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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Breaking out of the ice room. Alone, the player is unable to shatter more than a small portion of the ice blocking the door handle. If you bring Ben, he unleashes a powerful Flipendo that shatters all the remaining ice holding the door. If you bring Penny, she drinks a Strengthening Solution that gives her temporary Super Strength, allowing her to force the door open.
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  • During your second year, Merula tries to frame you for stealing supplies from Snape's classroom, and even managed to plant them next to your bed. Trying to claim ignorance will lead you to lose house points. However, if your Knowledge skill is high enough, you can turn the tables on her by accusing her of framing you. She tries to bluff her way past the accusation, but Snape sees right through her lies because her eyes are darting from side to side.
    Snape: You will stay after class every day for the remainder of the year to clean and organize my supplies as punishment for attempting to frame <name>.
  • If you take Ben with you to search for the vault at the end of Year 2, a frustrated McGonagall will be unable to deduct house points because Ben (who's strongest in charms) covered your tracks so well.
  • During the vault search at the end of Year 3, Merula and Ismelda come to defeat the player and search the vault themselves. Barnaby not only takes a curse meant for the player head-on with barely a whimper, but he also buys the player time by dueling Ismelda and Merula at the same time offscreen. They don't call him one of the most talented duelists for nothing.
    • In Year 4, the player can also choose to duel Ismelda to avenge their ally.
  • In Year 4 Chapter 15, Ben Copper (who is the red cloaked figure who attacked you in chapter 3 of the same year) is able to soundly best you in a duel to the death without even thinking about it (he may literally not have been able to think about it as he may have been Imperioused). Remember that you are a powerful and skilled wizard/witch and duelist yourself for your age (having bested many skilled duelists, including Barnaby Lee, the strongest duelist in your year and Bill Weasley, another skilled duelist who is older than you and has more experience than you) and Ben trouced you and likely would have killed you if Madam Rakepick hadn't saved you. This proves Ben's nervousness and lack of self-confidence is his greatness weakness. If he could overcome that, he'd be an incredibly dangerous foe to fight against.
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  • During the Christmas event you can pick who you're getting a present for. One of the options is Merula, who's otherwise all alonenote . If you choose Merula, Peeves offers to help you out on getting her a present, which turns out to be a song book. Against all expectation, Merula likes it so much she smiles and wishes you Happy Christmas. Doubles as heartwarming, but the sheer unexpectedness of having a genuinely friendly interaction with her also slots it here for many players.

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