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Trivia / Discord Murder Party

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  • Ascended Fanon: The chorus of a song about Discord Murder Party written by the fan UniRob is used as the official opening song starting in Episode 6 and for all the episodes after it in Season 1.

  • Enforced Method Acting: Cami had no idea who the Grace Killer was before the reveal. She had been kept in the dark for several years.

  • Fangirl: Uprising becomes this during Season 2 Episode 3's Train Scenario when their character is a huge reference to the The Adventure Zone and geeks out about it. This becomes an Epic Fail as she is instantly revealed as the murderer as a character is called Jess the Beheader

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  • McLeaned: As a result of their actors having real-life scheduling conflicts, two of the souls trapped in the games, Christine Forks and Francis, left the story permanently and irrevocably.


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