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The unseen character Billingsley? It's the Wingardium Leviosa kid.

Nobody can remember Leviosa Kid's real name. The player never sees Billingsley, only hearing about his latest screw-up. Well, who's a bigger doofus than Leviosa Kid?

  • That doesn’t really make any sense. Everyone knows Billingsley, and knows his name. So why would he be the one kid nobody knows the name of?

The player character follows their brother to his house, and Rowan subsequently follows the player to their house.

Jacob is always a former member of the house you choose. But given that this technically happens before the player character has chosen, the player character likely factored their brother's house into their choice. Rowan is always sorted into the house you chose before you are sorted yourself. Rowan, who admits to not having friends besides the player, likely requested to be sorted into the house that the player character had (off-screen) discussed choosing.

  • You normally can’t choose a House. The player is the only character in the entire series to pick their House. Harry didn’t CHOOSE Gryffindor. The Hat said he could be in any House and Harry just asked not to go to Slytherin. Neville tried to choose his House and the Hat wouldn’t let him. For whatever reason, the Player and Rowan are just naturally sorted into the same House as Jacob.
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  • Houses tend to run in families (cf. the Weasleys, the Potters, the Blacks, etc.). Jacob and the Player Character were raised in the same family, presumably with the same values, and were therefore Sorted into the same house because it genuinely suited them both. It just so happened that Rowan had those same values. Harry happened to meet Ron, Hermione, and Neville on the train before all four of them were Sorted into Gryffindor, so why couldn't the Player Character happen to meet Rowan in the same way?

The infamous Devil's Snare scene shows that the developers oppose the use of energy.
It's so on-the-nose in presenting microtransactions as a horrible marketing strategy — the publisher is holding a child hostage in a dangerous situation unless you cough up the cash to put an end to it — that it comes across as them agreeing with you and wanting to take them out of the game, but being mandated as leaving them in, so they just make it look as deplorable as they can in protest.

Ben Copper is on the autism spectrum.

Ben, your squeamish and shy friend from Gryffindor, shows signs of being on the spectrum. He's gifted at Charms and appears quite intelligent, but is afraid of pretty much everything about Hogwarts, even after first year. In an early third year scene, he mentions being afraid of things like bright lights and loud noises; this could be a sign of sensory sensitivity or overload. In that same scene, Ben is even rattled when your character casts the basic spell Lumos, because of the bright light it produces.

  • It could be some sort schizophrenia, where he perceives things differently than they actually are or sees things that simply aren't there, but it goes untreated due to the whole "he's just a muggleborn flung into the magical world" thing. For three whole years.

Jacob became the Ice Knight

Shortly after being expelled from Hogwarts, Jacob sneaked back in to do one last investigation of the Cursed Vaults. He picked a fight with the Ice Knight, won, and then got trapped in its armor.

  • Jossed. He did fall prey to a Cursed Vault trap, but he's found alive.

Jacob is dead.

Jacob was actually alive when the story started. Infiltrating Hogwarts while you began school, he attempted to reopen one of the Cursed Vaults, causing the mess of cursed ice during your first and second years. However, he fell prey to the traps and dark secrets within and met his end.

  • Jossed. He did fall prey to a Cursed Vault trap, but he's found alive.

Ben Copper will eventually Take a Level in Badass.

At some point, Ben, with the help and encouragement of his friends, will overcome his fears and take on Merula Snyde in a one-on-one duel, and come out on top.

  • Sort of? He’s taken such a level in badass he’s become reckless. But it wasn’t due to anyone’s help.

Merula's motivations.

Merula Snyde's motivation for finding the vaults is to erase the shame of being the daughter of two Death Eaters, all while bringing personal glory to herself. The arrogance and over-confidence is mostly a coping mechanism. She resents the player character for always overshadowing her own genius at magic, having so many friends (even "stealing" Tulip, her only friend, away from her) and a caring family when she has none, and managing to cope easily with the controversy surrounding Jacob.

Penny is a werewolf

I believe it's possible that Penny could be a werewolf. Either she became one by being bit by the werewolf which killed her friend Scarlet, or (more tragically) Penny was a werewolf before that and possibly the one who killed Scarlet

  • If visiting the Hufflepuff dorms in one of the quests, Rowan will remark how there's claw marks on some of the furniture.
    • That’s all well and good but Rowan also says this about Ravenclaw Tower if you are a Ravenclaw.
    • While the jury's still out on Ravenclaw Tower, the claw marks in the Hufflepuff dorms are eventually revealed to indeed be from a werewolf... just not from Penny.

Merula is a Tsundere who will eventually become your friend

It would explain why she seems to obsessively stalk and bully the player character.

Ismelda will betray Merula

As noted under Eviler Than Thou, Ismelda is shown to be much more nasty and outright malicious than Merula leading me to believe that she will double cross Merula at some point. Perhaps Merula will even be forced to team up with the Player in order to take down Ismelda.

