually realized that vengeance wouldn't help her, and alongside the Grace Killer vowed to break the cycle. Due to the intervention of AElethias, Christine was removed from the games afterCami was no longer able to attend sessions.


Phill's Characters

Awakened Name: Francis

Due to the intervention of AElethias, Francis was removed from the games after Phill could no longer join the sessions.


Kikyo's Characters

Awakened Name: John Smith

Kikyo usually plays a guy named John. Yep, just John. John is the only recurring non-awakened character. Or was - John Smith turned out to be a stuck reflection of Moon's character, and was erased from the game after Kikyo could no longer join the games.


  • The Generic Guy: His name is John and he goes to the bathroom. Despite this he keeps showing up.

     Scenario-Specific Characters 


Actor: Cami

Everyone knows *Cue Ambulance Siren*, but we all just call her NURSE!


  • Backup Twin: After Cami uses her potion to save herself thanks to her role of the witch, they decide to kick NURSE to replace her with her hotter Twin sister *Cue a different Ambulance siren*, or, as she's referred to, NURSE.
  • Cryptic Background Reference: She keeps mentioning past seasons of the Soap Opera she stars in, but we have no idea what happened in those past seasons.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Her names always seems to be covered by ambulance sirens.
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: How NURSE is pronounced.

Marshall Simon

Actor: JoJo

Why is there a kid in the army?


  • Children Are Innocent: Marshall was the role of the Gardener, so he was definitely innocent. Also he's a child.
  • Tear Jerker: Marshall dies despite having been saved by the Witch Doctor. (Episode 6, Scenario 2)

Dean Denzel Dennis III

Actor: Juno

The place he comes from is a literal dreamland.


  • Expy: Dean's voice and references to Kirby games mark him as an expy of King Dedede.

     Black Stars **SPOILERS** 

A group of ancient eldritch deities who created the Murder Games, and at one point, reality itself, with designs to reclaim their control of everything.

Tropes that apply to the Black Stars as a whole:


Actor: ???

The Stars. The first and most powerful of the Black Stars. Created reality as we know it, and was sealed away between dimensions.


  • Greater-Scope Villain: Though Murder God runs the games, it is Her influence that made the Black Stars, and thus the games, in the first place.
  • You Cannot Grasp the True Form: Even among the Black Stars. Junior, who had been properly indoctrinated, learned her true name and went blind for five days. The cultist next to him exploded into goo but didn't die.


Actor: ???

The Seas, and the second of the Black Stars. The first human, created, drowned, and reincarnated multiple times by Her until he transformed into a hideous whale monster, whereupon he was made into her consort and a Black Star. Has death as part of his domain.



Actor: Alex

The Land, and the third of the Black Stars. One of the tribesmen that appeared when land first started to form, he wandered from his tribe. He was punished by Her for his arrogance and turned into a deer monster. Has time as part of his domain.


  • Greater-Scope Villain: For Valencia's story. He holds great influence in Pravum, and Artorias' actions were to gain favor from Cernos.
  • Jerkass Gods: Even for a Black Star. Every word and action Cernos does drips with malice and hatred.
  • The Dreaded: Showed up in the middle of Season 3 to try and force Murder God to stick with the plan. Even his mere presence left her paralyzed with fear.
  • The Marvelous Deer: Depicted as this. His true form is... not quite so pretty.


Actor: Xander

The Mind, and the fourth of the Black Stars. A scientist chosen by Her to ascend and help create the Great Work.



Actor: Atwas

The Revealer at the heart of all desire, and the fifth Black Star. Ran the Games before the Murder God, and chose her as their replacement.



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