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Season One:

  • Aunt Marie, dying of cancer and taking on a Reaper. She also kills a human assassin with his own knife before expiring herself.
  • Captain Renard, kills two men expertly to defend his city's Grimm.
    • Happens again in "Organ Grinder". It's only a telephone conversation but he tells his mysterious contemporaries that if they want to interfere with his business and territory, they should do so in person.
    • Not to mention the raid on the RV in the same episode where Nick is about to be jumped by a Geier, only for Renard to shotgun the bastard through the window.
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  • In the episode Let Your Hair Down, a small CMA to the doggie-wash hiker couple who managed to escape their attacker, get out of the woods and call the cops. Another one goes to Holly Clark, who got away from her kidnapper at age seven (and left him crippled), and then saving the couple from the criminal and then helped Nick and Monroe when his brothers tried to go after them.
  • Juliette gets one in "Game Ogre". She comes home from shopping to find Nick having the tar beaten out of him by the aforementioned Ogre. Does she scream and panic like your garden variety distressed damsel? Nope, she instead runs to the kitchen, and ends up winging a pot full of boiling water at the Ogre (who's about a foot taller and twice as wide), disabling him enough so that he gives up and takes off.
    • At first, she reaches for the knife block, then grabs the pot of water. One can assume that she kept her wits about her enough to realize that trying to fend off a bruiser like Stark with a kitchen knife would be futile, while blinding him with boiling water was a better tactic.
  • Nick stepping into the arena to defend Monroe during Last Grimm Standing. He even gets a Back-to-Back Badasses moment with Monroe.
    • Monroe gets one the same episode. He starts the fight losing, badly. But then when the bad guys are coming up behind Nick, BAM! Monroe with a shield to the guy's face.
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  • And another for Monroe back in "Game Ogre". Stark's going after Hank and Nick can't do anything to help from the hospital bed. All Nick expects Monroe to do is get the Ogre-killing gun to Hank. When that was no longer an option, Monroe could have just walked away and said "Sorry, man, tried my best". Did he? No. He breaks out the gun and snipes Stark from the brush just in time to save Hank.
  • Juliette gets an awesome moment in "Plumed Serpent". Most girls who get kidnapped, tied up, and held captive in a creepy mine would be too panicked to do more than thank their rescuer profusely. Juliette on the other hand is enough of a Badass that once her hands are free, she gives a kickass one-liner and punches her captor out in one blow.
Ariel: Time for you to scream.
Juliette: Time for YOU to scream. *pow!*
  • Nick gets one in "Love Sick" when he kisses Adalind to get her to bite his tongue. Why? Because the blood of a Grimm depowers Hexenbiests, and Nick gets it into Adalind's mouth this way.
  • Nick vs. two grimm reapers. "Next time send your best" indeed.
  • Nick vs. The Woman in Black. Nice moves, mom!
  • Anytime Capt. Renard speaks French note , since it inevitably leads to a Cultured Badass moment from him.