Merula's Parents die in Azkaban at some point

In Order Of The Phoenix we see that of the 10 escaped Death Eaters, only one of them (Bellatrix) is female. This implies that at the very least Mrs. Snyde is dead by that point.

  • Or the Snydes weren’t able to escape.

Ben is the traitor

Ben Copper is a bit of an oddball, enough so that Rowan notes that he sometimes acts suspiciously. Opening up some of the hidden game files reveals this.

  • Though it’s possible this is a Boggart.
  • His involvement with "R" and the memory loss is suspicious enough, but the way he is able to make your tracks disappear and the dialogue you have with him at the celebration party at the Three Brooms hints that he knows way more than he lets on. In this context, his rather annoying cowardice could merely be hammy acting.
    • Possibly confirmed. Ben was revealed in Year 4 Chapter 15 to be the one who attacked you in Year 4 Chapter 3, however he claims to not remember anything and it is still possible he was controlled by "R" via the Imperius Curse.
      • Back to being up in the air in year 5. Both you and Ben are attacked in the courtyard by a hidden figure.
  • Finally jossed. The traitor is Rakepick.

Your character will eventually have to face Voldemort or someone/something with a direct connection.

Of course, it probably won't be the real thing because Voldemort does not actually reappear until the Harry Potter series, of which your own story is a prequel. But considering your Boggart, Jacob's history, and the rumors that your brother is a Death Eater, there are a lot of Voldemort connection possibilities for the final battle.

Once the game "ends," you can start over in your first year again.

This is the only thing that makes sense because Jam City is still developing parts of the game and adding choices, especially those that would allow you to act like more of a member of your House (rather than a stock Gryffindor, whether you chose that House or not). Other possibilities may include an actual Sorting quiz (we hope).

  • I would argue the player actually is written to be a Ravenclaw, what with their love of studying, teaching, and learning and how Rowan is always in your House despite clear Ravenclaw inclinations.

Rowan is the traitor and isn’t working alone
That is, Rowan is the mysterious “R”, but Rowan is working with someone else. Possibly with the curse-breaker, Patricia Rakepick. Rowan acts very suspiciously on several occasions and actually threatens you into following their plan to infiltrate another common room if you tell them their plan is mad. All of R’s notes are penned in code, Rowan is intent on saying Ben acts suspicious or is hiding something when Ben has done nothing the player sees to create this doubt (the player actually expresses shock at Rowan’s suggestion). Rowan knows Ben hangs out in the Artefacts Room and Ben says the room isn’t commonly known. Ben lacks a motive, coming from a Muggle family, but Rowan is a Pureblood or Half-blood. Rowan knows everything there is to know about you. We know Rowan can’t be working alone if Rowan is a traitor because male players are also told not to trust and ambiguous “her”. Rakepick makes sense to be this “her” because Jacob has to tell the player to not trust the person, and the player doesn’t need to be told to not trust Merula or Rita. Rakepick is also an authority figure, being a curse breaker. It makes sense then that the player would need to be told not to trust them. It ain’t as if Jacob could know Penny or Merula or Ben. Due to Rowan’s family being important and wizarding, they might know Rakepick. Rakepick might also know Jacob.
  • Further evidence: Rowan may be your best friend, but sometimes her behavior crosses into the fawning and sycophantic. That could be because of her Friendless Background, or she's just under deep cover. If you look closely, you may also notice she often stands apart from your other friends when you're all supposed to be talking together, as if she doesn't want anyone to read her too closely. Alternatively, though...
  • This Troper had independently thought that "R" might be a group rather than a single person. And that someone besides Rakepick and/or Rowan is in on it. At least one letter was addressed to Rakepick, in the same tone as the other letters, and I don't buy a Marionette Master at all.
  • Jossed. As of Year 6, Chapter 19, Rowan is dead, and Rakepick killed them.

The game's story is setting you up to be framed as the traitor.

As noted on the main page, the best responses you can give in a situation are often grayed out because your level of Knowledge, Courage, or Empathy is too low in the moment. In a twist on Do Well, but Not Perfect, it seems your "good" choices could come back to bite you. In other words, too much Courage and you look like a reckless jerk who'd put the school in danger; too little and you're a coward who would get involved with shady people to save your own neck. Too little Empathy and you look like you think It's All About Me; too much and you look like a kiss-up. It could be that the final quests/battles will involve some form of Clear My Name. If not, Clear Their Name is a possibility.

You will get expelled
at the beginning of Year 5.

