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Tear Jerker / Discord Murder Party

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Insert the emotional moments that brought a tear to your eyes while listening to Discord Murder Party. Also beware these are spoilers.

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     Possible Recurring Events 

  • Cami's being told to kill Bro's character when they usually are best friends

  • JoJo. JoJo's characters usually are tragic or their death are usually emotional, especially since they are usually an abandoned child.


     Episode 2 - This Time It's Personal 

Scenario 1

  • Frederick's death

     Episode 4 - Always Remember The Hot Tub 

Scenario 1

  • Fido's death. The does the dog die? Yes

     Episode 6 - You Can't Save Them All. You Can't Save Anyone 

Scenario 2

  • Rose Maudlin's death followed by Marshall's death. First, Marshall tries to stay with Jack who's about to kill Rose. Jack orders the others to get Marshall out of the room, since it isn't something the kid needed to see. Marshall calling out to Jack and pleading to stay with Jack is really emotional. Jack manages to get revenge for Marshall, but it turns out Jack's medicine didn't work. Jack supposedly saved Marshall, killed the person who tried to kill the kid, but in the end it was really all for nothing.

     Episode 7 - Let's Try Again... 

     Episode 8 - On the Other Side 

Scenario 1

  • Tito's reveal of being the murderer. When it becomes clear that Tito is the murderer, Dina doesn't take it well.


     Episode 10 - ...And You Still Get Something Broken 

Scenario 1

  • Casey Jr.'s death. Similar to Marshall, Casey Jr. dies in the arms of her caretaker Casey Jones. Her death is also rather tragic as her lower body was eaten alive by the Chupacabras. In last moments she apologizes to Casey Jones who starts to break down from the death.

Scenario 2

  • The truth about Grace Garden. Learning her story is rather sad, when you realize she was emotionally abused to develop a split personality. Also her pleading the McGillicutty to fix is rather emotional.

  • The ending of the game, is emotional as Mochi protects Hanakuma from the murderer Kotoro. Mochi gets stabs but gets Kotoro. Though the ending moment between Hanakuma and Mochi is quite emotional.

     Episode 11 - The Trusty Worm that Dieth Not 

Scenario 1: Micheal Bay

Scenario 2: Pirates and stuff like that

  • Loki refusing to make Sif walk the plank.

Tommy's backstory

  • Practically all of it. How can you not feel bad for Tommy after hearing that he was tricked to give his soul for the Murder God. He also refused to wish for the girl he loved, because he believed she deserved better than someone stuck to a hospital bed. But that was false, and Murder God adds to his pain by saying he left her alone and that everything was his fault. After Murder God removes Vincent from the flashbacks, it's emotional to hear Tommy "Don't send him back".

     Episode 4: Honest Feedback 

Scenario 2: I know HARRY POTTER has The Discourse now but listen


  • After Tommy gives his honest opinion, Murder God gives him a thousand paper cuts. Should he move, it could make it worse


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