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Belligerent Sexual Tension in webcomics.

  • In Arthur, King of Time and Space, which ports the Arthurian legends to various genres, this is usually how Guinevere and Lancelot start out. In the genre where they're based on McCoy and Spock, they form a belligerent nascent threesome with Arthur/Kirk.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
  • In Bittersweet Candy Bowl
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold Paulo and Tsundere Lucy are an example of this.
    • Mike and Lucy even more so!
    • The fandom also likes to poke fun that Mike and Paulo have this. Also in the non-canon Ask Roseville High comics, Sue likes to tease this. She even uses the trope name once.
  • Womanizer Sven and deconstructied Hard-Drinking Party Girl Faye of Questionable Content. Yes, even after they kind-of sort-of get together.
  • No-Woo and Mu-Hyang of Divine Bells. Though this may disappear after the recent reveal of Mu-Hyang's connection to the Big Bad Baek-Yeom.
  • Karkat and Terezi of Homestuck. To the extent that it has been commented upon in canon:
    EB: anyway, i kind of got the impression that you and terezi were a thing.
    EB: Like, i dunno.
    EB: Going on weird fight dates and beating the crap out of each other, and being in hate-love or love-hate.
    EB: Isn't that how it works?
    • Kismessitude is BST by another name. Troll society considers having such a relationship a critical part of mental and romantic health. The intensity of the hate also has a valued effect on offspring.
    • Jack Noir and the Black Queen, while not trolls, have this attitude towards each other, whether they realize it or not. Their alternate universe selves Snowman and Spades Slick also have this relationship, heavily implied throughout their appearances and interactions, which include both violence and flirting. While in Doc Scratch's apartment, Snowman saves Slick's life, and they share an embrace and a "hate snog", emblazoned with a bloodstained spade (the symbol of kismesissitude.)

  • Misfile:
    • Ash and Rumisiel seem to be dating despite her constant annoyance at him, but it's a fake relationship and she's really just angry at him for other reasons.
    • The relationship between Ash and Emily. It's been established many times that they have feelings for each other, and Emily has struggled with the idea of being in a lesbian relationship with a former guy. They finally officially get together, but have to keep it secret for reasons other than not wanting to come out of the closet (so to speak).note 
  • In Monsters Garden, both Todd and Kilo attack each other the first time they meet. Todd decides to shoot Kilo inside Kilo's own home, but Kilo gets distracted by Todd's pretty face. But then Kilo decides to break Todd's hand. Todd's reaction? To grin and blush.
  • Nasty variation occurs in Narbonic, where Helen is unable to admit her feelings for Dave because she values him too much as a test subject, and Dave is too shy and insecure.
  • Sluggy Freelance
    • Riff and Gwynn dating is a bit like this, she being very Tsundere and he an insensitive jerk towards women he dates. It doesn't last, though. The relationship isn't focused on, and while it goes on, it doesn't seem to have any redeeming features, but afterwards it's shown clearly enough that there had been some actual positive emotions involved.
    • A slightly complicated version between Gwynn and Torg. They're not the expected couple, because Torg has an epic Will They or Won't They? going on with Zoë. Nevertheless, they're attracted to each other, don't particularly want to admit it, and don't get along. Most of this happens on Gwynn's side; Torg gets on her nerves but usually not on purpose, and he's not unwilling to admit she's "got a lot going for her" and is "hot". He also doesn't think their fighting is serious. Meanwhile, Gwynn thinks she hates Torg's guts, acts accordingly, and thinks that the feeling is mutual and that Torg is out to get her. Naturally, she's completely unable to admit her attraction.
    • Between Riff and Izzy, one of the main reasons is that Riff visited an alternative future dimension where his counterpart had married her counterpart, and he's terrified of marrying anyone.
  • WTF Comics: Grouchy dragon warrior Straha and haughty elven summoner Maguna.
  • Yongbi The Invincible: Hong Ye-Mong loses her cool against Yongbi for swindling her wealth. It is revealed that she was attracted to Yongbi and was engaged to him, before he swindled her. It is unknown how they made up, but in the sequel Gosu, they are both legendary martial artists and have been married for a few decades, with occasional quarrels.
  • Girl Genius:
    • The mellow fellow Abner and fiery gal Pix start out this way, then get together soon after Agatha joins the circus.
    • Parodied with Tarvek and his cousin Violetta, when she's first introduced, Violetta's rage at and contempt for Tarvek makes Moloch von Zinzer ask it they're married. Violetta responds with revulsion but some in the fandom already shipped the two.
  • Black Mage and White Mage in 8-Bit Theater would have this. Only BM lacks the heart of gold. Probably a heart at all. Oh and White Mage finds him completely and utterly repulsive in every single way possible. And some that aren't.
  • Zexion and Namine spend much of Ansem Retort alternating between baiting and belittling each other in an unending battle of wits, and helping each other coordinate and execute incredibly unlikely plots. They claim to hate each other, but spend all their time around each other anyway. Namine was impressed when Zexion sold territory to Mexico for a sexy Spanish name, Zexion knew immediately who had swapped his cyanide pills with Mentos, he detoured from his booty call with Belle to brag to Namine, and Namine developed a psychic "Zexion-sense" alerting her that he was in trouble... not that she cared enough to do anything about it, mind you. It ultimately is resolved when Zexion announces that he will have sex with everything Namine loves, and Namine immediately replies that she loves herself, daring him to go through with it. He does.
  • Domenico and Zoé of Sandra on the Rocks demonstrate the "divorced couple with unresolved tensions" variant of the trope, at high intensity. Buckets of cold water may be required.
  • Parodied by Oglaf comic "Perhaps", with a storyteller whose stories consist entirely of describing two characters with conflicting interests, who "fell to the ground and started fucking". There's no development, no plot, and no resolution of their conflicts beyond the sex. "Perhaps that's enough."
  • Ophelia Banksly and Simon Emmett of Riverside Extras. They're on opposing sides of a gang war, and their attempts to foil each other's plans frequently turn into flirting. He draws knives on her; she drugs him with ether. Lampshaded by Simon's best friend Jefferson, who "doesn't want to be a part of the foreplay". Their having sex in the chapter "Consigliera" is preceded by Ophelia telling Simon exactly how she'll destroy him if he gets in the way of her plans.
  • Mage & Demon Queen features one of the most extreme, yet lighthearted examples, in that Demon Queen Velverosa keeps murdering her love interest, the Mage Malori. However, Death Is a Slap on the Wrist in this universe as Malori can easily revive in town; Malori has openly stated that she rather enjoys all the pain, suffering, and death Velverosa inflicts on her; and Velverosa is simply far too stubborn to admit the attraction is mutual.


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