Year 4 just released, and up until now, Dumbledore has basically let your character get away with murder because, despite many instances of Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking, you always end up saving the school. But he does mention at the end of your third year that he will no longer be able to excuse you should you break more school rules—which knowing your character, will happen. If the above WMG occurs, you would most likely be following directly in Jacob's footsteps, and the footsteps of Harry Potter in his fifth year. though of course your character isn't supposed to know that last part. Of course, this story being part of the Potter-Verse, it's likely that should you be expelled, you'll also get a hearing and get off. Whether this will be Dumbledore's doing is anybody's guess, but a safe bet.

  • Jossed. At the end of year 4, you're given the duty of selecting your punishment, and no matter your choice, Dumbledore gives you detention in the kitchen helping the house-elf.

MC is a Seer
This one has been volleyed around other forums so it seemed worth posting here. The main character is prone to having visions, making it plausible that they are a Seer. While it's possible that there is another explanation, if I remember correctly in Year 1 Rowan asks you if you've ever had them before. You have the option of being honest and saying yes, that you have seen things in the past. This implies that the cause of the visions is not related to your proximity to Hogwarts.
  • That's certainly possible. And the player character has been confirmed as a legilimens, just like Jacob.

Dumbledore is using MC as a test run for Harry Potter

MC enters Hogwarts with personal ties to the vaults, in the same way that Harry enters with personal ties to Voldemort. Dumbledore probably already has some idea of Harry's eventual fate, so he's using the MC as a test run. How easy is it to send a schoolkid off on dangerous adventures while still maintaining plausible deniability?

That map mentioned in the quest of spying on Rakepick? It's the Marauders' Map.

And Rakepick was either a friend of the Marauders, or their competition. It's possible they were all friends at one point and Rakepick had a falling out with the others.

Whatever sinister thing is going on with the Cursed Vaults, Dumbledore is in it up to his neck.

It's no secret that despite his dotty, Father Christmas personality, Dumbledore is a master manipulator who uses characters as chess pieces so he can get the glory for saving his school. The same is true here, especially if the WMG about the MC being a Harry Potter test run is true (which is somewhat obvious at this point). Is Dumbledore actively working for the bad guys? Probably not. But could he be feeding them info, even if not on purpose, or setting you up for a major fall later? Quite possibly.

We will get to meet at least one of the Marauders.

Which one is anyone's guess. Perhaps Lupin, if he takes another temporary post teaching DADA?

  • Well, considering James is dead, Sirius is locked up in Azkaban and Pettigrew is assumed to be dead, I think it should be fairly obvious who the only option is, if we did meet a Marauder.
    • Not necessarily a given. Percy starts attending Hogwarts during our fourth year, so it's possible that we'll have a run-in with Scabbers/Pettigrew at some point.
      • Confirmed in Year 5, when an early quest features Bill introducing you to Percy. Scabbers is present, and Bill and Charlie both express the opinion that there's something not right about that rat.
      • Lupin also appears in the new TLSQ Lone Wolf.

As with Harry Potter, Snape is protecting your character on the sly.

In true fashion, Snape is a consummate jerk to everybody, but as with Harry Potter, seems to have a particular dislike for your character (see the part where he suggests you drink your own Weedsoros for just one example). But he also seems interested in helping you in a very backhanded way, or outright recruiting you (see the quest where he asks you to spy on Rakepick). It's possible that, though he obviously doesn't have the same ties to you as he would to Harry, he does have a reason to protect you in particular. It's also possible that Snape and Jacob had a similar sort of "frenemy" thing going on back in the day. Or, of course, it could be that Snape just wants to sell you out to the Death Eaters, since after all you have no connection to his beloved Lily.

Snape will eventually teach your character Sectumsempra.

This was hinted at after you helped him spy on Madame Rakepick and he mentioned teaching you a curse he'd never shown anyone in return. The game makers seem to have dropped it for now, but Snape's help has a habit of showing up at entirely unexpected times.

At the end of year 5 one of friends will die and it is probably going to be Merula.

As it was outright said at the start of year 5, one of player character's friends is likely to die by the end of the year during search for the next cursed vault. At the same time Merula starts acting much more friendly towards player character and their friends, being skilled in investigation and offering more help and advice than before. She doesn't trust Rakepick even after being chosen as one of Rakepick's apprentices. Friends from the game's friends list are all somewhat protected by gameplay mechanics - throwing one of friends out of story before the player has managed to max out their relationship will block the player from getting friendship reward, which is entirely possible but not that likely as killing one of characters not from that list. Technically, Merula, Torvus, Hagrid, Rakepick, Talbott and Chiara Lobosca are all more or less can be counted friends of player character. Talbott and Chiara Lobosca come from easily missable timed missions meaning that player character might even never meet them (Talbott appears later once in year 5 mission to make Ravenclaw crowd to be more "crowdy"). Hagrid has a plot armor. Torvus is unlikely to be directly involved in search of next cursed vault since he never leaves the Forest. Rakepick and Merula are the only two candidates left, and the story seems to be building up some sort of tension between Rakepick and player character's friends, suspecting her as a secretely evil. Maybe she is going to unveil some sinister motives connected to the vault and Jacob. Maybe she is going to be confronted by Merula, which personal investigation might open some dark secrets of famous curse breaker.

