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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In a Christmas side quest, your character is spending their holidays at Hogwarts alongside a handful of friends. You can choose to include a lonely Merula in the festivities, and although she resists at first, she ends up having a good time. You can also receive a very sweet hug from Penny.
    • Extra points for Molly Weasley immediately going into Parental Substitute mode with Merula, taking no sass and not treating her any differently from any of the other kids. For a little while, Merula's got a caring parent again.
    • You can get Merula a present. Peeves helps you out and, surprisingly, is actually sincere in his offer. Not only does Merula like it, she actually gives you a genuine smile and thanks you. She even follows you back over to your friends and awkwardly lingers behind you while you open your own present. The entire interaction comes off as painfully adorable. Later on, Merula teaches you a spell that creates snow, revealing that it was taught to her by her mother and saying it's the only harmless spell her parents showed her. After this, she angrily tells you to leave her alone and that she won't be joining you and your friends in the great hall for dinner. However, at the end of the event, Merula changes her mind and joins you, your friends and Mr and Mrs Weasley in the great hall, even encouraging you to cast the spell that she just taught you. Easily the most heart warming moment in the game so far. Merula may act like she doesn't want to be around you and your friends, but it's clear from this that deep down she's just happy someone cares.
  • In the animagus side quest you meet Talbott, an introverted Ravenclaw with a troubled past. Much like Merula, he isn't interested in being your friend. By the end of the quest however, you've earned his trust, and he even admits that he feels better for having told you about the deaths of his parents.
    • In your fifth year, you sort of bond with Ismelda, and help her deal with her crush on Barnaby. Ultimately, he doesn't like her back, but she handles the rejection with surprising maturity and thanks your character for helping her.
  • Chiara giving her Wolfsbane Potion to Lupin, thinking he needs it more.
    • After you support her through a full moon, she gives you the photo of a sunrise Lupin gave her. Taken by his friend Prongs.
  • Barnaby leaps in front of an attack meant for the MC when a possessed Rowan attacks and remarks that it was better him than you.
  • Barnaby and Rowan's friendship. Rowan apparently tutors Barnaby sometimes, and he pays attention when Rowan gives lectures in History of Magic. Also, during an argument with your friends, Barnaby pleads with Rowan not to fight, because it reminds him of his difficult home life. Rowan, realising they have upset Barnaby, apologises sincerely.
  • The Celestial Ball side quest is this overall, with the MC taking their date of choice on a very sweet date with their crush where they compliment each other and get on the floor together. It turns out that all eight options actually had the MC as their first choice for a date. For added heartwarming appeal, one can choose Merula, who seems positively delighted at being asked. She even (very bashfully) admits that she was going to ask them but didn't know how to go about doing it.
    • There's also this one line from the MC that they'll sometimes say when you click on them during the activity that really makes the fact that they took the girl who was once their biggest foe that much sweeter:
    "I have the best date at the whole ball!"
  • The reunion with your brother in Year 5, Chapter 30 (provided you choose to trust him).
  • The Dating Sidequest is here and you can choose to date Barnaby, Talbott, Andre, Merula, Penny, or Tulip with either sex of MC. Each unique date has their own unique dialogue and acknowledges past events like if you took them to the Celestial ball. It's incredibly sweet to see the main character act like just a normal teenager and each date enjoys their time in their own way.
  • Snape's occasional Pet the Dog moments with the player character, such as giving advice about how they should choose a date for the Celestial Ball, or apologizing for embarrassing them in the Crushing It sidequest.
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  • The "Searching For A Comet" side quest. After being given a Comet Broom by Skye for making the Quidditch team but finding it missing, the Player forms a secret team with her, Orion and Murphy to find it. The Player can take the blame twice in the search, and ends up improving their relationship with their teammates.
  • 2019's Christmas sidequest has the player being invited by Bill to visit the Burrow and have Christmas with the Weasleys. Despite a comedy of errors ensuing due to their eagerness to be a good guests and forcing a late arrival, the gathering goes splendidly, and even Merula gets to enjoy the festivities.

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