Season Two

  • One for Hank. Not a Grimm, not a Wesen, and he's fresh off a Broken Masquerade after weeks of nightmares and thinking he's going mad. And then a Coyotl in full Game Face rushes him. How does Hank respond? By Pistol-Whipping him in the face, hard enough to floor him and turn him back.
  • The Seelenguter coming together to take down the Blutbad priest who'd been misleading them (after his masquerade was revealed by the woman scorned). Not even the biggest, baddest Big Bad Wolf can take on the whole flock.
    • Also, the fact that said scorned woman doesn't take revenge on her teenaged, pregnant rival, but subverts all the Yandere stereotypes by leaving her lover to his (admittedly well-deserved) fate, taking the embezzled money and the pregnant girl to the Bahamas, where it's implied they'll live comfortably ever after.
  • Angelina's final episode is one crowning moment after another. First she calmly and efficiently takes down the guy who was trying to rape her, then she manages to get word to Monroe that he's got a target on his back (putting her neck on the line to do so), then she sacrifices herself to save his life.
  • Also, the cobra Wesen has Nick on the ropes and is about to finish him off - at which point Hank shoots him.
  • Renard completely owning Mia (the Royal visiting Portland) by managing to seemingly figure out that she'd come to Portland to go after Nick by taking out Monroe, which ended up failing, then getting to her airplane before her and saying that he "might" kill her, but that depended on "so many things".
    • To clarify: Renard's a bastard son of a Royal and a Hexenbiest. Mia's a fullblooded, legitimate Royal. Dude's got cojones!
  • Juliette's freaking out due to a GIANT abyss appearing in her living room. First she accidentally drops her phone down the hole, then all sorts of supernatural things start happening (the stairs multiply infinitely, the door is locked, and strange lights and voices start emanating from the hole), but then... Her phone starts ringing. She gets this determined look on her face, growls "To hell with this!" and steps out over the edge, prompting things to return to normal (at least until the end of the episode...).
    • It's speculated that this might be a result of her memories trying to return to her.
    • Then, in "Mr. Sandman", after initially being frightened by an apparition/hallucination, she chases after the thing, despite being clearly terrified and worried she's losing her mind.
  • Juliette and Renard doing their damnedest to fight their attraction to each other, including Juliette clocking Renard a good one - twice!
  • Nick and Monroe easily taking out the four Hundjager who put Hank in the hospital.
  • Nick tracking down the fly Wesen, beating him up, then holding him down so the others could scoop his eye out. He did this all while blind.
    • Also, the fly's intended victim who, unlike many others, actually had the sense to cover her eyes during their fight then finally stabbed the bastard with a kitchen knife.
    • At the end, Nick honing his super-hearing with Monroe, managing to hit every single object thrown at him, whilst blindfold.
  • Adalind managing to get herself pregnant by either Renard or his half-brother.
    • Which, while it may not seem all that awesome, goes to demonstrate that while she may not have her powers any more, she's still got the ability to play politics and manipulate the power players...except maybe she doesn't. In long run, unfortunately, it was the dumbest thing she ever did.
  • Renard is meeting with his top spy, and sees a suspicious man leave behind a suitcase. He recognizes it's a bomb. So does he grab his associate and run like a bat out of hell out the back door? Nope! He tells his associate to get down, then he actually goes for the suitcase himself, grabs it, and runs with it to the back of the restaurant. He barely manages to throw it into an abandoned alley before it explodes, sending him flying across a table. He gets back up, goes to the front of the restaurant where the assassin is waiting for him. They both draw guns, and Renard blows him away.
  • In "One Angry Fuchsbau", Monroe defending Rosalee against an angry Zeigevolk.
  • The takedown of the Volcanalis, a creature made of molten rock, who's ilk were responsible for Vesuvius, Mount St. Helens and pretty much every major eruption in history. Nick, Monroe, Markus and Renard lure him to a warehouse by stealing his rocks, before freezing him solid with liquid nitrogen. Nick then hands Markus a sledgehammer and tells him to avenge his wife's death at Volcanalis' hands. He does.
  • Juliette deciding to take the plunge and getting Rosalee, Bud and Monroe to show her their Wesen forms in "The Waking Dead." That took ovaries of steel.
  • You have to admit the plan to take out Frau Pech was pretty good... right down to telling that person directly how the plan is going to work every step of the way.

Season Three:

  • In the premiere of Season 3, Nick shows us once again why you never go half-assed against a Grimm:After being captured by Baron Samedi and falling into a comatose state, he is locked into a steel, padlocked coffin and loaded into a plane heading out of the country. To the Baron's immense surprise, Nick starts going into the zombie state and starts trying to punch his way out of the coffin. When he finally busts open the lid, Samedi simply spits in his face again. Which subdues Nick again... for about 10 seconds, after which he lunges at the Baron with all of his zombie-Grimm strength and gives him the beating of his life, all while the Baron tries unsuccessfully to get Nick back under control. The fight gets so bad that the pilot and co-pilot are ultimately dragged into it. The end result? The plane crashes, Baron Samedi is possibly dead, the pilots are heavily injured and zombie!Nick is still out on the run with only a few scratches to show for. Never underestimate a visibly living Grimm.
  • In "PTZD" Hank and Monroe are chasing Zombie!Nick to a family home and try to contain him. They, along with Renard, Rosalee and Juliette, were able to finally cure him. Also a small moment to the human man who went Papa Wolf in protecting his family from a zombiefied Grimm.
  • Nick and Hank's rescue of the naiad Elly in "One Night Stand." They both take on two Wesen, with Nick doing his Grimm fighting skills and Hank delivering one Megaton Punch after another and even grabbing one of them and body-slamming him to the ground. Then Nick goes underwater for an extremely long time to complete the rescue.
    • A standout, IMO, is when one of the naiads woges and goes after them, thinking that he'll have the upper hand because of his Game Face. Nick and Hank calmly No-Sell him and kick ass. Nick's justified, since he's a Grimm, but Hank's just a regular dude. Looks like all his exposure to Monroe and weirdness paid off!
  • To some extent, the titular Wesen in "El Cucuy". A Cool Old Lady who's species' MO is to follow the cries of frightened women to troubled neighbourhoods and eliminate all the criminals there. She spends the entire episode calm (except of course when violently murdering her targets), is clearly trying to help those in need, and even has an alibi for being soaked in blood pre-prepared for when the police find her. At that age the lady is getting off purely via Refuge in Audacity, and she knows it.
  • Nick jotting a journal entry in "Stories We Tell Our Young" to help his Grimm descendants and their allies, solving the mystery of the Grausen with a scientific explanation.
  • Nick using a Vambrace against the Gelumcaedus near the end of "Cold Blooded". The fight scene itself is a shoutout to Assassin's Creed.
  • Juliette's epic level in badass in "Eye of the Beholder". Joe has temporarily incapacitated Nick and is trying to drag Alicia off, and Juliette is having none of it. Faced with an angry, violent Klaustreich who easily towers over her, she proceeds to pull out every dirty trick in the book, plus a Groin Attack, and kick his ass. Then when he woges in an attempt to scare her and even things up, she goes right on attacking him with everything in arm's reach without even a second's hesitation.
    Juliette: I'm not impressed.
    • Also, Nick and Hank storming the house with the gangbangers, and Hank reaffirming his Badass Normal cred.
  • The fight between the two manticores at the climax of "The Good Soldier" is amazingly well done, and amazing to watch.
    • And after the fight, The colonel's Heroic Sacrifice. He puts up no resistance when McCabe stabs him, so that even if the police aren't able to bring McCabe to justice for his part in the gang-rape of one of his soldiers, they'll be able to prosecute him for murder.
  • After finding out what his parents are really like, its a subtle moment of awesome to reflect on how open minded and sweet Monroe turned out in spite of them.
  • Monroe's dad going Papa Wolf on the Wild Hunt. He might not like his son's impeding marriage to Rosalie, he might not like Monroe's friendship with Nick, but he won't just leave his son to fight dangerous wesen by himself.
  • Sebastien's death.
  • In "Synchronicity" the description of what wesen see when they look at a Grimm while woged. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel for the wesen.
  • The plan to save Diana, Adalind's daughter in "The Law of Sacrifice", which acts as a Batman Gambit by Nick, Sean, Hank, Monroe, and Kelly on Adalind and Viktor, and ends up getting the latter off their case about the current situation. Although they really should have thought about how Adalind would react to all this.

