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Tear Jerker / Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In your third year, Penny will ask for your help in gathering ingredients for a Forgetfulness Potion. As the side-mission goes on, she starts going to more extreme lengths to get what she needs, telling you to jinx a prefect guarding the Potions supply room, and casting the spell herself if you refuse. Once the potion is brewed, she reveals that she had a Muggle friend named Scarlet, who was killed the previous summer by a werewolf while Penny was too scared to use her magic to protect her. Penny is shown to be deeply traumatized by this event, an encounter with a Boggart revealing that werewolves have become her greatest fear, and wants to take the potion to try and forget her own shame and guilt. Before taking the potion, however, she begins to waver on whether or not it is the right thing to do, leaving you to decide which choice she should make.
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  • When the player character is taking flying lessons, they'll sometimes wonder out loud if their brother ever rode the same broom that they are using. In Care of Magical Creatures, when catching up with Charlie, they'll also mention that they'd hoped they would be able to play the Levitation Game with Jacob when they were older.
  • When your player is searching your brother's hidden room in Year 3 they'll sometimes worry about their brother and hope that he's safe.
  • If the player has a high enough attribute when asked why their boggart is Voldemort, they'll say that it's because they're horrified he would murder James and Lily Potter in cold blood. The usually stern, unfriendly Madam Pince will overhear and wistfully recount how she would watch the two of them study in the library, clearly saddened by the memory and even awarding the player house points for remembering them.
    • Something similar happens if you choose the response about Jacob, where the player worries Jacob really DID join Voldemort, showing the bullying from people like Merula is getting to them. Madam Pince overhears and expresses her sympathy, awarding you some House Points but saying it’s because you show you can be respectful in the library, even if you weren’t quiet.
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  • When learning the Cheering Charm in year 5, your character may wonder if the spell would have made the first few months after Jacob's disappearance easier.
  • When your player meets Amos Diggory in the Hagrid's Birthday Party sidequest, Diggory will constantly be talking up how proud he is of his amazing son, Cedric, which can be quite the gut punch to the player being well aware the latter is Doomed by Canon and his father's grief was a massive tear-jerking moment from the main series.
  • During the Polyjuice Potion sidequest, Dumbledore will mention that some Slytherin students have been attempting to send letters to Azkaban. These students are most likely Merula, Barnaby, Felix and other children of Death Eaters, trying to contact their parents.
  • During Year 5, Penny becomes increasingly stressed and worried about her sister being stuck in a painting, leading to her grades tanking and her friendships becoming strained, which concerns even Merula. It gets so bad that she tries to brew an advanced potion just to calm herself down, which could potentially seriously sicken her (though the player can talk her out of it with a high enough friendship level). As Penny has been nothing but cheerful and selfless for the game, it's distressing to see her being so consumed.
  • It's sad to see the group infighting at one point during fifth year, but it's especially sad to see the conflict between the player character and Rowan, who have been best friends for so long. It seems that their friendship is still on the rocks some chapters later. When MC tries to convince Rowan to come to the Celestial Ball, Rowan reacts angrily and says that they don't wish to be treated like a pet project.
    • The Celestial Ball is actually a Year 4 event, meaning the cracks in MC and Rowan's friendship have been there for a long time. The confrontation in the library just happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back.
  • Talbott's backstory is quite sad, especially when coupled with the fact that he's a mostly friendless loner. He stands out as the only one of your friends to have lost loved ones during the war (as far as we know), and is probably the only orphan in the group.
    • During the sidequest where you can officially befriend Talbott, you discover that Talbott has been growing depressed, and his class attendance has been suffering. Later you can help him search for a clasp with a swan feather on it, revealed to be a feather from his mother's animagus form, which he lost and desperately wants back, and during the searches he reveals touching memories of his parents, revealing how badly he misses them. The reason for his depression and truancy is because the anniversary of his parents' death is approaching, so it's a hard time for him.
  • Merula has been the inspiration for this more often lately. At one point during the Christmas side quest, she teaches your character a spell to conjure snowflakes. She says it's the only spell she was ever taught at home that doesn't involve hurting someone. She also speaks fondly of her mom teaching it to her. Bits of her dialogue during classes may also indicate she was close to and misses her mom (ex.: she brags that her mom once kept a unicorn as a pet).
  • Ismelda in the Crushed side quest. It's touching to see her so vulnerable, and a bit of a Tear Jerker to see her bullied relentlessly thanks to Emily Tyler, who touches off an entire crowd reaction in the courtyard.
    • Also in the quest where you use your animagus ability to steal potion ingredients with Merula, and she thinks you are stealing her only friend.
  • During year 5, your character finds out he/she is a Legillimens. Part of the story quest involves them practicing on Barnaby, thus learning that he has Abusive Parents.
    • And him begging the group to stop fighting because it makes him feel like he is back home.
  • While Filch is unpleasant, it's revealed in Legillimens quest that he has many memories where people call him Squib.
  • Rowan's goal is to become the youngest Professor at Hogwarts. Assuming s/he is not deceased by the end of the game (or has otherwise found a new passion in life), s/he has not been hired by 1993/4, meaning s/he's failed in his quest.
  • Just how broken Merula seems from Rakepick's attack, especially considering she was so loyal to her, and Rakepick completely just used and destroyed that trust.
  • The 7th Chapter of the Quidditch sidequest reveals that Orion is the way he is because he grew up homeless and orphaned. He spent his whole life without any structure, so the freeform existence that makes him come across as a wizard-hippie is literally the only way he knows how to survive.
  • In Year 6, Chapter 18, Rakepick ambushes Ben, MC and Merula. She easily wins MC and Merula and starts dueling with Ben. She then uses the killing curse, but Rowan performs a Heroic Sacrifice and takes it for Ben, and dies. This was a shock to most players and especially wounding as Rowan has been the player's best friend since the first minutes of the game. Rowan will never live out his/her dream of being the youngest professor at Hogwarts, and in their friendship tab, the game tells you that Rowan might be gone, but friendship lives forever, and Rowan is replaced by an NPC in classes.


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