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Despite it's serious plot, Discord Murder Party is filled with funny moments, especially in some earlier episodes. Let's list them off.

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     S 1 Episode 4 – Always Remember The Hot Tub 

Scenario 1: Hospital MD

  • The whole Soap Opera Theme was really funny

  • Mr. Skelly and his skeleton puns, bordeline Visula Pun due to him being a skeleton


     S 1 Episode 7 – Let’s Try This Again… 

Scenario 1: Panic! At the Murder Party

  • Teeven becoming a velociraptor ... It's just as amazing as hilarious.

Scenario 2: YELL

  • Almost everyone being drunk.
    • Special mention to The Stoner and Cathy Fern, who were probably high as well.

     S 1 Episode 8 - On the Other Side 

Scenario 1: Cretaceous Gardens

  • The return of Teeven Styler as the OG Velocirocker

     S 1 Episode 9 – Put The Pieces Together 

Scenario 1: Contractually Obligated Beach Episode

  • It ended far too quickly for Murder God's pleasure

  • Doctor McGillycutty's reaction to one of the cocktails at the bar being White Russian.

     S 1 Episode 10 - ...And You Still Get Something Broken 


  • Grace's intro. Her reading Western slang in her monotone voice is just hilarious. Especially towards the end.

     S 1 Episode 11 - The Trusty Worm that Dieth Not 

Scenario 1: Micheal Bay

  • The intro of most of the characters and Murder God admitting not wanting them to die.

Scenario 2: Pirates and stuff like that

  • In the end, the tanner is technically the winner, since someone blew up the ship.


     S 1 Episode 12 - Time For Some Rewriting 

The Veeeeerrrrryyyyy Looooooonnnnnnnggggg Intro (Ruined by bits)

  • The intro is dragged for a very long time and it's really hilarious.

Scenario 1: Camp Streamix (It's the finale and we gotta)

  • Phill is appointed leader due to being healed the previous night. Unfortunately he's also the Tanner and instantly suggests kicking himself out. Grace's You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! reaction is likely shared by everyone

Scenario 2: The Matchelor

  • The return of King Dedede.

  • Hugh Jacough x King Dedede anyone?

     S 2 Episode 2 - A Hell of a Show 

Scenario 2: Everyone Loves The Circus

  • One of the murderers accuses themselves. Character wise it made sense and it just made the whole thing even more hilarious
    • The small car started with 7 clowns and somehow ended with 300

     S 2 Episode 6: Wolves Among Sheep 

Scenario 2: Wild and CRAAAAZY Game Show

  • Olmac and Vincent's final moments.

     S 2 Episode 10: The Wish That Must Be Granted 

Scenario 1: (Insert Scenario Name Here)

  • Murder God's answering machine


  • When Fido dies in the Hospital M.D. scenario, the Murder God jokingly mentions that Discord Murder Party will now have to be listed on A fan proceeded to add DMP to the website and due to the cast finding out, DMP quickly shot to the number one trending TV Show on Truly the show's greatest accomplishment.


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