Alternatively, Rowan will die.
Rowan is the obvious choice to hurt the player as their best friend, Rowan doesn’t get to become a professor, Rowan is easy to get to Level 10 just by progressing the story (Rowan can jump from Level 3 to 7 in one conversation you’re forced to have with them), Rowan is a valuable asset to the player as your researcher, Rowan is replaceable (with Tulip), assuming Rowan isn’t with R, Rowan is a huge threat to R as Rowan is extremely perceptive (having picked up on Ben being suspicious IN YEAR ONE, apparently) and good at breaking codes. Rowan is also being slowly phased out of the player’s life as you’re never forced to spend time with them after early Year 4, and you actually fight with Rowan on one to two occasions, meaning your friendship could be breaking apart. Once during the Prefect quest and again during Year 5. Rowan’s presence in lessons is being weaned out except for parts of History of Magic.

Confimed, Rowan sacrifices themselves to Rakepick's killing curse which was aimed at Ben.

Someone does die and the player sees it happen
After all, Thestrals are due to appear in the Reserve now.
  • This could be Penny, and/or Beatrice, if the death in question happens during year 5. We've already seen just how protective Penny is of her sister, and it fits with all the focus lately on the portraits.
  • Rakepick will be the death. She has taken the Marauder's Map after recognizing a name on it moving quickly — Peter Pettigrew hiding out as Scabbers. As she is also the DADA prof and therefore Doomed by Canon not to get a second year in the position, Pettigrew will show up and give her the ol' Avada Kedavra in MC's presence before the beginning of Year 6.

It's Rowan who dies.

  • There was a sidequest involving a thestral in which Merula is a test run of sorts for how it will behave around strangers. Now that we've seen Rowan's death, will those who witnessed it hang out, bonding over the thestral they can now see?

Rakepick will die, or otherwise leave the school by the end of fifth year.
The Defence Against the Dark Arts job is cursed, after all. We're also told that one of our friends will die by the end of the year - Rakepick isn't really a friend in a traditional sense, but maybe she'll die after finally proving herself to be trustworthy and an ally.
  • Confirmed. After attacking you in the most recent Vault and exposing her true intentions, she apparated away to parts unknown, and the position of DADA teacher is once again vacant as of Year 6.

Professor Quirrell will appear or at least make a cameo.
Well he was teaching Muggle Studies before so why not?

Jae and Chiara's relationship will be addressed in year 6 or 7.
These two are frequently seen talking in the background, or sitting together during exams. The nature of their relationship will eventually be addressed, possibly in a side-quest. Speaking of which...

Chiara will feature heavily in another TLSQ
Since the other side-quest kid Talbott has now starred in two side-quests, Chiara must be overdue for a new story of her own. It will either feature her friendship with Jae, or a new friendship with fellow Hufflepuff Tonks (who's previously shown an interest in werewolves, years before meeting Lupin).
  • Semi-confirmed. She does star in another TLSQ, but it doesn't feature her friendships with Jae or Tonks at all.

Ismelda Murk is related to Snape
Ismelda resembles Snape strongly with her pale skin, greasy hair, and unpleasant personality, including an interest in the dark arts and Voldemort's philosophy as well as a messed-up view on how love works. Considering how endogamous the wizarding world is, it wouldn't be out of the question for Ismelda to be related to Snape through his mother Eileen Prince's family. Her paternal grandmother is compared to a Dementor because she can suck out all the happiness in a room when she enters it. Maybe she's Eileen's sister or cousin?

R is Regulus Black
Why not?
  • Regulus Black died in 1979 and this game takes place in the 80s, that’s why not.

[[Spoiler: Rowan
will either return as a ghost or appear again via Time-Turner.]]]]

  • There are already rumors of a Time Turner TLSQ on HPHM forums, as well as conjecture that Rowan will return as a ghost, a la Duncan Ashe.

Year 6 Chapter 19 is just the beginning.

  • Now that Rowan has died, and Jam City has killed off a major character, it is quite possible that more characters will follow suit in the spirit of the Harry Potter franchise. It is also quite possible that, like Harry, the MC will be in a position where this occurs because of them or for their sake.

The game will allow us to go beyond graduation from Hogwarts into a career and possibly prep/a fighting role in the Second Wizarding War.

  • Again, this is conjecture based on forums and what fans would like to see happen in the game. Careers or apprenticeships, or both, are possible, likely based off the attribute our MC identifies with most. Many fans are also curious about whether we will be able to meet any of the Golden Trio, however briefly.

Our patronus will change.

  • According to canon, this happens due to major life events and/or personality changes. If Rowan's death is not a major change or does not lead to one, the question becomes, what is?

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