Season Four:

  • The Badass Normal Fisher family gets a couple in "Dyin' on a Prayer:"
    • Sarah's abusive, Siegbarste ex-husband breaks into her home, and strikes her while ranting about how she is making him hurt her. Sarah gets up, whacks him with a fire poker, and tells him no, this is his own fault, not her's.
    • Sarah's son David spends most of the episode being terrified, but when the Golem is threatening Trubel, who has been bonding with David, the boy runs to the Golem and stabs him with an action figure, defeating it. His sheer joy after defeating the thing is enough to warm the coldest of hearts.
  • Elizabeth, Renard's mother, effortlessly deduces pretty much all of the major plot twists involving Diana and Adalind. She's basically the polar opposite of Adalind, highly perceptive and thinking things through before acting.
  • Trubel attacks and scares the ever living crap out of a Klaustreich who implied wanting to hurt a de-grimmed Nick.
    • Before things turn violent, Bud attempts to convince them to talk it over. It seems small, but this is Bud we're talking about.
  • Juliette finally makes up her mind, and she has decided that Nick must get his mojo back. What brought her to this? Wesen purity fanatics lit an effigy on Monroe and Rosalee's lawn. Someone had the gall to come after her friends, and she's not going to let it go unchallenged. What needs to be added is how she will help him get it back by taking the potion used to strip Nick of his powers and look like Adalind and sleep with Nick. It was something neither she nor Nick was comfortable with but after what happened here, there was no hesitation or reservation in her tone.
  • Nick gets his Grimm powers back in "Highway of Tears," in perfect time to take out three Phansigars and save Monroe and Hank from being Buried Alive. Monroe even starts cheering.
    Nick: I'm back.
  • Monroe is uncomfortable leaving Rosalee in the store alone after an effigy is lit up on their lawn by Wesen purists to go help Nick and Hank. However Nick proves he's already anticipated this, cue Juliette walking in, casually remarking that she just had to reload her gun, and followed shortly by Trubel. The three resident action girls give Munroe, a look and Rosalee tells them that they've got things covered. Also doubles as a moment of funny.
  • The episode Tribunal is just one great big Moment of Awesome, with moments for every character. . . including Bud! Just by being himself—his timid, skittish, scatterbrained, motor-mouthed self—he pulls off a Delaying Action that buys enough time for the good guys to come to the rescue, and spits defiance in the faces of the Wesenrein.
    • The team walking out of the station to save Monroe.
    • The last 10 minutes when Nick and the gang, including Wu, rescue Monroe and take down the Wesenrein for good.
  • In "Marechausee", Juliette turns the tables on the Manticore bounty hunter holding her hostage by forcing him to stab himself with his stinger.
    Juliette: "Maybe he should come home and find you dead!"
  • In "Trial By Fire", Juliette revealing her Hexenbiest powers during her confrontation with Adalind. Cue Adalind fleeing in terror after exchanging some blows.
    • And in the aftermath:
    Juliette: Adalind paid me a visit.
    Nick: She did this. [Juliette nods] Did she hurt you?
    Juliette: She tried to.
    • The very best part is Adalind's expression right before she legs it - it's Oh, Crap! personified.
  • Chloe the Willahara refusing to Woge for her kidnapper (Nigel), then managing to escape and beat the utter crap out of him with the stake she'd been bound to, complete with yelling "That was for my brother, and THIS is for my father!"... Right before she impales him through the foot with the stake. Extra awesome considering that everyone else in her family simply ran scared and half of them ended up murdered - she was the only one to stand up to the Leporem Venator.
    • Earlier in the episode, Rosalie knocking out the corrupt nurse with one ferocious punch. Even Monroe can only manage a shocked "Damn."
  • In "Heartbreaker," Kenneth has proven himself to be perhaps the most competent Royal yet. He was not only able to rat Sam Damerov out as a double agent and see through Adalind's lie about her second baby being Viktor's, but was even able to take down Sean Renard in his Zauberbiest form. All within one episode, and at most 10 minutes of screentime. It's no wonder Viktor was sent back to Europe.
    • Keep in mind, though, that once Renard brought his Game Face out, he quickly started to dominate the fight, even knocking Kenneth into a part of the ceiling. The only reason Kenneth won is because Renard started to suffer side effects from a previous bullet wound.
  • In "You Don't Know Jack," Juliette effortlessly takes on Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee using only telekinesis. Not only that, but the entire shop quakes as she prepares to shatter the glass containing the potion made to depower her.
  • In "Headache," Rosalee saves herself from being used as a meat shield by Renard (possessed by Jack the Ripper) by biting him.
  • In "Cry Havoc", two words: Goodbye, Juliette.
    • The team launching a raid on the mansion and whacking off the Verrat sentries.
    • Also Nick avenging his mother and showing a mocking Kenneth just how "badass" Grimm's really are.

