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Headscratchers / Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

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  • Wait, I thought Flying class was only for first years. Why is it being taken in later years?
    • It is also for later years, if they need it; but Harry proved to be a natural flyer who never needed it again, and most purebloods have presumably used brooms enough at home (as Draco claims to have done) that they no longer need the class past First Year. If she had had an affinity for flying, I wouldn't have been surprised if Hermione had continued Flying throughout her schooling, for example.

  • With how much stuff the player does and gets up to and the fact they befriend both Bill and Charlie and Tonks, why aren’t they ever mentioned to Harry? (I know it’s because they didn’t exist as a character back then but I was wondering if there was a plausible in universe reason.)
    • We don't see every aspect of Harry's life. They didn't even have to tell him,but if they did, it must have been at a time at Grimmauld place Rowling just skips in the book because old Hogwarts stories are irrelevant to the plot.

  • Why does the game still have the Player Character Made Out to Be a Jerkass to Flikwick for dueling The Bully even when one of the dialogue options could have the Player state they were fighting in self-defense? Or better yet, why does the school still hate the Player, even when there were witnesses who could attest to The Bully starting the fight?
    • Didn't Flitwick point out that the player character was defending themself and others, and Snape brushed it off by pointing out that dueling was against the rules regardless? (Seriously, I don't really remember...) That's hardly making the player character out to be a bad guy, it's just Snape being Snape.
      • But Flickwick, when doing an optional mission (i.e., learning a new spell), talks as though the Player Character DID do something bad and attempts to keep them from partaking in the lesson.
      • Pointing out the fact that you were just defending your friends to Snape makes him even angrier, since defending rule breaking with self righteousness is one of his BerserkButtons. And Flickwick is justified in being angry because you got him involved by convincing him to teach you a dueling spell and then using it illegally, making him an accessory.

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  • When planning to sneak a clue out of another House's common room, why does the Player Character come up with the harebrained idea to shrink themself instead of training and sending a pet to retrieve it instead? Furthermore, why does the Player Character not alter the plan even after being warned by Professor Flitwick how dangerous it is to shrink themself?

  • In the animagus side-quest, we're told that Talbott is brewing an animagus potion, and that we should ask him to brew a second one for us. Since he's already an animagus, why was he brewing the potion in the first place?
    • He might be brewing it simply because it comforts him. People do have different ways of dealing with grief and loss, like excessive baking or poetry - Talbott’s method may just be brewing an Animagus potion.
    • IIRC, Penny was already in on the plan to brew the potion and wanted to do so simply as a test of her skills. It may be that he was teaching her how to brew the potion but the rumors warped it somewhat.

  • How come there's no mention of Bill being Head Boy in his seventh year/your fifth year? Especially considering that his quest to make prefect was such a big deal (IIRC, his confidence in the matter was shaken after being scolded by McGonagall, and the player character had to reassure him that he'd still probably be made a prefect). You'd think that any Head Boy privileges he may have could be useful to the story.
    • Year Five isn't complete yet, there are still some chapters left. So they might address it in those. Alternatively, Bill doesn't see his new status as Head Boy beneficial to the Cursed Vault quest, or he feels using that status to do so can revoke his Head Boyship.

  • Where in the heck is the player’s dad? He’s mentioned exactly once, when the player mentions “my parents”, but seems to not exist after that. And it’s not as if you have lesbian parents- MC only ever refers to having one mother. You’d think if he died or disappeared or was looking for Jacob it would be mentioned. But he was alive earlier in the game and evidently still with the player’s mum at the time.
    • It is entirely possible that the main character just doesn't feel as close to their father than they do their mother, and so mainly discuses their mum.
      • Not likely, because they mention their mum and ONLY their mum going away for Christmas. Plus there’s several times when “my parents” could replace “my mum” and it wouldn’t change anything. Why wouldn’t the dad go with to America? Or be mentioned as staying? It’s like he doesn’t exist.

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