Season Five:

  • "The Rat King" has Hank overcome his fear of rats to take down the eponymous monster.
    • And later, Nick teams up with Meisner to save Trubel from being "operated on" by the crooked Wesen doctors.
  • In "Eve of Destruction", Eve takes down a Black Claw financial supporter.
  • In "Map of the Seven Nights", Monroe's uncle recovers a treasure trove of Grimm books and weapons (and three more keys to boot) and sends them Nick's way, completely undoing Juliette's incineration of the trailer last season. Hank really cements this moment by saying "looks like we got our trailer back."
  • The 2-part season finale is packed with awesome moments:
    • Meisner almost wins against an entire army of Black Claw soldiers when the HW compound is invaded.
    • Monroe finally gives Tony the righteous ass-whooping that was waiting for most of the season.
    • Nick, Trubel and Eve organize a mission to rescue Hank.
    • In a last-ditch effort to prevent Nick from being taken to Conrad, Wu briefly lets loose his werewolf side. He's unsuccessful in saving Nick, but he takes down two Wesen in the process.
    • The fight between Conrad and Eve, who are both on equal terms.
    • When everyone is forced to fall back to Nick's house, he remains behind to fight the intruders while everyone else escapes through the sewers. He kicks ass with the help of the healing stick he recovered in Germany, and Diana later saves him from Conrad.

Season Six:

  • "Oh Captain, My Captain" has Nick disguise himself as Renard using the hat ritual and completely undo all of his plans, including forcing him to resign as mayor-elect and drop all the charges he has against Nick.
    • Renard has a visitor waiting for him. It just so happens to be Meisner.
  • In "The Seven Year Itch," the Monster of the Week is about to kill his date for food. He transforms and bashes her over the head before the heroes arrive. When they do, he manages to take on all three singlehandedly... until the woman comes up behind him, transforms into a hippo Wesen, bites his freaking head clean off, spits it out, and returns to normal. "What's a girl gotta do to find the right guy in this town?" she quips.


  • Jim Kouf mentions in an interview that they plan to add more Chinese and Filipino mythology into Season 4, even asking Reggie Lee (who is Filipino) for assistance.
    • Also, the fact that there's a doughnut named after his character! They call it "The Dirty Wu".
      Reggie Lee: It's a cinnamon-sugar doughnut, drizzled with honey and Nutella. It’s from Pip’s Original, this coffee shop that makes baked goods and donuts and amazing stuff on [Portland's] Northeast side. Actually, I'm going to go down there and thank them today!
    • There's now a Renard doughnut as well!
  • Actress Claire Coffee does a very good job of mimicking Elizabeth Tulloch's speech patterns while portraying Juliette-as-Adalind in "Highway of Tears".

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